How to stop foot pain when running

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Foot pain, heel pain, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis – there’s a lot to look out for, so let’s do it

Your feet are of obvious importance. While they may not possess the strengths of your glutes or back, they’re fundamental to most athletic movements. Because of the lack of relative strength in your feet and, of course, a lot of use time, toe pain, stress fracture, and foot injuries, in general, aren’t exactly rare.

So what should you do just as common practice to make your foot pain non-existence?

As always, the fitness industry has a plethora of remedies. From the right running shoes to Achilles Tendon massaging, these professional solutions also have the added benefit of being accessible, active and affordable.

So let’s get wiggling those big toes and obtain that feeling of foot-based revitalisation, oh and that feeling of actually being able to run again.

New shoes

One of the most common yet often overlooked issues is your shoe choice. It may be all well and good having spent a small fortune on shoes that promise to help you, but if you don’t pay proper attention, they could be costing you more than money.

From big toe issues to ankle joint pain, the wrong shoes can be making your feet hurt for sure. It’s obvious, wear supportive shoes, ensure a proper foot arch is maintained, and get rid of those unnecessary sore feet.


Orthotics are, well, I’ll let Women’s Running explain –

  • If you are suffering, it’s time to visit your doctor.”

Doctors can help with orthotics, but an insert may be the issue, too. Foot arch issues cause a lot of strain when your feet are stressed, so it’s good to check them out for sure.

Improve single-leg balance

The plantar fascia, a common area relative to pain from running, can always be improved by single-leg exercises. Even simple and light mobility exercises can go a long way for reducing pain. Sometimes, it’s all about the little stuff. From a toe stretch to ankle rolls, make sure your feet are getting the proper exercise they need to be strong and supportive.

”Practicing single leg squats and lunges as a way to reduce stress down at the feet. Focus on strengthening the gluteus medius near the outer part of your hips, your gluteus maximus muscles, and the smaller hip rotator muscles, as well.” – Womens Running, 2021.


Some solid advice from both us and some other writers. Foot pain is the root of a lot of running issues, so make sure to rid yourselves of it with simple exercises. Often, all it takes is to do the right thing by reading a little. Understanding your body is exactly the way forward if you want to maximise performance and help with health.


What could a stiff big toe mean?

It could mean an array of potential issues. From the wrong shoes to diabetes, look it up if you have concerns.

**Check out our post “How to increase pain tolerance” to learn more.

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