How to start running

How to start running

From the right running shoes to run a half marathon, to the running program made for beginners, there is a lot to think about as a start-out runner, so it’s a good job we’re reading this beginner’s guide.

Running style, running routine… running, running, running. It’s something we heard a lot of in lockdown, with incentives like couch to 5K or even your partner telling you to watch your waistline. Some of us may have triumphed over our initial apprehensions, whereas some may have likely faltered in the face of such a seemingly high demand. No matter your position in the marathon race against motivation, no matter your level of running knowledge, you will learn something here today.

Go the entire distance

Running doesn’t have to be a full-on marathon training plan every time you run, but if you set a goal, then try your hardest to reach it. In this sense, you need to pick the right race for you. The more you end up running, the quicker you’ll progress, and the trickier the races you choose to run (perhaps in km or laps of a field), the easier you’ll find your current goals. There’s no reason you can’t run up the ladder of running efficacy at the best time possible. Just do what you set out to do, and you’ll grow in ways you thought impossible.

Gear up

Forget cross-training for a second, and definitely forget a running coach for now, with proper running form, you’ll be one step closer to being ready. But while you need to make sure your form is good and healthy, wherever your foot strikes, it’s the pair of running shoes you buy, the gear you use to stay motivated for your weekly running schedule, and the gear that other runners use that’s important too. Simply, you want the right running gear, and the right clothes with the balance of comfort and practicality, and you’ll be safe and ready to run.

Eat right

If you think that your gear or your running goals aren’t helping as much as they should, then maybe you’re not eating right. You need to be prepared with the right diet, both on a pre-workout level and across the board. We all want to lose weight, and that’s hard.

But most runners know that losing weight, reaching weekly mileage, and improving running workouts takes eating right. Simple. Check out a diet you should be having here.

Plan properly

You may have your desired lap count or km target, but a proper plan is more than just a goal. Many runners incorporate diet, a lunch break, walk breaks, dynamic stretches, and even a specific sports drink to make up their plan. They’re all important so do it right.


Whether a running event or new running plan, you always want to be prepared. But not just because you can say you did, not just because of that runners high everyone talked about because you know you’re genuinely bettering your life. From experienced runners in the road runners club, to beginners wanting to go longer distances, the right info is out there for you. Put on your shoes and start stepping out today.


What does run walk mean?

Run walk is where you periodically choose to run, then walk, to improve your cardiovascular state, and then proceed to run again.

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