How to run to lose weight

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Prioritising weight loss by monitoring factors like – how many calories burned, weight loss goals, body fat % and more.

Ignore the headlines, ignore the publications and be careful when it comes to fitness influencers. That’s what your friends or family may tell you. In many ways, they’re right. Burning calories and running for weight loss does come with a tonne of information (some contradictory) and so it can be hard to understand which to go for.

More often than not, trusted publications have done their research. But you shouldn’t be toiling over how many calories you’ve burned if you haven’t first understood where to get those calories from in the first place. Point is, there’s a science to it, but we don’t need to get our lab coats on today – all we’ll do is learn about the best aspects of running to lose weight, and hopefully, you’ll know about where to take yourself afterwards.

From a calorie deficit to long runs, let’s take a look at some ways to help you start your running for weight loss journey.

Running to lose… weight!

Naturally, you can run to lose a lot of weight if you stay consistent and drive. Running and cardio in general are very good fat burners, but you may be surprised at how few calories you burn when you run. That’s why a diet plan is so important – it’s not so you can just say you’ve eaten well or feel a little less tired, it’s so you can complement running and cultivate true value from exercise.

So, if you’re intaking fewer calories and running then you’ll be pleased to know that you only have to run for around 30 minutes a day to lose weight. While this is subjective, 30 minutes of running to reach 3 miles will burn about 300 calories.

Not bad.

Eating out – well, out of the question

Of course, eating is never out of the question (we all want to be alive, yes?) but eating badly is simply a no-go. If you really want to lose weight, if you really want to get the most value out of your running routines and genuinely rid yourself of that burning question, ‘why aren’t I losing weight?’ then you’ll need to eat right.

In fact, the food you should be eating must contain a healthy balance of nutrient-rich properties. You should be digesting lean meats, nuts, quinoa, yogurt, and beans if you want a truly beneficial weight loss diet.

(‘psst’ – it’s okay to eat fat, in fact, it’s quite important, do the research!)


If you want to burn more calories then adopt a great weight loss exercise program that’s put together with great consideration. People lose weight if they try, and of course, try with intelligence in mind. Don’t get too worried about your body composition – burning fat will come if you do things right.


What’s a good post-workout meal?

Meals that contain proteins, carbs and fats are all good forms of food intake.

What other methods are there to burn calories and help in losing weight?

Lifting weights can be of huge benefit so include this into your weekly planning along with your runs.

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