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Introduction to the JTX Flow Water rowing machine

Equipment, from the simplest builds to the most complex constructions, can always be unique, forward-thinking and life-changing. We all know the power of tools, gear and other assets; making our lives easier, more efficient and ultimately better should always be the name of the game. And if you’re into fitness as much as me then you’ll know this extends to the world of exercise too.

If you’re not yet started on your exercise trail, a path to your health and physical development, then it’s fine – you have a whole world right in front of you, ready to be yours. But I wouldn’t blame you if it felt like a maze when it came to choosing where to start. With terms thrown around like magnetic resistance, JTX freedom air rowing, air resistance, race mode… you get the point, and you’re not the only one taken aback by this vernacular either.

Thankfully, no matter your level of knowledge, you have me to help you. A guide to walk you through some of the best fitness equipment can be invaluable in making the right purchase decision. Today, we’re going to unveil the power of a water rowing machine, to unlock the power within you that you might not think exists. To top that, we’re not just looking at any old unique rowing machine…

We’re discovering the JTX Flow Water rowing machine.

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  • Infinite water resistance
  • KeyMetrix self-powered console – Displays time, 500m split time, distance, strokes/minute, total strokes, watts, calories and pulse
  • Heart rate training
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Monorail length – 130cm (51″)
  • Seat Travel Distance – 121cm
  • Dimensions – 192.8(L) x 70(W) x 59(h)
  • Vertical Storage
  • Max user height – 6ft6
  • Transport wheels
  • Self-powered no plugs


Infinite water resistance levels

The rowing machine, almost like the JTX freedom air rowing entry, features infinite resistance through water operation. This means that the max resistance possible is the max force you can exert. Because water particles begin to compact the more pressure is exerted on them, and you’re not going to magically turn water into a solid, you’ll find infinite levels of resistance, so no need for crank dials or resistance wheels.

Solid and Stable

A solid frame, great build, and robust structure – this machine isn’t going anywhere soon. With a long life span, and focus on mid-ride stability, you can be sure that this JTX entry lets you go all out, without having to worry about physical integrity.

Ideal for taller users

With a monorail of 6ft you get access to a long machine that’s suitable for taller users as well as any size beneath.

Quiet operation

Due to the build quality and operation type (water), you get a pretty quiet ride, making this machine more than suitable for those with neighbours, family in house, or friends too. This is partly due to the smoothness of the handle and cord also.

Easy transport and storage

Great transportability, this JTX is easy to move and store. With nice dimensions and a lightweight enough frame, moving this around your house, to a new house, or to a health club is as easy as buying it.

Tablet holder

Convenience in a modern sense is important here too. With the tablet holder allowing for stable and still-watching experiences, convenient changes of channels or apps, and an overall great placement, you can watch media mid-ride.

Stylish matte black design

With a strong yet classic finish, this JTX rowing machine can blend into most home or health club environments.

Adjustable footplates

For those who need to be extra comfortable when they work out, maintaining a healthy posture, and reducing mid-ride stress or health risk, adjustable pedals are available for you.



*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

  • Great for those needing to be quiet
  • Infinite resistance to save mid-ride adjustment and awkward levels
  • Sturdy build for hard workers
  • Easy to store for tight spaces
  • Minimal design on the tech front
  • Only one colour variety

Overall Verdict:

My conclusion? Absolute beast. A brilliant build with a lot of robust infrastructural aspects, a smooth and quiet action, and suitability for a lot of different riders, this entry from JTX is an all-round unique solution to fitness. Where does the uniqueness come from? The infinite levels of resistance offer a great challenge for those who like to push themselves, without having to restrict themselves to awkward levels or mid-ride adjustments, you can work yourself to a pulp, unrestricted. And what’s to thank? Water! You may have heard of a water-resistant rowing machine, but this one feels a little special to me.

From the brilliant colouring, matte finish and overall seating position, it’s amazing to use this entry, and I can’t wait to get back to it. From freedom air rowing machines to the JTX freedom air rowing machine itself, JTX ignite air rowing and water rowing with their intuitive designs. And because air resistance builds and can be a little too noisy for me, water, attenuated by the very thing it’s contained in, makes for a more comfortable option.

This indoor rowing machine is a top-notch top scoring entry for me. JTX is a brilliant manufacturer, and so a brilliant entry should hardly be a surprise. I personally feel that this is the quintessential rowing machine for the JTX brand, and with its long-lasting lifespan, I don’t feel it’s going to be outwitted anytime soon.

What I Liked About This Rowing Machine

I loved the approach to calories burned, and with freedom air rowing machines being at the forefront of air-based calorie burning, I like the feeling of water resistance here. It had a different haptic or tactile feel to it, and I love how that perception fed into my want and drive to row again. An air rower is great, but the water, with its quiet operation, just felt a little more effective to me.

I love how JTX include a free personalised training plan too, this training plan and support really help to empower the machine and enrich my fitness lifestyle as a result. For a home rowing machine to feel like a club machine, ignite air rowing machine or not, the rowing workout really felt professional. And who needs a freedom air rowing machine when you have an incredibly well-thought-out machine at your fingertips? This rowing machine also gives you great metrics to help enhance your training. The Keymetrix console measures your workout performance data (distance, time, 500m split time, strokes, calories burned, and pulse). Tilt the console for greater visibility and set targets based on strokes, time, calories burned, or distance to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The HR-compatible console on the JTX Flow: Water Rowing Machine allows you to connect a Polar-compatible heart rate monitor and train in heart rate zones, too, which is awesome. This option really makes it feel like the rowing machine is considering you too.

Things That Could Have Been Better

A good few things could have been better. I would have liked a more fleshed-out console, maybe with a smile (and now somewhat even dated) game mode, or competition mode, or even some detailed metrics would be great. Despite the brilliance of the current machine’s minimal design, I really think that JTX could have done better with a few tech inclusions. But that’s just me, and I’m not one to moan, it’s a brilliant and simple design, and that’s fine by me.

I also think the foot pedals could be a little more adjustable, perhaps just a little longer, and everything would be fine. While they were comfy enough, I know some riders will want this extra comfort and personalisation.


Does the water need replacing?

There’s no impending reason why water should need changing. You may notice some bacteria build over time, and to keep your machine as pristine as possible then replace the water every month to two months.

How customisable are water rowing machines?

It depends on the product itself but generally speaking, customisation isn’t a facet of these releases. The manufacturers design and produce a product that’s optimised in the way want it to be, with the hope that it’s right for you.

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