How to run with phone without armband

How to run with phone without armband - main image

Using a sports bra, running belt, zippered pocket and wider running gear to run with your phone without and arm band

We all wish we could drive without having to actually drive. Or what about typing without actually having to type (cough, cough)?

Humans have always looked to develop ease throughout their lives, reducing the hassle of processes that we either need or want to be completed. Running is a little different; the joy is in the journey. But that doesn’t mean aspects of running aren’t.

Having a phone, for example, can be an empowering tool in making things easier and more effective. All running gear like running belts, a phone pocket, that special built in pocket, phone holder or running shorts all make that journey easier, but phones are in a league of their own.

Maps, mileage, music, conversations – the ways in which phones enhance your fitness lifestyle are innumerable. So, let’s use your phone securely, easily and hassle-free, so you get easy access to those empowering functions that can help you to level up.

The right shorts

It’s easy to misunderstand what we mean by the right shorts here. I’m not talking about shorts with 3 layers of thermal fabric or being able to wave your favourite brand about, I’m talking (rather excitingly) about zips.

Most of us don’t want to spend even the little amount it costs for an armband or fancy holding device. The more straightforward approach then is using zippered pockets. It might feel like a bit of a quick fix, but a quick fix it is indeed. If you want to keep those wires from flapping around from your phone while running then have a look at these shorts.

”I’m a fan of these Baleaf Shorts. There’s also a men’s range with phone pockets and a cute running skort.” – Love Life Be Fit, 2020.

Hip running belt

A common fix, the running belt lets you store your phone with an almost weightless feel. If you’re the type to carry your phone on most runs then you’ll know the frustration that can come with weightiness. But the problems don’t always stop there. Some may worry about keeping their phone secure so the right running belt can mitigate both.

Check out this belt to gain an idea of what you’ll be adding to your running arsenal.

Running vest

Perhaps the most utile of sports equipment, a running belt is like the utility belt of a tradesman – it allows you to hold water bottles, accessories and of course your phone. Your phone sits securely in a dedicated phone pouch (usually a zippered pouch) while leaving enough room and weight for a water bottle, for example. This combination should see you through your run with ease, forgetting about all the frustrations and distractions that come with your phone falling out or your water bottle shaking.

Check this out.


These are just a few of the best options going for phone use while running. From avoiding a large pocket shaking around to dropping your phone and causing damage, all it takes is a simple fix and cheap purchase to bury your worries. From sports bras to backpacks there are plenty of other options, so do the research and see what’s right for you.


What’s a handheld device?

Just like an armband, these devices house your handheld device so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

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