How to improve running

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Using running form, running speed, running technique and a whole world of running facets to improve your running lifestyle

Strength training, running stamina, aerobic capacity… when we really think about it, running encompasses a lot. And if we’re to boost our running lifestyles then we should get learning all that we need to first.

Sure, running more and more will see improvements. But it’s not just about A to B, it’s about the time it takes to get there. Some of the things we can use to improve overall running performance? A training plan, strength training exercises, weekly routine shadowing and more. All of the information is right here in front of you, so to unlock your running game, you’ll need to unlock your concentration game too.

No matter your objective, a goal that’s perhaps more specific than simply improving running, you’ll benefit from reading this article. If you want to lose weight for confidence, boost your body’s ability for cross-training, or simply prove whether your running program will work, then take 2 minutes now to scan over this blog and learn today.

Form first

Before thinking about step count and Strava records, you want to get your form straight. Bad form can not only affect your performance it can affect your ability to remain a runner. You’ll certainly struggle to improve your running if you can’t run at all so do the right thing and check your form.

Improving form is great for aspects beyond simply risk free-ness however. Even minor alterations to your posture and helps your body move with less exertion and more comfort. The result? You have more energy available to help fuel a faster running pace.

Consistency is key

Now you’ve got your form down, you’ll want to keep on that running endurance and running stamina incentive by being consistent. With what? Every aspect of running or cross-training you can think of. You can’t progress at the rate you want without being consistent with your plan. Your workout schedule exists for a reason – progress may be slow, but if you don’t stick to it, it’ll be even slower.

Mental game

Without mentioning obvious methods like tempo runs, resting well, running for longer and strength training, you’ll probably know that mind game is important, but you may not know exactly why.

You have to face things like injury risk, sprint interval fatigue, and longer distances every week… so you need to be prepared. If you want to be an efficient runner, straight line or not, then you’ll need to be an efficient motivator too.

Have the confidence to excel and do what’s right.


Whether you want to build endurance, improve running posture or become an experienced runner, you’ll have to put in the work and put in the research. Thankfully, it’s so much easier to read than it is to run, so get knowledge in there now and make the right moves.


What’s race pace?

Race pace is the pace at which you run. Some people set this pace, but you can set it yourself on your own solo runs too. Race pace is a great measurement of the average pace.

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