How to sprint faster

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Sprinting technique, sprinting speed, hill sprints and sprinting drills… there are many ways to sprint faster

When we think of all the detail that goes into running an engine, the fine mechanics, design facets and intricately connected components, we may be in awe. In fact, so much about the little things in life make a huge impact. From the right diet down to the calorie to the finishing brush stroke of a renaissance painting…

Small can always equal big.

So when it comes down to things like sprint technique, rigorous routines and day-by-day development it’s no surprise that every detail helps you to run faster.

Your entire body is as intricate as those engines, too. So with high-intensity sprint training, you’re putting every inch of your body under stress, and potentially, in line with growth.

From upper body aspects to taking shorter strides there’s a lot you could consider… so let’s go about it now.


Running technique is obviously important, but it’s just as important to be consistent here. Sprints and the inner mechanics of sprinting can be even more detailed than you think. You should maintain good posture in your upper body (with a straight spine, and only a slight forward lean). Simple? Should be. But that doesn’t mean it won’t take a while to learn. On top of that, you should keep your shoulders relaxed and your neck too.


One of the best ways to really stretch out your muscles and loosen them before high-output exercises are to do dynamic stretching. Quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves – warming up these can improve circulation which can also improve your sprinting form. More so, it helps with your aerobic functions, sending oxygenated blood around the body and thus increasing muscular effectiveness.

Using shorter strides

To increase speed you can also use shorter strides. Longer strides leave you in the air for longer, leaving you less chance to push off the ground. If you want the sped-up version then shorten those strides, stop using too much energy and help with burst speed.

This method is a classic one that undeniably helps with top speed. Try it out.

Breathing correctly

Master Class writes, ”Your breathing should be one of the main focuses of your speed work, as it provides your muscles with oxygen. Keep your breathing synced up with your strides to help maximize your aerobic capacity.”


From straight-leg deadlifts to running on the balls of your feet, you can really get specific when it comes to sprint work improvements. And in fact, you should always get specific when developing anything. Chances are you have the basics down, but just like scientific breakthroughs, it’s about iterating with each ingredient.

Do the right thing and learn more today.


Foot strike… what does that mean?

This refers to the placing of each foot when you run, and refers to the severity also.

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