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Introduction to the JTX Movelight walking treadmill

In a world where size is fluctuating, with phones once getting smaller and then getting larger, who knows where trends will take us next. With certain aspects of technology, however, some things are certain – a compact design suits certain environments 10 x better. And the world of fitness equipment is no different.

From the comforts of your own home, you can enjoy many a fitness equipment. An indoor cycle, folding equipment, and even certain rowing machines. But what about treadmills? Can you enjoy those in your front room just as easily?

Well, with folding treadmills, running machines can be easily stored and erected, but that still doesn’t solve the issue of overall set-up dimensions. Sometimes we just don’t have space, so it’s good that JTX has come up with another solution…

The JTX Movelight Walking Treadmill.

Made for brisk walking and jogging forms alike, this running deck gives you a lot of power for a little bit of room. Its sleek design really helps it to blend with the room, let alone offer less overall dimensions, giving you more space in your house. So what do you have to look out for on your end?

With a walking pad, you need to think about transport wheels, floor space, user weight, easy storage space, anti-slip measures… the list goes on. And while a lot of these features sound obvious they’re easy to forget about.

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  • Power: 1HP. Speed: 6kph
  • Training Modes: 4
  • Space Saving Build – Easy To Store Under a Sofa or Bed
  • 8 Piece Elastic Cushion Deck
  • Size: 143.2(l) x 54.7(w) x 12.9(h)cm
  • Max User Weight: 100kg
  • Remote Controlled
  • 2 Year In Home Repair Warranty


Space saving build

The premise of the whole release, this entry features a space saving design. From low footprint aspects to no handlebars, the whole point of this JTX is that it acts as a running board, taking up as little space as possible.

Easy to use remote control

Making for a hassle-free workout, you can control speed with a remote controller. It’s easy to use and helps reduce the potential risk of changing setting mid-run. It also just makes using this machine a lot easier.

Quiet motor

Making for a quiet workout experience this small motor is ideal for cutting down noise, reducing the annoyance to others in your house.

Ready assembled

No hassle, ready assembled. Making it easier for you to jump on and get levelling up.

Low floor to deck height

Making it even more sleek and streamline, having this compact dimension helps you to feel grounded, helps to store and adds to that minimal low footprint feel.

Transport wheels

Helping you to move with ease, the transport wheels make this product the accessible and convenient tool that it is.

Large LED display

Easy to read, next to no hassle. Basic metrics to help you progress with high visual fidelity to keep mid-workout risk to a minimum.

8-piece elastic cushion running deck

Brilliantly designed running deck keeps things quiet, supportive and sustained.


  • 2 Year In Home Warranty

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

  • Great warranty
  • Stress-free convenience
  • Storage options for multi-room usage
  • Quiet motor for undisturbing workout
  • Remote control for safe parameter adjustment
  • Low-speed variant
  • Could be made easier to move with a few alterations

Overall Verdict:

A definite must have for the convenient side of your asset list. If you want to train with ease, no hassle and without disturbing either your room or your roommates then this is the right product for you. With a quiet motor, and sturdy and robust design you get the most out of low inconvenience yet strong equipment.

I love the way it made me feel too. Perception of self on this sort of equipment, or any sort of equipment is important. Because it feels slick and compact I felt like my workout was pretty smart, well positioned, and almost felt like I’d won before even getting on the machine. Sleek designs do translate to sleek feeling workouts, and if I want to stay ahead of the game, through keeping up to date with new releases and new forms of running then I need to be looking at products like this.

In any case, with a decent maximum speed of 6kph I can utilise this machine for a brisk walk or light jog. This is a limitation for some, although serious runners will be more used to serious outdoor running so if you need something to burn calories, maintain endurance or just let of some steam then this is literally the most convenient means of doing so.

All in all, a well-built, well-considered product with a focus on ease of use and space-saving design. There’s not much else to say, it’s well built, offers a few parameters to adjust like speed for example and really helps you to get the most of out of your home, forget about a gym membership, and acts as a great interim between outdoor running or other serious workouts and relaxing or resting.

What I Liked About This Treadmill

There are a good few things I love about this JTX creation. Firstly, this machine’s inherent design means it can be used as a standing desk. This is a term for when users can take advantage of a table or desk to work on and work out at the same time. It’s incredible. Being able to multi-task and burn calories is a brilliant way to live your working days. But it’s not all calorie burning or physical effects. It’s been proven that having a standing desk is better for your concentration, let alone for when it’s combined with actual motion. The freshness and clarity that cognitive invigoration can bring to your workload is almost unbeatable.

I also love the fact that this device is good for rehabilitation. Sure, it doesn’t have any handlebars, but what it does offer is an in-home solution to having to go outside, a smooth and quiet running experience, and centers on walking or light jogging, so you’re not tempted to overdo whatever injury you might be suffering from. Great.

With decent speed options, a build for small spaces, and a step count dream, I just love this all-round light and ideal choice. And if you want to watch a bit of TV, maybe you’re simulating a walk in Shoreham by sea, then you can heighten that sense of relaxation even further. But if you want to reduce relaxation and take a more calculated approach to fitness goals over time then JTX genuinely offer a free personalised training program to keep you motivated beyond the initial buzz, they regularly update their workout video library and share the latest news from their growing network of health and fitness experts.

The LED display is easy to read and functional, it gives you what you need but not all the fancy extras that can get in the way sometimes – time, distance, calories, speed, and step count, so you can consistently work towards your fitness goals, unlock your fitness potential and level up your fitness lifestyle straight away.

Things That Could Have Been Better

I do think that the movability aspect could be bettered somewhat. Yes, it has transport wheels, but to achieve the smoothest move possible it could have been either a little more compact (getting rid of some excess material use), have a handle feature or perhaps be foldable to a relative degree. I also think heart rate monitors are a great inclusion for treadmills, and with no telemetry, due to no handlebars, this can be a little difficult to incorporate, especially if you’re wanting this machine for rehabilitation. Either way, I could exercise just right with this compact machine, and I didn’t miss the monitors too much.

I would have liked to have seen a little more speed variation too. I know it is what, is for a reason but to have that option would have been the cherry on top for me. JTX gas safety to consider, I get it, but it’s important for me to have the option if I trust myself, and I do, so a few more speed additions would have been awesome. Maybe to support that notion some foldable handlebars could be great – slim, tight yet sturdy, these handlebars could have made great additions to this compact machine, without having to take up too much space or design materials.


Why would I need a big top speed?

In many cases, top speed isn’t necessary – not all of us want to be sprinting on machines, but to boast the motor’s power, and give you the option if you want to is still a good thing. The more serious of runners can utilise HIIT training and sprinting to burn calories in a calculated and measured way, for example, and top speeds can be useful in providing this style of workout.

Does the JTX sprint have an 8-piece elastic cushion running deck?

Yes. The well-designed cushion running deck gives you full support for a low-impact workout. This feature also makes the walking pad quiet when in use so you don’t disturb your family, no matter the time you choose to exercise.

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