How to strengthen hips

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Reducing hip pain through strengthening hip muscles and hip flexors too

Hip strengthening exercises are some of the most important around. Think about the hull of a ship for a second; the integrity of the vessel could hardly be solidified if the hull strength was sub-parr.

Your hips are of equal importance to your body.

With compound exercises, compound movements, and common activities requiring the hips, it’s no surprise you should be doing hip exercises to help strengthen them. Of course, making sure the exercises you choose to help strengthen your knees are suitable first is vital. If you have left knee pain or left leg muscle issues, then you need to be mindful of hip exercises that may affect them.

Risk aside, let’s focus on the benefits of movements and run through some step-by-step exercises today. Over the course of this article, you’ll read instructions like – put your feet hip-width apart, right leg forward, left foot flat and use the following standing position… if this kind of instruction giving is frustrating for you, then head over to YouTube after you’ve read up on each.

Let’s do it.

Knee Lifts

Let’s start with the famous knee lifts. These target your hip flexors, gluteal muscles and thigh muscles too. All you need to do is lie flat on your back with your legs extended in a straight line. After that, make sure to bring your right knee up to your chest, keeping the opposite left leg on the floor.

Simply repeat this for around 8 reps and three sets.


The Butterfly Pose

For this one, you’ll want your starting position to be seated. This exercise is brilliant for blood circulation or flow and stretching those hips. Start by taking a seat on the floor with your knees bent and feet together. Using your elbows, press your knees downward and hold for 20-50 seconds. This should help to stretch your hip joint muscles and increase mobility in your hip hinge.

Hip Circles

Begin on your left leg, stood against the wall, and with your right leg straight on the floor. Extend your left leg outward and begin to make circular motions with it. Keep the knee bent slightly to avoid unnecessary strain but make sure to try and do concise, well-repeated circles here. Aim for 20 circles each way and on each leg.


You can find other exercises for the hip flexors herehere, and here. If you have any underlying issues, then it may be worth getting professional help. Visit a physio if you can, but a doctor could be useful here too. At the end of the day, these exercises are built for exhilaration and pump – they’re there to build baseline strength that helps you keep resistant to injury, stay mobile and keep on working out.


Should I always bend my knee with my leg extended straight?

It’s not a prerequisite, but it does help to do so even slightly.

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