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Using surprisingly effective ways to help you tie shoelaces

So, the first question you may be asking is, ‘why is an entire 500-word blog being dedicated to tying shoes?’ Good question. Well, other than the fact you probably searched it yourself… or opened it because a blog about shoelace knot information clearly has value to you, there’s a surprising amount of game-changing tricks to tieing your laces.

A standard shoelace knot is fine, at least so they say. But why settle at fine where you could be discovering the best?

The fact that Nike has also written one makes me feel a tad better. Nike states –

”You probably tie your shoes multiple times a day without a second thought. Most people have a preferred lacing approach—probably based on how they learned as kids. But with a few slight adjustments, it’s easy to optimize basic shoe-tying techniques for comfort, tighter knots and a more secure fit”

Well said.

Let’s run through a method to help you stay secure, tight and hassle-free.

Double bow shoelace knot

So we won’t touch on the Bunny ears (Two-loop Shoelace Knot) because it adds no practical value beyond that it sounds kind of funny. It’s a knot performed by kids and is, therefore, entry-level. But what we are going to do is take a little peek at the double bow shoelace knot.

All you need to do is the following –

  1. ”Cross the laces to make an “X.”
  2. Wrap the top lace under the bottom lace and pull it through.
  3. Make a loop with one end of the shoelace.
  4. Wrap the other lace around the loop once.
  5. Make another small loop with the wrapped lace and pull it through the “hole” in the middle.
  6. Finish by crossing the two loops and wrapping one loop under the other one and pulling it through.”

Think you can manage that? Yeah, you’ll be a pro in no time. This knot is particularly good for making sure your laces stay nice and tight, and usually you don’t even need to make sure you pull tight as the knot is reliable. This is great for ensuring an easy untieing experience so you can refrain from swearing at the ground while everybody watches and your shoelace gets knotted.

Brilliant stuff eh?


There you go, just one version for today as it’s the only one you really need in my opinion. It’s too easy to get bogged down in infinite variations but at the end of the day we want reliability. The above knot is simply durable and hassle-free, and I’d dare say it’s a little bit better than the average knot tie. Never forget, now you’ve managed this more complicated knot tie you can watch other runners with their simple ones and know that you’re just that bit better than them. No, seriously, it’s always good to get the most reliable methods down to keep you focussed on your running game, risk-free.


What if one lace is bigger than the other, and I’m worried about it getting caught?

If you’re worried about tripping over and you can’t find a knot to help reduce the length difference then you could try running on a flat surface. This will help mitigate the issues.

Are there other terms I need to be aware of when tying shoelaces?

Nothing major, but some terms may include the ian knot, laces fall and looped shoelace. As I say, though, nothing you really need to investigate but feel free if the mood takes you.

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