How to train for a half marathon

How to train for a half marathon

Making the right half marathon training plan for both experienced runners and beginners alike

Running a half marathon is hard work. We all know this. But what we may find hard to feel, as our feet slow and minds falter mid-run, is that it’s entirely possible. All we need is the right training plan. In fact, with the right training plan, making use of strength training, gear, and miles per week, running your first half marathon isn’t just possible, it’s highly likely.

Where to

If you’re wondering where to find all of the info for a fully-fledged training plan, beyond what we’ll discuss here, then there’s so much info online. All it takes is a small search to find detailed and rich half-marathon training plans. From utilising cross-training to tempo runs, you can find training plans in places like this.

How to

When you’ve found plenty of resources to draw from, like runner’s world or training programme apps, you can start thinking about training for a half marathon yourself. From running workouts to cross-train incorporation, you need to weigh up methods, and dietary plans, think about running form and start crafting your training schedules.

What location

The areas that you train in are important too. Areas with dynamic terrain, like woodland floors or cracked pavements, need to be considered. Your running form is important so maybe avoid these areas towards the later part of your training schedule. However, on the flip side, dynamic terrain can help build support muscles, help your efficiency on flatter terrain and give your body a bit of resilience overall. Other areas, like hilly areas, can be great for varying up your training plan. Running through dynamic and hilly areas is obviously more challenging, burning more calories and building strength on the up too. Make the right choices and look to combine areas you please.


Making sure you plan your route to dietary optimisation is just as important here. From eating the right foods to knowing the wrong ones to avoid digging the dirt for dietary info is vital here. If you haven’t got the right fuel, your engine just won’t run as well. And don’t panic, it’s easy to find great recipes or eat healthy food that’s genuinely exciting, find out more here.

Race Day

From the start to the finish line, at this point, you’ve done all you can to draft, hone and complete your half-marathon training goals. To run a half marathon, you’ve focused on running fitness, dietary aspects and gear selection. You need to think about how this race will play out – will you run at a conversational pace, a higher race pace, or what others regard as a half marathon pace? What about tempo run changes, at different stages? Either way, you need to warm up properly, listen to your body, understand the conditions and trust that your plan has helped you in all ways possible.


It’s simple – do your research, plan properly and reach your marathon goals with the right, half-marathon plan.

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