How to enjoy running

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From browsing your local running store to taking a new gym class, there are loads of direct and indirect ways to enjoy running

Running clubs, new running shoes, the best running playlist you’ve ever found – do you think these aspects of running could make somebody’s routine better? Help them to run when their motivation’s low?

If you answered yes to that question, then those aspects will work for you too. Not necessarily each one in isolation but a tip or engagement like those can do wonders for your motivation to run.

Another great tip to enjoy running is to learn more about it. The more you understand the fundamentals of running to the intricacies of biology, the more you can connect to its world. You don’t need a crazy training plan to know where to start, sometimes, all you need is a few minutes to read a blog that runs through some simple running tips to help you make running more enjoyable.

The morning

A sportsman stretching on sports ground

Have you ever woken up and wanted to stay in bed? Most mornings, yes. But if you manage to break that habit, then you can replace it with one that’s infinitely better – running. Running in the morning is so good for your mental health, your day set up and motivating yourself to complete tasks over the week. Seriously, try it. It’s hard… which only makes the reward better; I’ve never met anyone yet with a bad running habit.


A couple running together

No, not just spousesrunning with a friend can give you motivation, support and accountability. And that last one’s important; if I don’t want to run that extra 5 mins then I can bail, but if I’m with a friend, they’ll hold me to it. Pressure isn’t always bad!

Use running apps

A woman using devices for fitness in park

Apps like Strava can give you so much in the way of direction. Sometimes, the reason we fall off the wagon is that we don’t feel right… but our physical health is worth taking small steps to betterment. So using apps that give you routines, walk breaks, group runs suggestions and beginning runners tips can be a great way to feel like you’re on the path to success.

Lateral training

A woman doing a lateral exercise

Sometimes, we’re held back by a few weaknesses. Let’s say you really like the idea of running, but you’re not strong enough. It could be good then to utilise cross-training techniques, making use of an indoor cycle to better leg strength and finally compete against those long-distance runners.


These tips are simple but great. And that’s what you have to remember – it’s easy to get running, it truly is, all you have to do is follow what feels right, not wrong; it’s far easier to do the wrong thing and knows you are doing it than do the right thing and succeed.


What do I do if I absolutely hate running but can’t access a gym?

There are loads of different techniques for working out. Search online to find a workout style fitted to you.

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