How to get motivated to run

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Using the right training schedule, running routine, training partners and running motivation to unlock your running potential

Life’s not easy. Getting out of bed can be difficult. Going to work can be hard. But one thing is certain – the potential to be motivated towards anything is always present. In order to stay motivated, no matter the task, certain things have to be aligned. Be it our diet, sleeping schedule or goal setting.

When it comes to running, there’s no reason why common life motivations can’t be used, however, it’s probably more likely that ‘linked factors’ will be more relevant and therefore successful – some like to join a running club, others justify the cost of expensive running shoes or expensive running clothes and many employ a running coach for accountability and guidance.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, it only matters that you choose one.

Let’s deviate from your usual route for today, and learn some new ways to stay motivated.

The reason

One of the most overlooked downsides to motivation and running is not having a proper reason. We’re often driven by things we should do rather than seeing the benefits of actually doing them.

Running is no different.

Whether you want to stay focused with general progression or get that runner’s high to help with the day, having the right reason can be the difference between you staying on the sofa and getting up to run.

You don’t have to love running yet, all you need to do is be prepared to put in some hard work and learn the benefits as you go.

Naturally, having a finish line in mind will help too – you could choose targets like a 5k run all the way up to a marathon. No matter the choice, it’s yours to make, so do it right.

Running club

Week on week, it can be hard to find the source of power. Struggling through tiredness and business to find a space to run can feel impossible. With that said, joining a run group can be a serious game-changer. You may have a training plan that’s fleshed out with all the good bits, but if you don’t have the right surroundings or source of motivation, then you won’t follow through with it. A running group can be a powerful motivator, especially if you struggle to motivate yourself to run.

Having a network of what is essentially both accountability and inspiration can reduce your own problems r.e. motivation. Your morning run is made better with friends, your evening run is made better with teammates, and your fitness lifestyle is solidified by those doing exactly the same.


If you want to expand your knowledge of running and motivation, then you could try a whole host of other things. The internet is filled with techniques and approaches, from watching more videos on inspiration to feel confident, to finding new gear that can make you feel like a pro – every second you spend bettering yourself is worth it.


Are there any other points to look at when trying to get motivated to run?

Also, remember to include strength training and at least 1 rest day. This helps with your overall weekly balance, health and fitness and will result in motivation becoming easier.

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