Best VR Flying Machine

Best VR flying machine

Finding top quality flight simulator, VR flight games through a VR headset for you

Flight simulators are on the up. With incredible releases like Microsoft flight simulator, you get photorealistic depictions with geographically authentic maps to fly through. The one thing missing for most flight sim players, however, is VR possibility. But we’re not here for them, we’re here for yourself, and whether you’ve played a flight simulator before or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s about knowing that you’ll be one step ahead of an entire sub-sector in the games market, and more importantly that you’ll be experiencing some of the most enjoyable VR games to date.

With the ICAROS VR experiences, you get access to equally cutting-edge simulator nuances. You can fly over famed and renowned mountain ranges, dip through alpine villages and most of all, realise that you’re playing some of the best VR games on the market. With ICAROS gear you also get a choice of how you want to experience these games. Okay, you’re not getting a Star Wars Squadrons-type experience, but with the hardware, it’s down to you. Your choices? The ICAROS Pro or the ICAROS Training Home Package. One costs a fortune, the other one doesn’t, but both are definitely worth their money. With virtual reality games, it can be hard to pick and choose. Some are great, some not so much, but all in all, you have that video game feel with an all-encompassing 3D field, giving you unmatched immersion. And when it comes to the plane’s actual controls, you get highly responsive low ping reaction times due to the brilliant engineering that ICAROS has prided itself on.

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In A Rush?

  The Ultimate: The More Affordable:
Model Pro Commercial VR Training Home Package
Photo F3
Recommended minimum age 14 years old 14 years old
Max Weight 110 KG 110 KG
Max user size 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft) 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft)
Machine weight 120 kg 56 kg
Ideal installation space 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft) 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft)
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The Ultimate Virtual Reality Flying Simulation:

ICAROS Pro Commercial – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

Key Specs

  • Fluid gyroscope
  • Durable design and material use
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • Sturdy frame
  • Muscle stimulation all round
  • Multiplayer potential with software
  • Comfortable cushioning for endurance
  • Low wear for long use
  • Three-tier foot support for different heights
  • Safety gear (knee pads etc)
  • Intuitive mechanism for a unique workout
  • Robust and durable design for lifespan
  • Smooth response for accurate physical to virtual movements
  • Best ICAROS gear for virtual workouts
  • Small footprint for ease of placement
  • Big price tag
  • Headsets aren’t all included


From being able to fly the same planes as the pros to feeling you’re in the skies unknown, the Pro version lets you fly through a whole new world of quality VR experiences. With a first-class ticket, you get all that you’d expect from ICAROS’ vast arsenal of goodies. The ICAROS app in all of its glory, with no restriction on exergames or content, the ICAROS machine, and all the rest to come with it.

As far as flying’s concerned, if you really want to get that full body extension into a full-bodied virtual world, then the Pro moves so fluidly, so accurately based on your own movements that you can literally transpose your movements in an instant. This makes slight banks, little turns, and any flight-based movement super accurate and responsive. It’s brilliant for those looking for a realistic flight simulator, but to use your body as the controller is to evolve the flight sim world entirely. Through external sensors, the ICAROS Pro allows every movement to be picked up, as well as shifting your body with the excellently designed gyroscope. All in all, this bit of gear is pro for engineering, usability, and virtual world responsiveness.

To top this all off, when paired with a VR headset, or even the optional tablet holder, you get access to an entire universe of evolutionary controllability, and every time you twist, turn or move, you’re improving your body in some way. The Pro is the best example of VR fitness hardware I’ve seen on the market, so if you’re worried about the price, then don’t be, it’s worth it.

And The More Affordable Option – Flying VR Equipment:

ICAROS VR Training Home Package – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

Key Specs

  • Brilliant controller for added connectivity
  • List of pre-loaded games
  • Can be used without special indoor requirements
  • Easy instalment
  • Core strengthening design features
  • Manual included
  • Controller battery lasts for 6 hours
  • Charged with micro USB cable.
  • Included software regarded as the best of ICAROS
  • Same physical power, less price
  • Option to de-level if you want
  • Robust and durable machine to push on
  • ICAROS app gives just as much empowerment
  • Less included in this package than the Pro


With a considerably lower price tag, the training package packs a punch similar to the Pro, only, you don’t get as many app features and extras. However, we’re here for the best flying simulator going, and the ICAROS machine is incredible, no matter the package it’s paired with. From VR Support to war thunder feeling games, the training package lets you decide how you want to fly, and that’s the power of ICAROS. You get access to exergames like The Dolomites, flying through breathtaking Alpine scenery, taking in the sights, and feeling like you have powerful wings to back you up. These experiences are relaxing, good for your health, fun for friends and family, and really eye-opening.

From total world immersion, through to gym home training effects, the Training package will see you to new heights. It comes with a controller for added ease, the wireless flight and gaming system includes the handlebar-mounted rechargeable controller that tracks movements and connects to the game, either running on a stand-alone or wired VR headset, PC, tablet, or Smartphone, and is compatible with a Pico G2 VR K4 Wireless headset. Brilliant.

Sensors on the machine transmit your movement to the Virtual Reality world. Therefore you are not only visually but physically connected to the virtual world. The result is a combination of both gaming and fitness aspects that stimulate both your body and mind.

In summary, this package is great for those who want the option to de-level their fitness game if needed, opting to use a less tech-focused approach but with all the same fitness plus points.


To conclude, we’ve found ourselves some extremely powerful equipment to pilot. And if we want to be flying in the right way for us, then we’d better make sure to make the right choice here. The pro is like the concord, with all of the globally renowned kinetic technology, the ICAROS app with its full arsenal of life-changing exergames and a feeling of prestige all round. Then you have the Training Home Package, an equally powerful package in its hardware but with less extras and app features. With either of the two choices, you can guarantee a first-class flying experience. From feeling like a Tie Fighter to taking on the role of a pilot in modern air combat, this hardware gives so much scope for using your imagination, and with the software (exergame and games) being so realistic across the board, it’s the perfect VR playground for you to soar through.

So what were the benefits of these games from a health point of you?

Well, with theses ICAROS exergames, you’re actually burning calories, training core stability and really making the most out of a forward-thinking cardio and resistance based workout. It’s a great blend of workout styles in a unique and bespoke way, meaning you get the best of both worlds – fitness and fun. In the modern world, a VR game can be a training programme, and it’s that exact ethos that drives ICAROS to release more experiences and gear like the ones we’ve talked about today. Both simulation experiences and more arcade experiences have a great deal of merit to them. Both are an immersive experience, with flying mechanics to help you feel like your body is really extended, or even transported into the virtual world.

In the last bit of summarising, let’s remember why we’re here – we’re here to make sure we get the most out of technology, entertainment and health, and blend our worlds with worlds that’ll benefit our future, our friends and family, and our overall wellbeing.

And this guide is a perfect place to start.


What do psvr platforms provide?

A PSVR platform gives you hardware and software from the esteemed Playstation brand. From headsets to new games, the PSVR platform is widely considered one of the best in the world. With single-player campaigns to online multiplayer games, Playstation offers a lot in the way of new and exciting VR experiences.

Is machine gun fire in games bad for my kids?

It depends on your view of these games. It’s not bad per see, but it could encourage an element of more aggressive imitating. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest that violence is instilled within children from games, and gunfire isn’t actually real here so there’s nothing to suggest it would make a heavy impact.

Do I need a powerful PC for any of these games?

Not at all. ICAROS has you covered with its great attention to detail and engineering power in giving you a powerful bit of kit to fuel your exergames and keep everything running smoothly.

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