How to workout lower abs

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Using lower abs exercises and upper abs routines to increase core muscles and look great too

Ever described someone as chiselled before? I think our favourite physiques are those that fall within the category. But of course, underneath all that aesthetic goodness is a whole mass of… well, mass. The strength that comes with working out is what we should be after. Sure, it’s great to look good (confidence is welcome!) but performing well, progressing well and developing our fitness lifestyles are usually of much wider value.

So, from the right starting position to maximise upper body rep counts, there’s a good bit to know about the subtle art of growing your lower abs. And in order to garner the most out of these often hellish exercises, you’ll want to maintain proper form, fully learn a few routines and set off on your ab-building adventures.

Without further waiting, let’s get into some lower ab exercises so you can do them at home.

Listen up, work out.



Now, if you’ve ever felt the pain of lower ab exercises or any core exercises, then you’ll know the grind. Abs are, of course, incredibly important for core strength, supporting the majority of movements, and helping to strengthen your lower back. So when you get to that last rep of your first set and gasp in shock at how painful it was… just remember how important they are too.

V-Sits are one of the most important exercises going. They work multiple areas of your core and build great balance for trainers. The exercise is how it sounds but let’s take a look at Verywell Fit’s step-by-step guide in this blog now.

  1. ”Begin in a seated position with your feet flat and hands on the floor.
  2. While contracting your core, slowly lift your legs to an extended position, creating a 45-degree angle with your torso.
  3. Reach your arms straight forward or reach up toward your shins, as long as it feels comfortable for your body. Be sure to maintain good core posture and a strong spine throughout the movement, and avoid rounding the shoulders. It is natural to hold your breath, but remember to keep breathing.
  4. Start by holding this position for several seconds until your body fatigues. As you become more accustomed to the movement, you will be able to hold the position longer.
  5. Carefully return to your starting position while keeping your abdominal muscles engaged.
  6. Stop and hold the position for several seconds before releasing your body to the floor.
  7. Repeat this movement 20 to 25 times.”


Bicycle Crunches

My personal favourite – these are a surefire way to get your abs burning and muscles building.

  1. Make sure to lie on your back, shoulder blades on the ground, flat. Place your hands behind your head, and make sure you have your core engaged, shoulders off the floor, slightly and legs extended.
  2. You’ll now want to twist your body, bringing your right leg to your left elbow (opposite legs straight here), then slowly lower…
  3. Now do the reverse, knees bent, bringing your left leg to your right elbow.

And there you have it. Check a video reference if you’re still unsure.


Two brilliant exercises with a focus on lower abs. Whether it’s the plan position or V-Sits you’ll be building muscle and strength with each rep. Get to it!


If I have left knee problems should I stop?

Certain exercises may be off the cards, just monitor the issue carefully.

Is this plank position still considered good for lower abs?

Without doubt. This is a great exercise that engages all of your core and can test all levels of fitness and ability.

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