How to run a faster 5k

How to run a faster 5k

Upping your running game with race day tips and routine advice to run faster

Everybody wants to run better. Obviously. But some want to run faster in a shorter length of time and to really challenge themselves, shorter runs with more rigorous demands can do a lot more for you than the opposite. Running a 5K at a faster speed can be great for calorie burning, improving longer-term pace for longer runs, and just generally improving your cardiovascular balance.

From running shoes to half marathon pace setting, hill running to seed sessions, training advice is always going to come in handy. And if you want to up your game in the right way, then you have to read the right things. So a quick guide on quick tips could be just the right thing for you.

Setting goals

We all need something to aim for. Setting a goal can be great for actually improving your game. Think about it – if you get up and set yourself goals, you’re obviously more likely to reach them. Certainly compared to one alternative: forgetting about them entirely. Current race pace, hill training, speed sessions… it all depends on a progressive journey in the ticking of various stages it takes to get where you want to.

Many runners use miles, Km and general distance metrics as compared to weeks and months. I.e. you might want to run an extra K in 30 less seconds by the time you reach 3 months. In which case, you could break it up and make smaller goals out of that too. Running performance doesn’t equal running perfection, so to get to a 5k in a quicker time might mean progressing slowly.

Engage in cardio more often

Everything takes time, but every time can be shortened if you engage more. If you want to run faster, then run more often to help with things like cardio efficiency, bodily functionality and support muscles. Even things like cross-training can help. The more obvious hill repeats will get you used to higher stress measurements. Interval training is another great way to acclimatise your bodily systems to running faster, making the actual 5k attempt much, much easier.

Running speed

Running faster is an obvious one to go for. Running drills, speed work, and stride length, they all contribute to you running at a faster pace and scoring bigger. Getting your body used to broken down sections, for example, 5x1km with 3 minutes rest between, can be great for getting you used to 5k progressive running.


As ever, it’s down to your preference. Training runs, fast pace progression, longer distance, weekly volume increase… it’s all worth doing. But making sure you have the right gear, like running shoes, and other aspects like diet (super important!) needs to be in place too. Get the right stuff down to allow you to get your time down too.


What are tempo runs?

A sustained running pace faster than an easy pace, but slower than a sprint. Its purpose is to build up your body’s ability to run faster for longer periods of time.

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