How to learn to run

A trainer supporting woman during running workout in a park

Harnessing basic body abilities to lose weight, cross-train, utilise strength training and ultimately become the runner you want to be

Stop thinking about a half marathon, just for now. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow and be stunned by your seemingly bionic stamina. Running takes time. Thankfully, however, time is all you need.

Now think about that half marathon again. You’ve got the best running shoes on the market, you’ve perfected your running technique form like no other, you’ve followed your training program down to a tee and you’re feeling like that warm-up made the tiniest yet pivotal of differences. And when you feel that feeling of success, that warming sense of victory, you may just forget how you got there in the first place.

Let me remind you.

Boot camp

No, this section isn’t about running shoes. This part encourages you to go about achieving a base level of fitness if you haven’t already got that, of course. That is, if you’re able to run for a few minutes straight, do a few press-ups and, hey even walk for a bit, then well done – you don’t need to read this section. Especially considering that there’s no more to say.

Get that base level of fitness down, asap.

Mess hall

Engines need the right fuel so why wouldn’t you? We’re far more complex than an engine when it comes down to it, so remember that when you next put fuel like pork pies or pizza slices into it. Fair enough, it’s not easy to kick filthy food habits, but it certainly gets easier when you start to feel the benefits. One of those benefits? Running. Losing weight strengthens your respiratory system, muscular strain, cardiovascular systems and all-round running efficiency. Oh, and makes you feel fit as a fiddle in front of the mirror – worth it.


The little things are great, sure, but sometimes you’ve got to put your back into it. A dynamic warm-up to warm up, a run-walk method to ease yourself into it, a training plan that still lets you eat badly from time to time. What do they have in common? They’re reasonably forgiving. And while we’re here to welcome you to a world of running, if you want to really succeed and grow in the best ways possible, then you’ll have to put a bit of effort in. Strength training is great for endurance, and, yes, stamina too. You can lift weights (you don’t need to be Arnold here), but body-weighted exercises will 100% increase your running game too.

Now drop and give me twenty.

Behind enemy lines

Some may think that it’s best to stick only to running. Running is what you want to do, therefore, just like getting good at cooking, running is the only thing you need to do. Wrong. The best thing to improve your game is to train across the spectrum. Running habit, weight loss, running training even at your own pace – all of these factors are bettered by cross-training.


Do all of these things, and a little more. Oh, and that includes reading – there are so many running tips for everyone, from new runners to experienced runners, so use them!


Do I need training sessions to form a new running habit?

Yes, of course. Even a brisk walk could count as one, but they are vital.

**See part 2 of “How to learn to run”

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