How to massage a tight calf muscle

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Using calf muscle techniques to alleviate issues with tight calf muscles

In any case, no matter the activity or the area, you need to accommodate your body’s needs. Blood flow, deep tissue massage, tight muscles, delayed onset muscle soreness… there’s a lot to consider when it comes to issues and remedies, so let’s keep it tight by looking at your calves today.

Tight calf muscles are killers. You need your calves to perform most athletic movements, so if you don’t look after them, you’ll be hitting your performance rate hard.

Calf muscle pain can be an indication of many different things. Usually, however, our leg-based aches are coming from muscle soreness. All we need to do, in reality, to at least see if it’s the issue, is to massage tight calf muscles with either our hands or a roller. A calf massage and post-assessment will inform you whether you’re in need of something a little extra or whether you can get back to it and start training again.

Let’s do it.


It’s important to identify some causes, so you know some possible fixes, too. Sore muscles can stem from a multitude of places, so it’s good to know where. From ankle joint pain to lower leg issues, your calves could be to blame.

  • Prolonged use of the muscle, e.g. a long hike 
  • Sudden increase or start of intense use, e.g. new workout routine
  • Change in footwear type, e.g. heels or sandals

Using a foam roller

One of the most common forms of massage technique, the foam roller, will help to maximise calf pain release by targeting the entire muscle group. From being able to use it for a soft tissue massage to a firm pressure massage, the foam roller is what it sounds like – a roller that you apply in motion to cover the calf and release tension on the outer layer of the muscle.


Look to invest in one for muscle tightness today.

Massage gun

A slightly more expensive bit of kit, the massage gun is guaranteed to promote blood circulation and relieve you of some muscle soreness.

A massage gun is a powerful relaxation device that somewhat resembles a drill. It’s a fantastic investment for an exercise buff or someone whose work entails long sitting hours, resulting in tight muscles.

These devices use vibrations and percussive therapy to target the affected areas, be it soleus muscle or lower calf. Muscle fatigue is never worth bearing so bear in mind first that these tools could change your fitness lifestyle with one use.


From trigger points to muscle strain there’s a whole world of muscular correction. You could self-massage or hire a pro, use a roller to alleviate pain or invest in something a little better. Either way, massage therapy is whatever you need it to be. Do the right thing and take control of your muscle pain, today.


What are the soleus muscles?

The soleus muscle is primarily used for pushing off the ground while walking.

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