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Buyers Guides

Our buyer’s guides help you find the right gym machine for your needs and budget. Each guide contains expert information to make sure that you get the best value possible when buying gym machinery. Whether it is a treadmill, rowing machine or cross-trainer we can help! Use our free service today!

Which VR exercise machine is right for you?

Which VR exercise machine is right for you?

Identifying the right fitness machine for your fitness lifestyle, from VR games to VR fitness equipment, the right choice is here. You and I have very different ideas of what we like and what we don’t. Sure, we value fitness, or we wouldn’t be here today, together. But we do appreciate the finer things to[…]

Best VR Flying Machine

Best VR flying machine

Finding top quality flight simulator, VR flight games through a VR headset for you Flight simulators are on the up. With incredible releases like Microsoft flight simulator, you get photorealistic depictions with geographically authentic maps to fly through. The one thing missing for most flight sim players, however, is VR possibility. But we’re not here[…]

Best VR Exercise Equipment

VR fitness games, virtual reality, VR fitness experiences, the best VR headset – let’s find you the best VR exercise equipment to enhance your fitness lifestyle today. Why VR and fitness, you ask? What’s the point in deviating from the obvious gym or home gym set-up? In order to answer this question, we’ll go through[…]

The top three VR exercise machines on the market today

The top three VR exercise machines on the market today

Finding the best virtual reality machines so you don’t have to. Virtual reality headsets, rhythm games, VR fitness games – the world of fitness equipment is broad and dense. VR games are making huge growth, with graphical fidelity improving, creativity around VR problems growing and an ever-dedicated push to improving that software. But what about[…]

Comparison of prices and features of the top three VR exercise machines

Breaking down the costs of top-tier VR exercise equipment, doing virtual reality fitness the right way In a sea of visions, with pioneers crafting top-tier gear, it’s hard to know where to start. In fact, when it comes to the dense world of exercise equipment, it can be hard to even think about it. You[…]

Best Exercise Bike Without Subscription

Finding the best exercise bikes built for straight-up cycling, no subscription distractions The modern world is filled with sign-ups, subscriptions, and data plans. While the enhancing world of technology can work wonders for you, sometimes, you just want to get on with whatever you’re doing. Recumbent bikes, upright bikes, air bikes – they can all[…]

Best Upright Exercise Bike

Finding the top-level upright exercise bikes to encourage a more natural riding experience, higher intensity workouts and a more realistic feel Upright bikes are brilliant for so much it’s hard to know where to start. As the title suggests, an upright exercise bike encourages a more natural riding feel, gives room for higher levels of[…]

Best Exercise Bike for Bad Knees

Finding therapeutic, rehabilitational and healthy indoor cycles for riders with bad knees Cycling is a wonderful way to rehabilitate, regenerate and improve your bodily systems all round. Most importantly, indoor cycling acts as a safe way to perform certain movements and target certain muscle groups, all in the comfort of your own home. And while[…]

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