How to take pre-workout

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Using pre-workout supplements for pre-workout benefits and an increase in exercise performance

Pre-workout can be a dangerous game. In the world of online reviews and options, you never know who you can trust. But it’s important to remember that with the right guidance and product reviewing, communities and company reputations, pre-workout, and other supplements can be game changers. Just like protein powder. You’ll find a range of brands, flavours and blends on the market. If you want to take pre-workout supplements, you’ll be pleased to hear that pre-workout brands are plentiful and trusted ones at that.

A pre-workout supplement can give you some of the best energy boost properties going, if you’ve ever had muscle fatigue and been tired in the gym, then you know how much they can affect your performance. From amino acid to pre-workout drink problems, there can be issues, though, so make sure to read this post and rid yourselves of them.

Let’s see how your pre-workouts can make post-gains even stronger.

Pre… workout?

You’ll find two types of pre-workout (a supplement that improves energy levels, enhances performance and reduces fatigue). Available on the market are both products with stimulants and products without. But stimulant can be a bit of a dirty word, so what’s really inside these things?

Pre-workout is most often found in powder form and then mixed with water to mimic the flavour of a sports beverage. Pre-workout can also be consumed in food or pill supplements.

In short, pre-workout formulas can contain anything from caffeine-sensitive chemicals to lesser-known ingredients like branched-chain amino acids. Some are harmless… others less so.

Benefits of pre-workout

As is the case with most aspects of life, there are both good and bad things occurring. On one hand, pre-workouts can promote muscle growth, enhance athletic performance and help to burn body fat. On the other hand, pre-workout supplements can actually lead to further burning out and fatigue (similar to coffee crashes, for example).

However, the good bits are indeed the good bits so let’s take a look at how pre-workout products can benefit you.

”Pre-workout on its own doesn’t affect weight loss or muscle growth, but it gives you a boost of energy that can help increase focus and endurance and improve your physical performance.” – Anytime Fitness, 2020.

A few ingredients

With the plus points out the way, let’s look at the in points. Be it pre-workout powder or pre-workout drinks, ingredients can vary, so it’s healthy to take note.

  • Vitamin B-6
  • Acetyl l-carnitine
  • Beta alanine
  • L-tryosine
  • Nictric Oxide (NO)
  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Amino acids
  • L-theanine

Do the research on these ingredients and keep an eye on new additions to common products – brands adjust formulas all the time in order to try and better their products… but that doesn’t mean it’s always in the direction of health.


Pre-workout can be the difference between considerable performance boosts and crashing out with considerable health issues. You need to take your search for the right pre-workout seriously – don’t just trust a brand because they tell you to.

Taking pre-workout is scientifically proven to enhance your game. I mean, it’s not surprising, considering the ingredients going in, and how those ingredients help you perform.

So, consider buying some today.


Should I factor them into fitness goals?

You can use pre-workout to help aid fitness goals, such as to reduce body fat, but don’t become reliant on them.

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