How to make isotonic drink

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Isotonic sports drinks aim to replenish a range of necessary bodily fuels, let’s find out how to make one

You’ve heard of sports drinks, right? They’re often bright blue or taste like electricity. As inviting as that may be, some of us have been warned off of them. From news outlets saying they’ll probably give us cancer to your friend’s teeth falling out, you’ve probably done the gith thing and stayed away.

Well, you’re wrong to do so.

Okay, let me be clear – you’re absolutely right to stay away from the above, but the word ‘sports drink’ has changed in meaning over the years. Sports drinks now contain a great deal of brilliant fuels, such as glucose, that our brain and body needs for workout efficiency.

So, if you’re interested to learn more about sports drinks, and even go as far as to make your own sports drink, then this article will help. We’ll look at isotonic sports drink creation so you can make your own isotonic sports drink in seconds.

Let’s do it.

The what

Firstly, let’s double-check what isotonic means and spot a few benefits along the way. in essence, your blood plasma density needs a liquid that matches that density in order for it to be absorbed efficiently. Thicker drinks will require water secretion in order to help absorb said liquids. So, isotonic drinks help your blood absorb beneficial fuels in liquid form to energise your runs.


Making your own?

From avoiding energy drinks to wanting your favourite ingredients included, there are many ways you can approach making your own isotonic drink. With fruit juice, lemon, juice and ice cubes making up obvious ingredients, let’s turn to the Health Nutritionist for their recipe –

Recipe 1

  • 40-80 g sugar
  • 1-litre warm water
  • ¼ tsp salt (optional)
  • Sugar-free squash for flavouring (optional)

Recipe 2

  • 500 ml fruits squash
  • 500 ml of water
  • ¼ tsp salt

Recipe 3

  • 200 ml squash, not low calorie
  • 800ml water
  • ¼ tsp salt

You might want to look at hypertonic drinks too – being aware of sports nutrition and keeping your body hydrated in the right ways for you is necessary. In essence, the difference between Isotonic and Hypotonic is that the latter concerns high levels of sugar (Cola, fizzy drinks, etc). Just because Hypertonics are generally bad for replacing fluids doesn’t mean they’re not useful. In fact, it’s turning a hypertonic drink into an Isotonic in seconds that’s so impressive – by adding ingredients like fruit juice that makes it so easy.


This is just a basic rundown of Isotonic drinks, with a dab of Hypertonic too. It’s so important you replace fluids in the right way, so make sure your body can perform properly.

Just like a pinch of salt, the human body is made up of tiny molecular detail, and even the tiniest drop of something bad can affect an effect on your body.


Is plain water better than flavoured?

Some flavourings are, of course, filled with additives, so be careful, but often Isotonic drinks are better than water on their own.

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