How to pee in public without being noticed

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Using expert strategy you discreetly wee when working out, cloak and dagger style

We all wee. I know that may not come as a huge surprise, but there’s no human that doesn’t wee in one way or another… and guess what? We’re not always in control. Sometimes, when we least expect it, our bladder decides to enact an emergency exit strategy, and we have to accommodate.

When you’re running, this can be one of the worst situations. A lot of us love public parks, but the public part doesn’t always extend to public toilets. So we need to make do with mother nature, and this isn’t always easy. From a trash can with a pee funnel, a pee rag disposed with care, to toilet paper ready for action, there are some weird and wonderful examples of getting rid of your issue.

You don’t have to use any of these. In short, you can just wander off when nature calls, find a discreet place to do your business, and act like nothing happens – but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting article, would it?

Taking out the trash

If possible, waste is waste, so pee into a trash can or public bin. These are usually situated in public sight though, so be careful if this is the case. You can use a funnel if you’re that concerned, but please bear in mind, public indecency is an offence so check with your binoculars first…

Preventative measures

There are also factors like wearing certain clothes. The tighter your shorts, for example, the more pressure is applied to your bladder, and therefore the chances may be higher that you begin a weeing spree. You can also wear your own concealing combo of clothes if you want to make sure that your record isn’t affected by wee. This can be done verrrry discreetly with the right clothing and isn’t as rare as you might think.

The more obvious of the three

If you want to be a little more sensible than those pretty bombastic suggestions, then simply choosing somewhere discreet, preferably in the dark, is a much safer option. You would need to be careful as to avoid someone in a sleeping bag, and of course, some drunk people at night can be a bit loose, so be careful, but if you need to wee at night, then thankfully you don’t need a porta potty. Public urination is a tricky dish to swallow, so be careful as you move around. But necessity is necessity so, if you have your hand sanitizer (or maybe if you don’t), then you’re absolutely fine.

And also, there are a few words we may not have considered here – public restrooms. Just be sensible.


To summarise, just don’t be stupid. If you have to read an article on peeing in public then I understand you might have a bit of anxiety about it. I get it. Just be careful and trust your instincts.

What’s a running skirt

Like a trap door skirt, you can use discreet methods of weeing while running. It’s great for fitness – check them out.

What if a public restroom isn’t available

then you’ll need to follow the advice of this article.

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