How to display medals

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Using the best medal display methods to reward yourself properly

A medal display, medal hanger, DIY medals display, the best medal display case on the market – you have choices. Depending on a number of factors, the right choice exists for you. But let’s rewind for a second, why do you really want to do this?

Winning awards and medals means you triumphed, over a challenge, over a hurdle. Life progressions are always worth noting, but when we achieve in a way that earns us a medal there’s nothing wrong with reminding us of our achievements in a physical way. So, if you’re here because you want to display your medals properly, in a way that’s emotionally internal or makes you proud, then you should think about the right way of doing it for you.

Whether it’s your esteemed military medals or younger athletic medal ribbons, the right way to display them could exist for you… in this very list of all places.

Let’s do it.

Choose the right location

The first thing to consider when displaying your medals is where you will do it. A common place is on a wall in your home or office, but you could also display them in a shadow box or on a shelf. Just be sure to choose a location where they will be protected from damage and where they can be easily seen and appreciated.

Use proper mounting methods

There are a few different options for mounting your medals. One option is to use a medal rack, which is a device that allows you to hang your medals in a row. Another option is to use a ribbon bar, which is a strip of fabric that allows you to display multiple medals at once. You can also use ribbon mounts, which are small metal frames that hold the ribbon of a medal. No matter which method you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure that your medals are properly secured.

Display your medals in order

When displaying your medals, it is important to arrange them in a specific order. Military medals would be displayed in the order in which they were earned, with the most recent being displayed on the left. Non-military medals should be displayed in order of importance, with the most important being displayed on the left.

Use proper lighting

Proper lighting is key to properly displaying your medals. If you are displaying them on a wall, be sure to use indirect lighting so that the medals are not washed out by direct light. If you are using a shadow box or other display case, be sure to use a light source that illuminates the medals without causing reflections or glare.


In summary, properly displaying your medals can be a great way to show off your achievements and accomplishments. Just be sure to choose the right location, use proper mounting methods, display your medals in order, use proper lighting, keep them clean, and handle them with care. By following these tips, you can ensure that your medals are displayed in the best possible way.


Is there any money in valuable military medals?

Absolutely. Although, we’re here to display them, so keep them if they mean something.

Is a DIY medal hanger safe?

If you follow the right instructions to hang medals properly, like wall hanging for example, you’ll be fine. A display shelf or hanging hooks are also valid options.

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