How to improve 5k time

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Interval training, running form, weight training – let’s break down the often intimidating breadth of improving your 5k time

Think about taking a NASA computer apart for a second – think you’d be confused? Now times that by 3 and you’ve got the entire human body. Part of that body? Your cardiovascular system, and it truly is a complicated machine.

This is why an instruction manual would come in handy. For you, today, I am that instruction manual. And with a training plan, hill training tips, high-intensity interval training, and more, we’ll be making something seemingly complex infinitely easier.

Running a 5k isn’t always simple. Whether you’re one of many intermediate runners, utilise more power on runs, or have only just started with a personal trainer and know nothing, there’s always value in expanding your knowledge of how to improve your cardio distance output. Many runners already know this, but even the simple stuff can be forgotten.

Let’s set off.

Use HIIT workouts

This stands for high intensity interval training. And this form of running consists of short bursts of intense cardio action. It allows the body to recover quickly after said intensity, increasing the durability of your cardiovascular system. In short, this means you can run faster, longer and build your leg muscle mass faster too. All of which are very handy for 5K training. Check out some routines here.

Endurance training

This form of training is especially good for running over time. Even just using your body weight can be effective here, so build your muscles with longer-distance running or weight training and you’ll find the road ahead clear, and fatigue a thing of the past. Strength training is great for all-over durability, so be sure to remember to use dynamic stretches to exert pressure on your muscles, and build up that endurance ability.

Increase your cardio duration

It may sound simple, but it’s often overlooked. Just trying to work out for longer goes a long way as far as running economy is concerned. Adding, a minute or two onto each run, even thirty seconds, will impact your ability to run over time. In fact, when you think back after trying this, you’ll be blown away by how you managed to significantly boost your endurance ability and cardio length training.

Tempo running

Tempo running is about stride length, in part. In fact, it’s more about running at a tempo that’s slightly faster than easy but slightly slower than hard. The middle ground is where you want to be here. Forget about push-ups, get running!


We have a great few tactics on this list, But to get the most out of your day and your training you’ll want to employ a disciplined approach, not just a smart one. it’s no good even reading this article if you won’t stick to your guns. Read up properly, get in the right mindset and go reach your goals.

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