How to relieve leg pain from sitting all day

How to relieve leg pain from sitting all day - main image

From knee pain to hip flexors, leg pain can be a killer – let’s change that

Prolonged sitting… ring any bells? Sitting for long periods of time is hardly a rarity. From car journies to working all day, it’s a little too easy for us to get stiff these days.

And it only gets worse.

So how do we change these aspects of our half-lateral lifestyles, and relieve pain that’s been bothering us for months… or even years?

Thankfully, as is often the case with the entire internet, there’s a lot that we can choose from. With sore muscles, muscle tension and shoulder pain (to name but a few), there have to be counter-solutions… because if the muscle starts to hurt well there has to be a way for it to return to normality (without serious injury or illness of course)

Let’s put an end to our ‘painstaking’ issues now, and read up on something that could change your day-to-day forever.

Work position and posture

If you lean forward and find your soles or your hamstrings hurting, it may be because of your long-period posture. Muscles tighten when we’re sat all day, let alone doing demanding work too. Without getting physical therapy, what can you do exactly?

Changing the way your hip muscles and blood flow behave is a great start. You can do this by changing position or workplace posture. Spryng Me writes, ”First, adjust your chair so that your elbows sit at a 90-degree angle. After that, make sure your thighs are parallel to the floor, and your feet sit firm and flat.” This is just one example of how posture can affect you for good.

Other simple techniques, like moving around every 15 minutes, are great too. From left leg issues to leg veins causing blood clots, a simple walk around your office can make a complex difference.


Making sure to stretch is brilliant too. Hip flexors are a big one here. When you’re sitting, your hip flexors are constantly working (shortening and tightening.) This means they’re being used unnecessarily, and because of the constant and slight repositioning, they’re being strained too. You could try lunges to help correct the issue here.

Another area you should look at is your Piriformis. It’s responsible for giving you those pain after standing type issues, and you should try a pigeon stretch to help with these.


From the sciatic nerve to issues with simply having your knees bent, you have a lot to worry about, even if it’s only a potential. A physical therapist costs too much, so you should really put the right things in place to help alleviate the forthcoming issues.

A proper diagnosis may help you stop your pain, but proper prevention will stop you from having it in the first place. Do the right thing and change your posture and positioning, invest in pre-day stretches and hey, just move around a little.


What are varicose veins?

A condition in which the veins enlarge due to malfunction of their valves, causing improper flow of blood, and pooling as a result.

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