Where To Buy Treadmills

Where to buy treadmills

We have a wide range of treadmill varieties, including folding treadmills, curved treadmills, electric treadmills, or stock treadmills. We ensure that the prices are kept as cheap as possible by cutting our costs in other areas of our business. The goal of our operations is to provide affordable treadmills that can help people in their weight loss journey. Treadmill benefits are hard to overlook, and we ensure that the costs don’t come in between your fitness goals.

Running is a great exercise to lose weight and get in a healthier version of yourself, but running isn’t as simple as it sounds. The runs around a park or any public place aren’t always comfortable or flexible. Similarly, they can often result in joint and ankle pain that may demotivate you from your workout routine. The other option to burn calories is by setting up a home gym or specifically buying a treadmill.

Generally, high-quality motorized treadmills can cost an arm and a leg; they might be the most expensive fitness equipment in your gym, but their efficiency in burning calories and enhancing weight loss makes them a must-have. Precisely, the treadmill is a hefty investment, and you can’t afford to go wrong with it but it is essential to make the right decision.

Beginners are often confused by the variation in the prices amongst treadmills. An electric treadmill can cost as high as £5000 or even more, while some of the cheaper ones may be around £300 – £500. The lack of knowledge about treadmill components is a major reason behind their confusion. 

It isn’t impossible to find an electric treadmill for as low as £200, and these cheap treadmills are able to attract a wide range of buyers. However, the consumers often fail to note the quality of components used in its making. It isn’t entirely the manufacturer’s fault to use less durable components with lesser output, mainly because that’s the last option to produce cheap treadmills.

Nevertheless, if a treadmill doesn’t last for six months or a year, it isn’t a good deal, because you would have gotten an entire year membership at the same price. 

Now, it can often be perplexing for consumers to decide which treadmill to aim for and whether their decision would be proven right in the long run. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further to know more about treadmill components, and how to compare different treadmills.

By the end of the blog, you will have a clear idea of why some running machines are cheaper or more expensive than others. You would probably be surprised by how we provide the best treadmills at the best rates.

Types of Treadmills

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Folding treadmill

Folding treadmills are popular amongst home gym owners for the easiness of setting them up. The treadmills come with a narrow belt and body, which can be folded once it’s not in use. These treadmills allow the owners to practice treadmill workouts without compromising on their valuable floor space.

It also ensured that cleaning the area underneath the treadmill is a lot easier. Several models of the treadmill come with an electric folding procedure that doesn’t require any manual effort to lift it. However, users have several concerns with its durability, and vulnerability to frequent faults and costly repairs.

Non-folding treadmill

As the name suggests, non-folding treadmills are the alternative to folding treadmills. They are made for more rigorous training methods. The former type of running machine doesn’t have strong stability due to the flexible-built.

Hence, non-folding treadmills focus on ensuring a broad track that allowed trainers to practice a wide range of workout programs without compromising on their health or risking injuries. However, the drawback is their broad belt that requires a considerable room of your home gym.

Commercial treadmills

A more advanced version of the non-folding treadmill is called a commercial treadmill. These treadmills are made with reliable and long-lasting components that increase their durability and endurance for high interval training. The treadmills are often costly to purchase for regular home gym owners.

Nevertheless, their frails, such as built-in speakers, are a justification for their high price. The wide range of workout programs and the higher maximum weight capacity is also a reason behind their high cost.

Desk treadmills

In today’s world, it is hard to figure out some time for your physical health. With a work-from-home routine, leaving your laptop away for too long can be costly and may result in missed deadlines and upset bosses.

The solution to the problem comes in the form of desk treadmills; the treadmills are designed similar to the regular ones, but their integrated desktop allows you to place your tablet or laptop. Hence, you won’t need to compromise on your health to complete your tasks.

What to consider when buying a treadmill?

As is said above, the specifications of treadmills determine their eventual costs, so it is important to understand the factors that must be checked before getting a treadmill.

Running belt area

The width of your track determines the quality of your workouts. Usually, trainers recommend that runners should opt for wide track belts as they allow you the room to run flexibly without noting your steps. Narrow running belts may cause you to trip or hit the sidelines during your run. You must ensure that your treadmill’s track is based on your training routine.

Workout area

While we are talking about width, it is important to have a good understanding of your home gym’s area. You must choose a treadmill that isn’t extensively wide as it might be hard to set up in a closed room. Nevertheless, your treadmill’s width shouldn’t be extremely narrow as it might restrict your movement resulting in slower growth for your muscle groups.

Treadmill motor

A treadmill motor is probably the most important thing to check before selecting your electric treadmill. The motor is the engine that rotates the belt and determines its speed. Although treadmills with lower continuous duty ratings are cheaper, they aren’t suitable for running and would heat excessively after minutes of intensity training.

Most treadmills have a motor rating enlisted in the manual, but you can look for more detail in its description guide. For regular joggers, experts recommend a treadmill motor with a continuous duty rating of 2.5 hp. The power duty rating should be between 3 to 4 ideally. The treadmill motor also determines the maximum user weight; we shall take about that in a while.

Maximum speed and incline levels

HIIT workouts have gained wide popularity amongst treadmill trainers; their efficacy in burning calories and reducing weight is second to none. Nevertheless, the workouts demand your treadmill to run at high speeds and inclines for longer intervals. You must ensure that your treadmill has a suitable maximum speed and incline, so your life fitness goals aren’t hindered.

Additionally, some treadmills come with prescribed workout programs that allow you to train flexibly without worrying about changing the speed or incline after each interval.

Cushioning of the belt

If you have trained on multiple treadmills before, you would have noticed a major difference between the heat radiated by the belt. Most treadmills with poor cushioning radiate strong heat that may cause rashes on your sole. Cushioning is dependent on the material, elasticity, and depth of the track. A thick running belt would usually resonate little heat as compared to others.

Similarly, good cushioning keeps your ankle and joints safe from injuries; the softness of the tracks results in lesser impact during your runs, which helps in avoiding unwanted soreness. The latest treadmills come with internal springs and elastomer that eases your runs and helps in maintaining a good posture. However, these treadmills are restricted in the market due to their high price. 

Workout modes

When you are working out at a home gym, the biggest obstacle is the inaccessibility of a personal trainer. At gyms, a trainer is usually present to guide us with our workouts and define the exact routine that can help boost results.

Nevertheless, the newer treadmills have removed the need of trainers for your treadmill workouts. They come with integrated workout modes that are fit for various fitness goals. All you need to do is select the workout routine before you start, and the running machine will do the rest.

Changing the speed, incline, and intensity of the workout independently, advanced treadmills also come with a sensory pulse rate monitor that may alter the intensity of the workout if your heart rate rises to an extreme high.

App integrations

A popular feature of commercial treadmills is the app integrations. Various manufacturers have developed particular apps for their treadmills that can be connected to the machine and can be used to store and monitor your progress.

The apps are generally available for both iOS and Android. They work as fitness trackers for your workouts and provide insights into your calories burned, heart rate, and workout patterns. The advanced applications also send notifications at your training time that will provide you the motivation to get started.

Although these apps shouldn’t be the main determinant behind your choice of the treadmill, their correct use can boost the growth of your cardiovascular health.

Weight capacity

The maximum user weight of a treadmill defines the highest weight that the motor can bear without compromising on its performance. It is essential to select a treadmill with at least 10 kilograms higher weight capacity than its users.

If the limit isn’t attentively checked, the motor would be vulnerable to frequent faults and repairs that would eventually reduce the overall life of your treadmill. Also, you must ensure that you are checking the weight in the correct units, as some manufacturers post the weight in kilograms while the others do in pounds.

Why buy treadmills from us?

Why buy treadmills from us?

After learning about types of treadmills and why the price differential arises, you might be thinking about why to choose us despite multiple other alternatives. I will give you five reasons that set us apart. 

We care about you

Our gym equipment is selected based on the customer’s choices. We ensure to provide you with the best treadmills that can help you burn calories and lose weight. Our organization aims at satisfying consumers’ demands in exchange for minimal resources. To improve your experience, we also link to multiple payment options that allow our customers to pay with a feasible method. 

After-sales support

The main problem that consumers face after making an online purchase is the lack of after-sales service. Hence, we have reviewed only the products that include good customer support programs to ensure all your problems are answered at the earliest convenience. In case a treadmill malfunctions within the warranty period, easy access to the manufacturers will resolve an easy solution.

The right decision

It is hard to understand the complexities of a treadmill, and it isn’t rare for customers to end up buying an inappropriate machine. Hence, we focus on ensuring that your decision stands out and you have no regrets about it. You can read in detail about the treadmill types you’ve selected, and this will help you decide whether it’s a good decision. As you’ll probably be aware, we have posted a detailed description of each treadmill to provide you with accurate and precise information that will come in handy in your decision.

Quick delivery

The motivation to workout comes in impulses; it might be at its highest on one day, and then within a week, the laziness won’t let you leave your bed. We won’t let you give up on your aim easily. Our quick selection procedures allow our customers to have their desired treadmills usually within a week or two. Nevertheless, the delivery time is dependent on your region and may vary slightly due to new travel routes.

Cheap price

If you have followed the entire post, you would have noticed that the prices of a treadmill are based on its features and specifications- the more features you want, the higher the price you would have to pay. However, we don’t want you to miss out on the best deals because of a low budget.

Hence, we have researched the global markets to select and review the best treadmills at a minimal cost; so our customers are able to enjoy reduced prices. It is natural to think that the treadmill might be made of low-quality components but be assured it isn’t.

Our quality control procedures ensure that every treadmill we review goes through a strict set of regulations before it is passed on or recommended to customers.


Buying a treadmill isn’t an easy decision, and getting it right is even more difficult. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that the information above would have helped you analyze your short-listed treadmills on better scales.

You need to ensure that you aren’t compromising on the quality of the motor or cushioning of the track for a minimum price difference. These components are probably the main determinants of your workout quality, and they must be appropriate for your exercise to bring desired results.

Working out is a move towards a healthy lifestyle. You can never climb a mountain if you don’t start. Weight loss isn’t an easy journey, and slow results can be fairly demotivating, but you must stay committed.

Surround yourself with positive energy and accompany yourself with positive people. You can also seek help for our blog section. It contains several useful tips and workouts to improve calorie burn and muscle growth.


How can I get discounts on my treadmill?

It is understandable that users might look for discounts before making their purchase because who doesn’t. Check out our ‘check price’ links to look for any discounts on selected items that are listed.

We also look to provide discounts for our email subscribers and social media followers. So. if you haven’t signed up for either of them, you may miss out on some great opportunities.

Similarly, our team often comes up with creative and easy challenges that provide vouchers and discounts for winners and participants.

Often with high-end purchases, free delivery is a given.

How wide should the running deck be?

The width of the running deck is fairly dependent on the space available. If you have adequate space for a broad treadmill then it’s better to go for it as a wider belt which allows for more flexible training methods.

Nevertheless, you should also ensure that the treadmill isn’t bigger than the room available for it. Otherwise, it would intervene in other workouts. You should measure the width of the area you wish to place your treadmill in. Then, select a treadmill that fits.

What are the required accessories alongside a treadmill?

Generally, a treadmill doesn’t require any additional equipment to function properly. Nevertheless, some users prefer to have floor mats to place underneath the treadmills. Some trainers also prefer having wrist fitness trackers to get an accurate reading of their workout progress.

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