How to rebuild arches in flat feet

An runner with one shoe on and one bare foot.

Correcting performance issues and rebuilding an optimised build by rebuilding the arches in your feet

Falling flat on your goals is one thing, but falling flat because of your feet is another. Flat feet or (fallen arches, if you prefer), can cause a host of issues; running needs to be an enjoyable experience and not one that’s filled with premeditated worry. Problems like muscle strain, cramps, fatigue… they’re all serious issues that affect your overall performance, not to mention confidence.

If you want to run or do anything that requires stepping to an effective degree, maximising PBs and progressing in the ways you want to, then read this short blog. From flat feet exercises to short foot exercises, developing strength in your foot muscles and feeling the benefits of proper form, you’ll feel empowered when you get it right.

Let’s go toe to toe with your own hurdles, and fix those flat feet now.

What are they?

This one’s a little obvious, but it will serve you well to know exactly what you’re suffering from. Feet Feet describe flat feet as ”a postural deformity which affect the arches of the feet. Individuals with flat feet either have low arches or no arch or curvature around the inner side of the sole of their foot; when they stand, the sole of their foot often makes complete contact with the ground.”

Sound familiar? If it does, then you’ll want to know about these ‘soleful’ exercises to help fix them.

Tips to

1) First up, the towel scrunch. This exercise helps to strengthen that foot arch and helps to correct flat feet from the comforts of sitting down. Brilliant.

All you need to do is sit down on a chair and lay a towel at your feet. Then you need to grab at the towel using only muscles in your toes until it can’t be pulled anymore… forming an arch (for those wondering why this exists)

2) Secondly, you can try the toe extension. Helping with your foot’s arch support, with a short foot exercise for your withering flat feet, you’ll need to use this easy stretch over and over again.

Softly push on the toes with your fingers until the knuckles are showing. Hold for twenty seconds. Repeat this movement 3-4 times per session to improve strength and flexibility.

This one’s great for ease. Personally, it’s one of my favourite exercises for flat feet in being quick yet effective.

3) The foot roller. Foot pain is horrible, and it can affect your calf muscle, ankle joint, and more. If you lay your feet flat and you don’t feel an arch, then the foot roller may just be a brilliant choice for you.

Simple, remain seated. Place a foot roller (or drink – must be frozen). Push down and begin to roll the roller back and forth, applying pressure to the middle of your foot. This helps with creating an arch.


Whether you try these with your feet shoulder width apart, if you have pre-existing ankle injuries or pain in your lower leg, you should find these exercises to be useful. They’re simple yet effective, so be constant and feel the benefits shortly after.


Should I prioritise a certain foot, my right foot for example?

It depends on which is the worst with regards to being a flat foot, which leg you may have minor pain in, or which ankle hurts the most. Prioritise what you feel should be focusing on by what your feet are telling you.

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