How to improve speed

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Using classic methods to help you improve your speed: speed training, running speed, speed exercises… improve your game today.

We all want to be faster. Even those who don’t necessarily run will probably want to improve their speed game, just for the sake of it; being better at stuff is a human drive. So, for those runners (hopefully you) a desire to improve speed becomes even more valuable.

With methods like speed play, upper body strengthening, sprint speed development and speed workouts in general there are loads of ways to improve your speed. But, if you’re like me and don’t want to have to wade through a host of pages with a host of methods to find that one trick that’ll help, then you’re most probably in the right place.

I’ve highlighted some of my favourite approaches, based on their effectiveness, to improve your speed.

Ready. Set. Go.

Interval runs

A form of HIIT workout, interval runs are great for acclimatising your cardiovascular systems to high-intensity climates. ISSA Online suggest the following –

  • Run hard for 50 meters, walk or jog for another 50
  • Run hard for 100 meters, walk or jog for 50 meters
  • Run hard for 150 meters, walk or jog for 50 meters
  • Run hard for 200 meters, walk or job for 50 meters
  • Work back down to 50 meters and repeat once or twice for clients who are up to the challenge

Longer and slower runs

To help give you variety (so you’re not just running out of steam every time you train), you can use longer slower runs too. I know, sounds weird but let me explain.

Longer runs help to build aerobic capacity, improving aerobic endurance, and essentially optimising your respiratory systems further. Funnily enough, this means your lungs will then be able to handle shorter bursts of high-output cardio too.

As developing speed takes time, and you don’t want your schedule to be filled with only hill training (thank god), you’ll want to make use of this style once or twice a week. I’d focus on the intense aspects a little more but this longer workout style is definitely a bonus too.

Strength training

Never mind the fuel, what if the vehicle was just more economic? If you want to be more resistant to intense output then you don’t need to just eat right or better, your lungs need to be stronger too.

It’s great to have more energy but less energy is needed if your muscles are stronger and more efficient. Provided you have proper form, you can use strength exercises (cross-training) to help build your running game and improve speed. With explosive power, you’ll find speed work a hell of a lot easier.

Use leg presses, squats, extensions… all of the obvious exercises to improve your strength will improve your speed too.


In summary, you’ve got what it takes to excel, you just need to get a little strength under your belt. You don’t just have to work hard though, working smart, by varying up exercises, is awesome too. Do the research and step up today. What are you waiting for?


Is athletic performance only for athletes?

Not at all. Athletic performance refers to any individual’s performance while conducting athletic activities.

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