The top three VR exercise machines on the market today

The top three VR exercise machines on the market today

Finding the best virtual reality machines so you don’t have to.

Virtual reality headsets, rhythm games, VR fitness games – the world of fitness equipment is broad and dense. VR games are making huge growth, with graphical fidelity improving, creativity around VR problems growing and an ever-dedicated push to improving that software.

But what about the hardware?

VR machines are limited in some ways and awe-inspiring in others. While the aspect of 3-Dimensional immersion is brilliant, it does come with a downside. Graphic being the main one, it’s about improving the hardware, so the software improves too. But in reality, all you have to do is check out a game, say Hitman VR, to understand just how good these games are getting, which means the hardware is evolving just as quickly.

From the best VR headsets to PlayStation VR, the equipment range should be condensed just for you, and that’s exactly why I’m here. With things to look out for like the best of the best, the best VR equipment for family fun and entertainment and the most affordable VR package around, you have to think about what’s best for you. But what about stuff you already have, or why should you start with VR fitness instead of more traditional means?

Home exercise equipment that you might have now is brilliant, or perhaps the indoor cycle you’re looking for is great. But at the end of the day, simply put, the language of the future, the picture that’s going to be painted is one that speaks of entire technological integration, with everything you can think of. So with fitness gear letting you burn calories, train core strength, and improve overall flexibility, why would you choose the more traditional hardware of the current fitness landscape?

Either way, if you’re still in two minds, then let this article settle those doubts as we unveil all the powers, applications, and specific use cases that VR fitness equipment can provide for you.

Let’s do it.

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In A Rush?

  Best of the Best: Best for Family: Best For Affordable Fitness:
Model Pro Commercial VR Cloud VR Fitness Equipment VR Training Home Package
Photo F3 F3
Recommended minimum age 14 years old 14 years old 14 years old
Max Weight 110 KG 110 KG 110 KG
Max user size 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft) 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft) 140 cm – 200 cm (4.6ft, 6.56ft)
Machine weight 120 kg 12 kg 56 kg
Ideal installation space 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft) 2.50 m x 2.50 m (8.2 ft x 8.2 ft) 1.50 m x 2.50 m (4.9 ft x 8.2 ft)
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Best of the Best – Virtual Reality Flying Simulation:

ICAROS Pro Commercial – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

Key Specs

  • Steel construction
  • White powder-coated finish
  • Gyroscopic central slider
  • User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″)
  • Recommended age of user 14 years
  • User weight 17.5 stone (110kg)
  • Oculus 1 & 2 can only play the games linked to a PC, however future compatibility with these headsets cannot be guaranteed
  • Optional Tablet Holder allows for the use of Tablets and Smartphones connected to the ICAROS app providing a multitude of games and experiences
  • ICAROS Controller
  • User manual
  • Intuitive mechanism for a unique workout
  • Robust and durable design for lifespan
  • Smooth response for accurate physical to virtual movements
  • Best ICAROS gear for virtual workouts
  • Small footprint for ease of placement
  • Big price tag
  • Headsets aren’t all included


Why wouldn’t I include the best VR fitness equipment at the top of this list? ICAROS released the Pro version recently, and this machine is possibly the most forward-thinking kinetic gym gear I’ve ever seen. How does it work? You settle into the machine, making use of its comfort and height features, fix your headset on, grip the two forward handlebars and the machine moves fluidly as your body takes command. This machine works mainly by using your body weight to tilt the machine, and the central section that helps you roll is steered by a gyroscope. Amazing. But your body isn’t the only thing moving here, so is your mind.

The award-winning ICAROS Pro is made in Germany from premium materials and is highly optimised for professional use, and can be installed almost anywhere. So it’s not just suitable for home or use, the Pro can be installed in health suites, clubs, medical institutions and more. With its relatively easy setup, marginal footprint, and easy on-and-off process, the Pro isn’t just forward-thinking, it’s convenient thinking too.

And if this doesn’t sound already pretty groundbreaking, with the ICAROS app, you’re truly enhancing your fitness lifestyle every time you use the Pro. Conquer the skies, explore underwater worlds, or get a breathtaking virtual free fall to earth. ICAROS is a mind-blowing way to experience the infinite universe of virtual reality. Each ICAROS game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 2 -15 mins to guarantee great experiences and easy operation. To share the experience, ICAROS systems allow operators to display the gameplay on additional screens. And you can also make use of multi-device compatibility through the tablet holder if you don’t fancy using the VR headset, you literally have no excuse but to try this impeccable machine, so get to it.

Best VR Equipment For Family Fun and Entertainment:

ICAROS VR Cloud – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

Key Specs

  • Brilliant controller for added connectivity
  • List of pre-loaded games
  • Can be used without special indoor requirements
  • Easy instalment
  • Core strengthening design features
  • Manual included
  • Controller battery lasts for 6 hours
  • Charged with micro USB cable.
  • Included software regarded as the best of ICAROS
  • Low footprint
  • Suitable for multiple environments
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Digital enhancements
  • Tablet holder
  • Precise body pickups
  • Not as precise as the other upper models
  • Games aren’t as available due to shape and input design


Used by all ages, from friends to family, the ICAROS cloud is one of the most innovative and digitally networked training devices available. The wobble board, featuring a large surface area, is much easier to use than traditional boards, but most importantly, the Cloud uses far more positions as inherent to its design. From standing, lying and kneeling, you get full-body workouts with great games designed around multi-position uses.

You can easily deflate this device too. Of course, just as easy as you can inflate it. It’s easy to move, easy to store and easy to operate all round. It could fit into a car, for example, given that it only weighs 12kg when inflated, then it can be carried when it’s inflated too. If you want to move it when it is, then simply upend it and roll it along the floor. Easy. And what else is so easy about this design is that you don’t need a power source, it comes with two rubber bands to help with resistance

As far as tech’s concerned, Link to a TV for a larger display. For the ultimate experience, use the optional Pico G2 4H VR headset. (The Pico is the only headset compatible with the Cloud VR games at present) To get the best from the ICAROS Cloud, you need to download the ICAROS App, which offers a broad range of entertaining and highly effective exercises to build smart muscles, strong core and a healthy back. These games and exercises have been designed by sports scientists and professional trainers so that you get highly effective, measurable and fun workouts. See ICAROS App details for more info.

Best Flying VR Equipment For Affordable Fitness / Gaming:

ICAROS VR Training Home Package – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

Key Specs

  • Brilliant controller for added connectivity
  • List of pre-loaded games
  • Can be used without special indoor requirements
  • Easy instalment
  • Core strengthening design features
  • Manual included
  • Controller battery lasts for 6 hours
  • Charged with micro USB cable.
  • Included software regarded as the best of ICAROS
  • Same physical power, less price
  • Option to de-level if you want
  • Robust and durable machine to push on
  • ICAROS app gives just as much empowerment
  • Less included in this package than the Pro


The second in the rung of the higher-tiered packages, with the ICAROS machine taking precedence still, this package offers ICAROS Home, Pico VR Headset with 3 games pre-loaded and tablet holder for non-VR experiences via the ICAROS app. And after the award-winning equipment was made home trainer of the 21st century, virtual reality experiences and virtual reality gaming clearly makes exercise, effective and entertaining.

Just like the Pro, this slightly slimmer machine lets you fly or dive through virtual worlds while improving your fitness, core strength and muscle tone. You get all of the positives of kinetic body enhancements, focussing on core strength, endurance and time under tension, to really improve your body’s stature, frame, and inner foundations.

Through moving your body weight around the central pivot point, the machine will tilt forward and backward and roll from side to side, controlling your in-game movements and working out in the process. To top this, sensors on the machine transmit your movement to the Virtual Reality world with great precision. This is where your physical transformation is moulded by your movement through virtual worlds. The result is a combination of both gaming and fitness aspects that stimulate both your body and mind.

Forge a rowing machine, this tethered VR gear, with the VR apps to go with it, makes for a great and serious combination of workout styles. With a dance central aspect of fun to VR boxing level of seriousness, you don’t need to beat saber trials for this machine. ps VR is something that would be awesome to be hooked up to, but it’s fine that it isn’t because the Pico VR headset is great, and the app is brilliantly enhancing too.

All in all, ICAROS workouts train different muscle groups, focusing mainly on core and upper body muscles whilst incorporating the upper leg area too. The exercises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination. You get an unbox-and-play mantra to finish it off with a great charged controller to help add to it too.


So there you have it, a brilliant range of forward-thinking equipment with a focus on virtual fitness immersion. Simple. But what’s not so simple is that while you add and weigh each one up, discerning the best features for the least expense, you might find it hard to come to a conclusion in the same way I have. I love them all, but for you, it might be worth taking a minute to see which one suits.

To recap?

If you want family fun and fun for friends, then the Cloud is an obvious one. With an easy-to-set-up, transport and switch player system, you can get this bit of kit out at a party in an instant. It also lends itself to the sillier, more fun side of VR games, but of course, with a focus on fitness for those wanting the more serious side. If you’re after the top-notch top-tier upper echelon, then I’d go for the Pro version. With an equally remarkable party shock value, the pro gives you way more fitness options, feedback and access to more games as a result of its inherent bodily design aspects.

One thing we haven’t really touched on is VR headsets. ICAROS gear can be compatible with the PICO range, OCULUS range, and a few other lines and devices. Be sure to double-check which aspects of headset compatibility to check for, and make sure you’re not disappointed by a not-included headset product.

Either way, read them over again. It’s too easy to skim over details and miss that finalising aspect. I love what ICAROS are doing, and I’m going to love what they do in the future, it’s as easy as that. Be a part of the forward-thinking incentive that drives ICAROS in the first place, and level up your fitness game today.


Can the ICAROS Pro and Home be used by my family?

It can be, just not in the way same way that the Cloud can. You can take it in turns, make use of the height variation, and each of you can have the app installed on a respective device.

Will the exergames be updated, and new ones added?

Absolutely. Exergames are constantly being developed, with updates and fresh experiences in the works. Keep an eye out for your ICAROS app and stay ahead of the game.

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