How to cut out sugar

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Blood sugar levels, weight gain, high fructose corn syrup – there’s a lot to watch out for, so let’s cut out sugar intake now.

Cutting out sugar is difficult. Our bodies are so conditioned to sugar intake that when we don’t have any, we tend to enter a state of withdrawal. We can be tired, grumpy, mardy… let’s just say it makes us think we can’t live without it.

In reality, with all of the sugar we intake throughout the day, from natural sugars to added sugar in products, we’re peaking and crashing so often. Ever feel tired weirdly throughout the day? A likely culprit is sugar. And this becomes especially frustrating if we want to focus on our fitness game.

But sugar isn’t just a mild inconvenience for tiredness, it’s also a huge health risk if not properly approached.

So, to help lose weight, cut out added sugar intake, and keep us ready for a run, let’s run through some tips to cut out sugar entirely.

Cut back on sugar drinks

Naturally, sugary drinks with added sugars are a nightmare. They don’t feel like they have an impact, but too much sugar is a common occurrence in these types of drinks. Things that people may perceive as healthy like smoothies can actually be awful for your sugar intake. And while sugar cravings may feel common, you should be aware that lots of sugar dressed up as ‘healthy’ really isn’t.


Desserts may seem tempting, hey, we’ve all got a sweet tooth, but sometimes fresh fruit is actually the way to go. You could get a host of issues from deserts, so avoid them when you can. From tooth decay to excess fat, these irresistible, tempting snacks could be the very thing killing your vibe.

Even table sugar can be a massive temptation. but in reality, just because something tastes nice doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Avoiding sauces

Healthline writes, ”A 1-tablespoon (17-gram) serving of ketchup contains about 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of sugar. That means ketchup is a whopping 29% sugar — more sugary than ice cream (15Trusted Source16Trusted Source). Look for condiments and sauces labelled “no added sugar” to cut back on the hidden sugars in these products.”


Choose salad dressing, avoid heavy fruit juices, and stop eating things you know will lead to weight gain. While it’s hard, and sugar is classed as very addictive, you need to realise how easy it really is at the end of the day. When you do, you’ll be moving ever closer to living a sugar-free life.


What are blood glucose levels?

Medline Plus – ”If you had a fasting blood glucose test, a level between 70 and 100 mg/dL (3.9 and 5.6 mmol/L) is considered normal. If you had a random blood glucose test, a normal result depends on when you last ate. Most of the time, the blood glucose level will be below 125 mg/dL (6.9 mmol/L).”

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