How to do interval running

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Using interval training techniques as aerobic exercise, interval running workouts and more to help form an interval training program

Interval training is pretty hard. And to put it simply, that’s one of the reasons it’s so useful – the harder the workout, generally, the better the results. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work smart either. Working smart, learning, training properly… there’s a lot to think about when it comes to training development, but with the right info, it should never be a chore.

So what is interval training, beyond what it sounds like?

Healthline describes it as this, ”Interval running is a method of structuring your running workouts to allow increased intensity and greater aerobic improvement with less total time spent per workout.”

Simply, this intense form of training sees you commit to short bursts of high-output exercises.

Sound fun?

While it may seem the opposite, you’ll be smiling when you realise the benefits.

Interval benefits

Interval workouts give you more than just aerobic strength or muscle building. An interval workout can help with improved oxygen capacity, decreased resting heart rate, decreased resting blood pressure, and decreased risk factors for cardio-based diseases.

Whether you jog slowly at a slower pace in-between your high-intensity bursts or rest, your interval running routine is still benefitting you in the ways above.

But your cardio fitness level isn’t the only good thing here…

High-intensity interval training can gift you more time in the day, burn more fat, improve more muscle fibres and build strength too.


So what types do we have?

You could engage in moderate aerobic exercise… or you could make use of the below to really boost your game.

Starting with the biological aspects…

Aerobic – results in increased endurance and improved efficiency over the entire cardio system

Anaerobic – speed improvements, muscle growth, and maximal power developments.


You can make use of any exercises you want when it comes to high-intensity intervals. Running is an obvious one, lower-intensity jogging mixed with sprints is great for both biological areas, but speed play on bikes is amazing too.

Any cardio workout will improve your aerobic and anaerobic areas, so to increase stuff like aerobic capacity make sure to do some proper planning and get to interval training today.


As ever, this is just a telescopic zoom covering a very small part of an entire world of fitness. Intervals are amazing, they truly are, and if you want to challenge yourself and grow then you’ll want to learn more.


Can I use marathon pace?

You can use any pace provided it’s dynamic and periodically mixed with slower and faster bursts.

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