How to build running endurance

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Running stamina, endurance training, aerobic capacity – helping you build endurance to unlock your running potential

Whether you’ve started running already or not, endurance is an incredibly important part of running attributes. Everybody wants to improve their game, and an obvious part of improving a running game is through improving endurance. What is endurance, really? Endurance can be described as long-length running ability. In other words, your muscle resistance, durability, and recovery, combined with your cardiovascular system efficiency, allow you to run long distances. So with potential running goals beyond endurance, such as a half marathon, what can you do to improve your endurance?

There’s a training program for everything, but it’s the right program for you that’s going to see you achieve your goals. Interval training, race pace improving, tempo runs – there’s a lot to choose from, so let’s make the right choice by reading this article first.


No matter your objective, no matter your activity preference, there’s one thing that comes first – consistency. It’s so important to stick to your training plan, building stamina and endurance as you go. If you break this consistency, you won’t progress as you should. Simple. But it’s also good for your mental game. You need that consistency to keep motivated and feel connected to your progression.

Specifically, you want your body’s ability to build as you do, relative to your level. Beginners should start small with only one or two runs a week, which lets you adapt slowly. More experienced runners should increase their volume here, of course, but make sure it is consistent with your growth target.

From strength training exercises to box jumps, you need to make sure your plan, your routine, and your motivation are all consistent. Things like setting your alarm, training with someone else, scheduling in advance… it’s all important.

Things to grow and things to learn

Growing things is obviously important for endurance, but I’m not talking about growing an extra limb. Increasing mileage is a great way to improve. it helps your aerobic energy system to develop, muscle resistance to acclimatise, and other biological mechanisms to get used to increase stamina incentives.

Intense training for the sake of intensity isn’t always a good thing, but HIIT training is. High-intensity interval training is one of the best ways to boost your endurance. This type of training involves switching between stints of max-effort workouts with rests periodically. This could be any high-intensity workout to help increase running volume.


With HIIT training, mileage training and consistency, you will improve endurance, but these are only scratching the surface of what can help. Do the research and improve your endurance when you’re ready.

Is a regular running schedule a good thing?

Schedules are brilliant for progression. From cross-training to a speed workout, it’s about the type of exercise but the regularity at which you engage with the said schedule.

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