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Introduction to the Sole F80 Folding Treadmill

Finding a place to fit your treadmill? Why not look for a treadmill that can fit the space? Sole Treadmills are equipped with the finest quality and exclusive features. The treadmills are designed to cater to all your workout needs without causing the trouble of storage. The compact design of the treadmill allows easy folding of the treadmill.

Sole Fitness F60 Folding Treadmill is a quality made folding product that does not require too much space. Many people would forego the idea of having a treadmill at home due to less storage space. With a foldable treadmill, the dream of a home workout space seems to be coming true. Sole Fitness has always thought of improving workout quality for home exercisers and the Sole F80 Treadmill is one of their affordable yet best gym equipment.

The Sole F80 has a modern design with exclusive features. It has a very sleek and modern design with a touch of simplicity and easy to read interface. The high-end cushioning along with a powerful motor provides a comfortable and quiet workout. It has a basic console with preset buttons for speed and incline, numerous built-in workouts, an audio jack, and Bluetooth connectivity. Mover the fitness app and multiple user profiles allow complete track of performance.

Sole F80 Treadmill is no less than any other commercial brand treadmills on the market. This home workout treadmill was built keeping in mind the needs of the athletes. Home runners can benefit from the modern technology and simple interface at the same time. F80 is suitable for people of various age groups and sizes. This along with its many amazing features, make Sole F80 one of the best gym equipment by Sole.

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  • Brand: Sole Fitness
  • Model: F80 Treadmill
  • Minimum Speed: 0.5.mph
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph
  • Incline Range: 0-15%
  • Preprogrammed Workouts: 6
  • Motor: 3.25 HP
  • Dimensions: 85.43″ x 37.01″ x 17.32″ (lxwxh)
  • Deck Length: 82″
  • Equipment Weight: 265 Pounds
  • Maximum User Weight: 375 Pounds
  • Integrated Tablet Holder: Yes
  • Audio Speaker: Yes (Bluetooth)
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • USB Port: Yes


EasyAssist Folding:

Sole F80 has the best folding treadmill design, its easy-assist folding design makes it feasible to fold and store. Some treadmill decks are so heavy that you can merely lift them. This can cause backbone issues but with the easy assist design, you can fold the deck in a vertical position with minimum force. All you need to do is, grab the handle at the base of the deck and lift. The deck will lift itself. Moreover, it is also very convenient to move and store. Its feasible movement is aided by rollers under the treadmill. When you are done working out, store it where ever you like.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck:

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill features a cushion flex whisper deck. The whisper deck technology is a premium quality feature that reduces joint and bone stress. It helps you to work out more efficiently while not worrying about joint pain. 40% of the joint impact is reduced by the cushion flex whisper deck. Moreover, multiple users have the access to treadmills that are designed for home workouts. Households have people with varying age groups, and elderly fear the joint pain and sacrifice their physical health. With Sole F80 Treadmill they will be able to work out with all comfort and convenience.

Safety Features:

Almost all Sole treadmills feature a safety lock deck design because safety comes first. The safety lock allows you to lock the deck in a vertical position when not in use. At home, people have kids and pets, and both of them require additional safety measures when they are around any sort of manual or electrical equipment. The safety lock ensures their safety as the treadmill deck safely locks at the verticle position. Other safety features include a stop switch and the running hood. The stop switch is corded and immediately reduces the speed to 0.5 mph. Some people may think, the running hood may interfere with their workout but it is not the case. It causes no hindrance during the workout.

Industrial Quality Motors:

Sole Fitness add industrial quality motors to their gym equipment to reduce static impact. The Sole F80 treadmill has a powerful motor of 3.25 HP. The high-end motor delivers high speed and a static free motion. Also, the treadmill does not make a lot of noise like some other heavy-duty motors do. The quiet motor helps you concentrate on your workout.

Sole App:

Sole Fitness App is your trainer and doesn’t cost you a cent. The app tracks your fitness progress. With the help of the sole fitness app, you can not only record, but also transfer workout data to other fitness apps. From the very beginning of the workout to the end you can track your entire workout from calories burned, to miles traveled.


The Sole F80 treadmill has 6 built-in workout programs. The built-in programs include fat-burning exercises, cardio, endurance, and manual workout. These programs further have different activity levels and configurations. The peak and valley graph feature is incorporated in several built-in programs.

Custom Workouts:

Sole F80 allows you to create two customizable workout programs and two user profiles. Each profile can store and transfer data with utmost feasibility. With custom programs, you have the freedom to alter speed, incline, pulse, and even create your intervals and repetitions.


Sole F80 Treadmill comes with a basic and easy-to-use console. The treadmill console features preset buttons, LCD, Volume Keys, Quick Stop, and other workout keys. The lower part of the console is an accessory tray with having tablet holder, cup holders, and USB ports.

High-End Electric and Mechanical Parts:

The high-end electric and mechanical parts not only just improve the quality of the fitness equipment but also enhances exercise performance. The deck is high-quality nylon with two rubber layers and a middle PVC layer. The frame is coated with epoxy powder coated paint to make it rust-free. The large rollers not only support a larger contact surface but affect the static-free workout. The motor is a high-powered running force of the treadmill that increases its performance. All these premium quality parts make Sole F80 one of the best gym equipment on the market.

Integrated Message Boards:

Almost all the Sole treadmills offer integrated message boards. The sole message board is the workout guide that helps you understand the treadmill and improve workout stats. From the beginning of the workout, you can seek the assistance of the message board. From setting user profiles to working out, the message board has all kinds of guidelines. It is like an alphanumeric version of the user’s manual. It has been coded with all your treadmill and workout-related queries. It becomes a lot easier for beginners to learn the basics and helps regular exercisers to improve their efficiency.


Sole provides industry leading warranty on their gym equipment. Sole F80 covers a lifetime warranty on the frame, deck, and motor. Moreover, the electronic parts are covered by a five-year warranty period. You can also avail of 2 years of labor warranty. The warranty periods may differ for different parts of the world. The above-mentioned warranty terms are for UK residents. The companies that provide longer warranties deliver a loud message that their equipment is durable, sturdy, and worth investing in. Many companies provide lifetime warranties on the frame but very few courage to extend their lifetime warranties on deck and motor. The impressive warranty period of the F80 treadmill reflects the confidence of the manufacturer in the product.

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

Preset Programs:

The Sole F80 offers 10 preset programs on different workouts and custom workout programs. The preset workouts are displayed on the sole display for you to select from. Each user profile workout is monitored and the data is stored for the next workout. These preset exercises help you achieve your fitness levels within weeks. Apart from programs, preset buttons for speed and incline are also a major part of the console. These buttons have an increment on 2 each. Preset buttons can help determine the initial speed of the workout and then they aid you throughout the workout by allowing you to feasibly change the speed and incline to set with a single press.

Impressive Weight Capacity:

Sole F80 is fitness equipment that has a great weight capacity of 350 pounds i.e almost 156 kg. The maximum user weight is almost 70% more than the weight of the equipment. This demonstrates the sturdy build of the treadmill. The manufacturers committed to building a heavy-duty treadmill suitable for people of all shapes. The obese can now shred a lot of weight without worrying about the capacity of the treadmill. The nylon deck and large rollers support heavy weight and do not easily run out. This also explains why the company has extended its warranty periods.

Cooling Fans:

Do you want to get all sweaty just at the start of your workout? Excessive sweating not only reduces the work efficiency but also drains you before the workout is completed. Cooling fans can be of great use in such times. The fans keep you calm and comfortable during the workouts. These delay fatigue and enhance performance.

Bluetooth Audio Speakers:

Who does not enjoy playing their favorite tunes while working out? The sound system of the Sole F80 Treadmill features Bluetooth speaker compatible with almost all smart devices. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth or audio jack to play your favorite music on the integrated Bluetooth audio speakers.

Connectivity and Personalization:

With F80 Treadmill you can not only connect your gadgets to the speakers or USB ports, but you can also connect to popular fitness apps like Apple Health, FitBit, and more. Also, you can charge your smart devices via USB ports. Moreover, people love working out when they feel involved in the workouts. Sole F80 involves the user in many ways from multiple connectivity options to creating workouts of their own.

User Friendly:

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill is extremely feasible and has great accessibility. The integrated tablet holder can firmly hold your book or tablet while working out. Many people prefer reading good books, or news while they work out. It is a healthy habit to exercise both your brain and muscles simultaneously. The F80 Treadmill has a convenient USB port and audio jack. Also, the treadmill will connect to your smart device via Bluetooth. The accessory tray is yet another convenient feature of the Sole F80 Treadmill. It has dual cup holders for your water, drinks, remotes, and other accessories.

Speed and Incline:

The treadmill delivers high-speed ranges. The heart-pounding speed of the sole f80 ranges from 0.5mph to 12mph. The speed presets are available on the control with a 2 increment at each preset. Apart from that, you can manually change the speed as you like. The heavy duty stable inclines greatly contribute to better performance. The power incline tones your body and keeps it in perfect shape. It especially shapes your calves and glutes. Incline can also be used during high-intensity workouts. Just like speed, incline also has preset buttons on the console with an increment of 2%, but you can always adjust to your preferred incline manually.

Generous Running Surface:

The deck is a smooth static free surface that allows freedom of arm movement. The Sole F80 treadmill has an 82” deck that is almost 30” wide. Apart from the deck, its side rails and handlebars are at an optimal distance so that you can move your body easily. Moreover, many exercisers enjoy working out in an environment that feels natural. The wide running surface gives the feel of running on the track.

No Touch Screen:

Despite its elegant and modern technology, it lacks the touch screen feature. Instead, it has push buttons for different workout control settings. A touchscreen can make it easy to change the settings during a workout as it is quick and sensitive. Whereas the buttons need to be pressed and can take longer to respond. Also, it makes the cleaning of the treadmill a bit challenging. Dirt can usually stick around the buttons or even if you accidentally spill water on the console it can cause machinery damage. Touch screens prevent such problems.

Comparatively Expensive:

If compared to other fitness equipment of the same level of innovation and functionality, the Sole F80 Treadmill is comparatively a bit expensive. There are so many companies that are determined to provide the best fitness solutions to their customers. With a wide market of treadmills and changing customer preferences, the companies have come up with affordable yet very impressive designs. Even Sole has many treadmills that do not compromise quality and are in an affordable range. If this model has to be compared with the rest, it does seem a little too expensive. But isn’t it a one-time investment? The lifetime warranty on the deck, motor, and frame pays it all off.

Smaller Side Rails:

People often prefer larger side rails to rest their feet between workouts. The Sole F80 treadmill has smaller side rails that people might not like. Side rails should give you enough space to put your foot comfortably and they should be wide enough to be considered safe. It is better to have wider side rails for safety concerns too. You do not want to fall off the deck while trying to set your feet on the narrow footrests.

Overall Verdict:

Just about every function of the Sole F80 Treadmill makes you want to buy it. For starters, it has a classy design and folds easily. It does not require much floor space and includes safety gear like safety locks and quick stops. The treadmill is equipped with better machinery, mechanical parts, and a nylon deck that raises comfort bars to another level. The best part about the treadmill is that it is quite pro in handling multiple users and managing their fitness data. So, you must go for the Sole F80 Treadmill if you are interested in buying top-quality gym equipment for your home and family as suggested by customers and numerous consumer resources.


How can I buy the Sole F80 Treadmill?

You can buy the F80 treadmill online or at your local stores. It has various payment options when bought online. You can also apply for finance on the product.

Does F80 support fitness apps?

The F80 treadmill supports many fitness apps like FitBit, Sole App, iHealth, Fit Body, etc.

Does the F80 treadmill have an LCD?

The Sole F80 features a wide blue LCD, that occupies a major surface of the upper console.

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