How to make running easier

How to make running easier

Using the right training plan, warm-up routine, and running shoes to make running feel easier

Most beginner runners share the same problem – running is kind of hard. At first, even the thought of getting your running shoes, going out into the rain and ‘feeling the burn’ can be hard. Thankfully, I have some news for you. Good news – news that should sway you finally in the direction of cardiovascular inception…

It’s not actually that hard.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it easier.

Without getting a personal trainer, there is a tonne of difficulty-free activities you can do to help. But besides those, the fact that you’re here with me reading this blog means you’ve already made the most difficult step of all – deciding that you should be running asap.

So what’s next?

With upper body form, strength training, running tips, trail running, rest days… actually, I’m guessing that throwing a load of things at you isn’t helping, so let’s just dive right into it.

Finding the rhythm

The first and foremost aspect of running as a beginner, for me anyway, was finding a rhythm. I think of it as ‘getting into flow’ – it’s a state that feels just right, not too challenging, not too easy, but most of all, feels automatic. When your own body ticks like a clock, paced naturally and fluidly, it feels as though you’ve… well, got into the rhythm. You then feel like you can run miles without hurdles, and in a lot of cases, you can.

To find it, you could try a few things. Firstly, running around the same route can be great; a sense of automatic knowledge and familiarity is part of flow. You could also push past the initial pain just a little bit more than usual. While this is hard, when your body acclimatises, it becomes easier.

Timing is everything

Of course, you should try really hard to increase your distance or time; if you do, then a slower pace and lesser time (still an impressive one) will feel a lot easier. But time isn’t just for time over distance. You could try running at different times of the day. Yes, you can still use walk breaks, a running buddy, or get a sports drink for an energy boost, but finding out how your body’s energy is best used can be brilliant. Some run best at night, some run best in the morning. Figure it out and find your time.

Slow and steady

Another method, unsurprisingly, is to start slow. Elite athletes came from somewhere, and so to start out is to learn, be patient and understand that you don’t need to fatigue yourself too early on. All you need to do is get a feel for running. A beginner runner will benefit greatly from simply feeling like they’re a runner, and you don’t need a top speed for that.


There are a good few ways to feel great about yourself and make running easier. Check out other tips if needed, but if you feel ready to give it a try, get yourself out there, then go for it – the only person stopping you… is you.


Should I join a running club?

You could definitely join one if you feel like it would help, having friends and advice around you is always good.

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