How to track London marathon runners

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Tracking a London marathon with the London marathon app and GPS tracking

London Marathon 2022, or any London marathon for that matter, is quite the prestigious event. Known worldwide, why wouldn’t you want to tune in to the action and connect to the race?

Tracking friends and family is a great way to show support to those London marathon runners. Thankfully, you can use the official app to track the positions of those you want to. But a big part of what makes these apps so good isn’t just that they let you track location – they let you feel like you’re a part of the race.

So, let’s run through some great steps to learn how to use the best app to track participants and give you a sense of insight.

Let’s do it.

What can you do with it?

The London marathon tracker app can actually be used in more ways than you’d think. The official app powered by user connectivity helps to track runners but can do so in stages. Let me explain. For example, you can track when your identified runner hits certain targets, so no matter if you can see them or not, even on the map, you know exactly how far they’ve run and how they’re doing progress-wise.

When it comes to race day you might want to send a little message to the runner you’re tracking. You can submit a 30-character long message to send encouragement, words of wisdom or something to cheer the runner up with ease. It’s in the belief booster section of the app and could ensure they reach the finish line with a smile on their face.

Coach Mag writes, ”Runners should also ensure they download the app, because it provides all the key logistical information needed to get to the London Marathon Expo and the various race starts in Greenwich.” This is super important given all the info on BBC sport, times, places to register or proceed to, and so on. A tracking list is great, but for runners having a central hub with a lot of info that could help with the race is of course valuable too.


If you want to check out more with the app then feel free to do so. You can learn more about the GPS tracking, the tracking metrics, a how-to and more.

This app is truly revolutionary when it comes to feeling a part of the race, and being able to motivate your loved ones is absolutely brilliant. There’s no better feeling than seeing your tracked runner progress and having you rooting for them on the sideline. It also means you can catch them when they come by, instead of missing them entirely!

A must download.


Is a race number important?

Not really, but it can help keep an eye out for your runner.

Where can I find out more about the London Marathon?

Additional info can be found on their official site: and be sure to check over the tcs london marathon if you have any concerns

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