How to get rid of black toenails

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From a fungal infection to nail bed syndrome, let’s see how to get rid of black toenail issues

This is a common problem, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Trust me, we’re all people with weird things that go wrong with our bodies. Thankfully for some, there are ways to fix those issues.

Black toenail problems are one of those.

Fungal infections are the most common cause of this blackening nightmare, and where there’s an infection, there’s a remedy. Blood vessels can often get trapped too which gives a bruise-like effect, again this can be combated.

If you’ve learned anything from that paragraph above, it’s that there’s a solution, and usually, it’s a pretty easy one. With things like nail polish and toenail fungus, there are a few things to consider, which is exactly why this blog exists.

Let’s step through it.

The Cause?

As we now know, there are lots of ways this can happen. From an underlying medical condition, like anaemia or diabetes, to fungal infections, this issue can come from many places at any time in your life.

Fungal infections are one of the most common. They can look yellow or white at times, but they can blacken over the course of the infection.

Melanoma is another. It’s widely regarded as the MOST serious kind of skin cancer. Why is it on this list? Because it often appears as a dark brown misshapen spot. And they can appear under the skin, causing black toenail issues.

Any impact or trauma can obviously cause bruises too. A blue toenail is one part of this trauma-related issue, but what really happens? According to Healthline, ”trauma to the toenail can cause the blood vessels beneath a nail to break. The resulting bleeding underneath the nail appears black.”

Treatment options

Naturally, you’ll want to know how to fix this issue. Black toenail fungus, nail fungus in general and injured toe bruising can all be helped in many ways.

Provided you don’t have an underlying health condition, mixing with the following medications in unknown ways, you can use over-the-counter ointments, creams, and polishes. You can also get medical treatment prescribed for more serious cases.

Being honest? Bruising is harder to treat – skin pigmentation from bruising will probably just naturally disappear over time.


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So, you’ve got some causes and some treatments… what more could you want? Knowing how to prevent them, maybe?

Well, if you do the research yourself, you’ll find a plethora of research-based information detailing the best ways to prevent black-toe issues. A lot of info online is medically reviewed, so you can trust on reliability there.

From nail beds to the entire nail, tea tree oil to creams, you should know the cause, the prevention and the treatment… of any potential issue!


Should I go to Accident and Emergency if I have problems with my black toe?

If you feel the pain is unbearable and the matter urgent, then you should always go to a A and E. If not an immediate issue, then arrange a visit to your GP.

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