How to do burpees

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From the push-up to the plank position, burpees have it all

Proper form on one exercise is one thing, but with compound movements, and making use of multiple classic motions, you have a few more things to consider. Sure it’s a reasonably easy one to pull off, but to pull off well… that’s different.

You’ll be using the squat position, push-up, plank (if momentarily) and jumping straight up too. So, despite them being easy, we’re going to break down some top tips for you to do them properly and reap the rewards of burpee exercise.

Remember, burpees are hard. And I don’t just mean technique. They demand a fair deal from both your anaerobic system and your aerobic systems, meaning you’ll be out of breath and hurting for the duration.

What’s the point of me saying that?

Well, if you’re going to perform a difficult exercise, then you may as well do them right, eh?

Let’s run through it now.

Burpee properties

Burpees are both versatile and convenient. While they feel like they’re not mid-exercise, let me tell you why they’re great –

You don’t need a single bit of kit here. You just need body weight, the right standing position initially, a strong squatting position and enough space (even then, form can be worked on).

Burpee variations are easily achieved too. Simple modifications like a clap-press up, extra jump or added weight can be used too.

How to do burpees

So, without me writing things like ‘stand with your feet shoulder-width apart’, let me walk a straight line to relaxation and use Healthline’s how-to instead.

  1. Start in a squat position with your knees bent, back straight, and your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lower your hands to the floor in front of you, so they’re just inside your feet.
  3. With your weight on your hands, kick your feet back, so you’re on your hands and toes, and in a pushup position.
  4. Keeping your body straight from head to heels, do one pushup. Remember not to let your back sag or to stick your butt in the air.
  5. Do a frog kick by jumping your feet back to their starting position.
  6. Stand and reach your arms over your head.
  7. Jump quickly into the air, so you land back where you started.
  8. As soon as you land with knees bent, get into a squat position and do another repetition.

There you have it. Simple!


From working your entire body to the feeling of finally doing the perfect burpees correctly, this holistic exercise is worth perfecting every time you work on them. The powerful jump squat, the correct pushup position, and other upper body properties… it’s one of the biggest box ticks going.


What is the right push-up position?

Keep your arms straight, your butt clenched, your core tightened, and your elbows as even with the floor as you can.

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