How to lose muscle in legs

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Muscle mass is integral to athletic movements, so let’s make sure we identify when you begin to lose muscle mass

Our legs are the supportive pillars to the strongest of buildings, or the sails to the fastest of ships. They’re integral to a whole bunch of athletic movements. While having muscular legs is of course a nice thing to have, what it does as far as strengthening your motion is of course much more practical.

But we’re not here to talk of muscly legs… we’re addressing the issues of losing said muscle.

Losing muscle mass is very easy to fall into if you’re not careful. Of course, regular training will ensure the maintenance of muscle mass, but your leg muscles are big and so need a lot of attention. However, some may actually want to lose muscle mass.


These people may:

  • ”feel that their muscles are giving them a ‘bulky’ look
  • feel that their bodies are aesthetically out of balance and want to trim down specific parts
  • wish to slim down while maintaining strength
  • want clothing to look a certain way on their bodies
  • feel that larger muscles tend to sag as they exit middle age”

So, if you’re one of those people or even have your own reason then we can found out how to lose muscle mass today.

How to

So, we have a few ways here. If you want to lose weight in your legs, get slimmer legs and leaner definitions then you could try the following –

  • Up your cardio. Cardio burns calories (obviously) but also helps to reduce muscle mass by using essential fuels that would otherwise contribute to muscle gain.
  • Train with weights. Woah, hold up, surely that would make them bigger? Well, if you train your leg muscle with much lighter weight, you’ll aggressively take away mass but retain a certain level of strength, and end up with a more toned physique.
  • Diet. Try consuming fewer calories. Simple. Weight training requires a lot of calories to help build muscle, so if you focus on less caloric intake and lift weights less, you’ll begin to see those muscular thighs turn into lean muscle shapes.


Let’s take a deeper look at cardio for a sec. Diet is one thing, but it’s pretty easy to focus on less protein intake and fewer calories. Running techniques, however, are a little more sensitive.

Slim legs are a common trait of long-distance running trainers. Why?

”When you do long-distance running, your body is using slow-twitch muscles (the ones we refer to as long and lean) and is using fat (and glucose/carbs) as a source of energy.” – Rachel Attard, 2020.

So, if you want to stay on top of body fat, bulging thigh muscles and ongoing muscle growth, then you should try to run for longer (not faster) periods, aiming for around 30-45 minutes of running.


So, losing leg muscles can be a little bit of work, especially if you put a good deal of work into them in the first place. Thankfully, the right exercise routine exists, no matter the area of activity.


Is there any way to target skinny thighs?

There is, but to target skinny legs will be through weight training as there’s no way to isolate fat loss or muscle loss with foods.

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