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Welcome to the best place for gym equipment reviews in the UK. Our team of experts tests and reviews all types of gym machines, so you can trust our opinions when choosing what’s right for you. See what we thought about each machine.

JTX Flow Water Rowing Machine

JTX Flow Water Rowing Machine - main image

Introduction to the JTX Flow Water rowing machine Equipment, from the simplest builds to the most complex constructions, can always be unique, forward-thinking and life-changing. We all know the power of tools, gear and other assets; making our lives easier, more efficient and ultimately better should always be the name of the game. And if[…]

ICAROS GAMES – ICARACE – The most real competitive E-Sports experience ever – A global online multiplayer racing experience with the fastest ICAROS


Virtual reality unfolds in a futuristic space race against real life players Join the race, join the global network, join… ICARACE! This multiplayer chaos introduces the ability to race against other ICAROS users round the globe. With a great deal of ships to choose from, and, therefore, characters, you’re really being immersed in this linear[…]

ICAROS GAMES – ICAROS App – Get in shape with effective and playful workouts on your ICAROS device

Realise the power of the ICAROS app in connecting you to a world of interactive exercise programs If you don’t know already, ICAROS gear is widely considered some of the most forward-thinking in the industry. What industry is this? The fitness industry. While you may see the word game strewn over the internet, don’t be[…]

ICAROS GAMES – GRAVITY – Takes you from space to earth in a spectacular vertical free fall


Open up a breathtaking virtual world with cutting-edge virtual reality fitness equipment ICAROS isn’t the only body making astronomical leaps. In fact, the entire virtual reality industry has a galaxy-sized space to grow in. And it is, fast. The VR world is taking fitness equipment to the moon. In an unlikely blending of fitness and[…]

ICAROS GAMES – FLIGHT – Lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging parcours and a shooter that requires perfect body control

ICAROS GAMES – AIM – Flight in a breathtaking alpine scenery Wow, flight is another great entry in the ICAROS line up. Its brilliant approach to flying simulations is really good. It lets you control an avatar and fly around to your heart’s content – but is it worth buying? Cast your mind back for[…]

ICAROS GAMES – Predator Prey – High-intensity workout for the whole family with motivating gamification!

ICAROS GAMES - Predator Prey - main image

Using core strength and targeted muscle groups to take the form of a cheetah hunting its prey in virtual worlds If you’ve never wanted to embody one of the world’s apex predators, then you’re one of few. Thankfully, if you’re taken in by this, then the total immersion ICAROS provides is here for you. The[…]

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