How to massage legs

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Showing you the best leg massage techniques to master muscle recovery and enhance your fitness game

Every component that feeds into Elon Musk’s SN8 is vital. If one thing is dysfunctional then the objectives of a flight mission are largely doomed. Thankfully, your body is far more flexible when it comes to functionality.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drive for optimal calibration.

Engineering jargon aside, making sure your body is fit and healthy isn’t just vital for performance… it’s easy. By using leg massage methods to help rejuvenate muscles you’re bettering your chances at optimal performance yourself. Blood circulation (blood flow), delayed onset muscle soreness, muscle flexibility… these are all vital facets to leg maintenance, and if you want to be ready to run at a moment’s notice then you better employ some of these massage techniques now.

Running isn’t just about readiness, however, it’s about being the best you can be. So to gain the most, you need to train the most. And to train the most you need to be kind to the very thing driving that engagement.

Let’s discover how to massage your legs today.

Stroking motion

As described in Healthline’s well-respected fitness series, the stroking motion capitalises on accessibility and ease to remedy your muscle tightness hassle-free.

It states –

  1. With your palm facing your leg, place your slightly spread fingers on your ankle. You can use one hand, or both hands placed opposite each other.
  2. Apply pressure with your fingers as you move your hand toward your hip. Apply enough pressure to feel it in your muscle without causing pain. You can also alternate between light and heavy pressure.
  3. Move your fingers back to your ankle and repeat the movement as your work your way around your entire leg.
  4. Repeat up to 10 times per leg.

Kneading and squeezing

Your leg muscles are detailed and dynamic, meaning an equal approach to leg massages should be taken. Both a foot massage and leg massage require certain techniques, and the leg massage technique is one of the hardest to master.

While it can seem easy on paper, it’s pretty hard in real life. So, let’s look at the kneading and squeezing technique to give you some practice.

Bodyworkmassage describes it as, ”This is like the stroking massage, except using your thumbs to add localized pressure. This is a more intense leg massage, both to perform and receive.

  1. Start at the ankle, using the thumb or thumbs to push against the sore areas.
  2. Move up the leg and repeat.”


From massage therapy to deep vein thrombosis, the world of massaging is dense. Sore muscles, however, require a softer, more malleable approach; knowing how to carefully adapt to different muscular massaging needs is vital. With pain areas like the upper or lower leg, Achilles tendon-induced leg pain and knee joint issues, it can also be very hard to identify the real origins of your issues.

So, employ that Achilles massage technique or learn from that professional massage therapist – your bodily health should always be a priority.


What if I have pain in my legs and feet?

Remember, your legs and feet are connected via multiple connectors. This means one source could be causing wider pain or that the pain is a sign of something more severe than muscular aching. Get it checked!

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