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Is Running On A Treadmill The Same As Running Outside?

You would have heard people saying, ‘if you have health, you have wealth.’ It is indeed true; health is the biggest blessing for us. Diseases can take away the joy of life, regardless of the wealth you own. Once your health declines, the material objects won’t bring any pleasure. Nonetheless, staying in good health isn’t[…]

Why are curved treadmills so expensive?

Why Were Treadmills Invented?

If you have been following athletes’ gym routines, you would have noticed them working out on a curved treadmill- an unusual treadmill with an arch in its center. Curved treadmills rose to fame during 2017, and since the past few years, they have become a hot topic for trainers. However, the treadmills are often unreachable[…]

Why Were Treadmills Invented?

Why Were Treadmills Invented?

Treadmills have become an integral part of our exercise routine; they are the most popular aerobic exercise equipment and are readily available at most gyms. Unlike other machines, you don’t require expert guidance before beginning your treadmill workout; hence, most trainers prefer buying a treadmill for their home gym. Today, the exercise equipment market is[…]

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