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A review of one of my favourite compact folding treadmill on the running machine market, the JTX slim line flat folding treadmill

Most of us struggle to find the hours in the day to do all we want. A lot of us struggle more with finding the space to do things we want. From a small garage to a cramped greenhouse, prioritising what goes where can seem impossible. In the world of fitness, this struggle is equally real. Home fitness machines are literally life-changing, saving time and money on gym trips and lengthy travelling. However, just because they’re easy on paper doesn’t mean they’ll be easy in practice.

Thankfully, some clever clog manufacturers release compact or slim-line designs. These releases are so useful they have to be considered. Why? Because not all of us have that extra space to splash our cash; housing is only getting harder and harder (smaller and smaller…) with costs rising. So, in order to counteract those costs, we can take a few minutes to read one on the powers of high quality, space-saving designs with a focus on reliability, sturdiness and functionality… oh, and a fold-away mechanism that takes as long to utilise as it does to read this review.

So what about this JTX model specifically, why should I choose this machine?

Well, this motorised exercise machine may be a compact folding treadmill, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking. With a great top speed, brilliant digital incline, and a good range of built-in programs, this JTX slim line model has everything you need from a treadmill. But, without spending too much time here, it’s always about the details. So without further waiting, let’s get into why this treadmill could be the perfect fit for your home fixtures, and change your fitness game without even having to leave your front room, let alone go through your front door.

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  • Running area – 122(l) x 45cm(w)
  • Max speed – 16kph
  • Suspension – JTX 6 Point Shock System
  • Computer console – Large, easy-to-read digital display that tracks the key metrics of time, distance, speed and calories burnt.
  • 40 built-in workout programs
  • 1.75 horsepower
  • Folded dimensions – 73(w) x 158(l) x 26.5(h)cm
  • Safety Features – Safety key for emergency stop
  • Transport wheels
  • Overall weight – 43kg


Space-saving design

A compact treadmill benefits greatly from a space-saving design, and this JTX is no different. With a low weight (43kg) and low footprint (73(w) x 158(l) x 26.5(h)cm), this design really empowers those who want to make the most out of their space.

Handle speed adjustments

This really useful feature makes the machine feel like an extension of your body. In other words, because of this placement, you get to switch parameters out with ease, hardly feeling the cost of this mid-run movement at all.

16kph top speed

With a modest top speed, you can rely on this JTX slimline machine to give you a dexterous workout. You can use the workout programs to guide you, and speed plays an important part here. Essentially, you can run, walk and sprint with this entry.

Connect to running apps

You can connect to a variety of running apps, enhancing your workout experience and adding value to the machine. JTX boasts, ”Get interactive with a range of approved running apps. Run through virtual worlds, join group races and explore beautiful real-life tracks. Get detailed metrics on your performance and track your progress. For the best interactive experiences, you’ll need a footpod and an iPad or tablet. We recommend the Zwift Runpod, widely available online.”

And I love it.

digital display with 40 programs

40 workout programs really add impact and guide you through a world of variety. It can be easy to get stuck in basic running and feel your interest declining. These programs let you challenge different parts of your body and give great excitement with each run.

1.75hp motor

A powerful motor with reliability to see you through. This motor helps add lifespan value to the treadmill and gives you power options to choose from.

No assembly

The easiest aspect of this machine, you simply remove it from its box and get running. Very low set-up costs are definitely worth it, especially in a space with very little room to wiggle around and set up manually.

Running deck

The spacious running deck gives you both room and safety in an instant. It feels smooth, helps contribute to quiet operation properties and feels modern.



(home repair warranty is one of the best warranties you can get)

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

  • Super space-saving features
  • Ease of assembly risk and hassle-free
  • Good top speed for options
  • Great programs for variety
  • Modern aesthetics for home blendability
  • No extras
  • Minimal console

Overall Verdict:

In conclusion, this machine is the exact compact design I’d expect from a brilliant manufacturer. While it doesn’t contain all of the features I’d like, i.e. some extras or a more fleshed-out console and metrics, it’s what you should expect from a compact design, and it won’t put you at a disadvantage in any significant way.

It looks brilliant, it feels great and plays out quietly. I want something that blends well and causes low disturbance to those not using it. In my house, I have my family to consider, but I can imagine small flats or other accommodations require that quietness even more so. The moment you release how well this fits into a home gym environment is the moment you realise that it’s worth every penny. Given the price is incredibly modest for what you get, I can’t rightly give you any reason not to purchase this machine.

The flat folding treadmill design can often lead to a lesser quality of robustness. With this JTX slim-line model, thankfully, this simply isn’t an issue. It felt strong, it felt safe, and it feels like commercial-grade quality equipment too. Given its ease of set-up and low-cost use all round, including power) I have to give this one a top rating.

What I Liked About This Treadmill

The obvious flat folding design gave me so many benefits. Firstly, I could easily change the position around if I wanted. Let’s say somebody else in my house needed the space, and I needed to move it quickly. Well, with the easy drop-down compact system, you can quickly move it. Given that it’s light, this is great too.

Another great benefit is, of course, storage. Its low footprint gives me great confidence in being able to store this machine in multiple places around many environments. This is, of course, one of the main reasons you and I are here talking about this machine, so check out the specs and weigh up the size costs.

I also love how this machine looks. The black finish is classic, but it’s the dimensions and shapes of each component in combination that really helps me enjoy this machine more. In my house, I want good-looking stuff, and when I’m using this machine, I want something that looks and feels good too. The console is super friendly. It has a modern feel with a cutting finish. This helps remind me that JTX is really trying to get ahead of the game with this release.

Things That Could Have Been Better

I do feel that, while the console is great, JTX could have fleshed it out a little more. Sure, you have the 40 built-in programs (which are game-changing and really useful), but as I say, the metrics and overall options could be just a little more fleshed out.

I also think that the handlebar adjustments to incline, while intended to be easier, aren’t always so. If you’re smaller or taller than the average height, you may actually find incline controls preferable on the console, making the handlebar adjustments feel like an unnecessary addition, which definitely feeds into the perception of price overall (thankfully, this beast is cheap, so it’s not a big deal here).


Is a motorised treadmill the only kind of treadmill on the market?

Not at all. You can have self-powered treadmills too. These machines let you control the speed manually by running. But you also get some quirkier machines as well so be sure to check them out today.

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