Treadmill With Wide Belt

Treadmill With Wide Belt

Running on a treadmill isn’t always comfortable – let’s find the best belt for space and stability

We aren’t always comfy when we’re working out. Whether it’s weight training or a treadmill workout routine, sometimes we get a little put off by something.

Treadmills aren’t always the most spacious machines in the world – how many times have we thought about falling off before. And so, finding the best treadmill with the most spacious, comfortable and wide treadmill belt is exactly what we’re going to do to alleviate that.

We won’t just be focussing on width, however. We’ll be digesting all of the usual stuff to do with the running surface, running deck, and treadmill belt as usual. Factors like included shock absorption systems, cushioned running deck quality (flex cushioning/iso flex cushioning) and then of course the width and space of the belt itself.

Without further waiting, let’s run through some of the best treadmill makes for belt width and spacious running.

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Brand JLL JTX Horizon Nordictrack Life Fitness
Model T550 Digital Club-Max Commercial Paragon X Commercial 2950 Club Series+
Photo F3
Max. Speed 18 kph 25 kph 20 kph 22 kph 19 kph
Max. Weight 150 kg 180 kg 180 kg 136 kg 181 kg
Running Area 156 cm x 51 cm 154 cm x 58 cm 56 cm x 153 cm 56 cm x 152 cm 22″ x 60″
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Best JLL Treadmill For Width (51 cm):

JLL T550 Digital Folding Treadmill

Key features

  • Motor: DC Continuous Power 2.5 HP (1800W), Peak Power 4.5 HP (3350W)
  • Speed Range: 0.3 – 18 km/h = 0.18 – 11.2 mph
  • Running Area: 156 cm (length) x 51 cm (width)
  • Running Programs: 30
  • 20 Level Incline
  • Maximum User Weight: 150 kg / 23.6 St / 330 lb.
  • Entertainment: High Powered Speakers & Bluetooth® Connectivity.
  • Pulse Function: Pulse Plates and Heart Rate Band Included
  • App Connectivity: Kinomap, Zwift and Fitshow
  • Warranty: 2 years on parts/labour warranty and 5 years on the motor. Lifetime guarantee on the frame
  • Quick buttons 4 & 8 km/h
  • Huge running area 156cm (L) x 51cm (W)
  • 30 running programs
  • Built-in shock absorption system
  • Really easy set as most of the base comes assembled. Only the arms to add.
  • The size could be an issue as still large when folded, but as far as folding treadmills go, easily moved using the built-in wheels
  • very heavy so ensure your flooring/position area is suitable


”Huge running area 156cm (L) x 51cm (W)” – funnilly enough, we’re starting here. The JLL T550 has an amazing amount of room for you to run on, limiting both the thought and potential of falling off or over.

To have a good workout without worry, then a large surface area like this is perfect for focus. When utilising this machine’s incredible incline training then space is welcomed too. Incline training can be exhausting and so, in order to optimise your workout routines, you’ll need plenty of space to stay safe.

As well as the large running area, the JLL T550 has a host of other features. Its entertainment features are quality, versatile and varied. With 30 running programs built-in you’ll be able to vary up your fitness journey too.

With a peak power of 4.5 hp (an undoubtedly powerful output), it’s also reassuring to know that the running surface accommodates those top speed and incline allowing for missteps, a tired form and so on.

A huge running area, a great treadmill and a good price, what more do you want?

Best JTX Treadmill For Width (58 cm):

JTX Club-Max Commercial Treadmill

Key Features

  • Running area: 154cm x 58cm
  • Cushionstep deck
  • Maximum speed: 25 Kph
  • Incline: 0-15% or 15 levels
  • Suspension: 8 points commercial shock system
  • Computer console: 10-inch LCD display
  • Clutter-free display
  • Workout programs: 24 different workout modes + 3 custom
  • Heart Rate Training: Yes
  • Power: 6 Horsepower AC motor
  • Safety Features: key for emergency stop
  • Speakers: Yes
  • Large running deck
  • Cushioned running belt
  • 15 level incline level
  • 8 point suspension system
  • Ideal for high-intensity trainers
  • Compromise on floor space
  • High price point for home gym owners


Overall the treadmill turned out to be a great purchase; it has everything that I expected. Its features help make my workout sessions unforgettable, safe and spacious. In fact, at times it felt like I was outdoor running due to the feel of the treadmill, the width of the belt and the program I followed myself.

JTX club max is a commercial treadmill, and it suffices the need for consistent heavy-duty performance. With heavy-duty comes an expectation of solid builds, sturdy components, a great top speed and incline and, naturally, more room to run.

Also, the wide range of workout modes are closely designed to fit the needs of multiple trainers, and the flexibility to change their intensity makes it applicable for a wider audience. The monitors provide crucial details about your body’s reception to the workout; it helps trainers achieve the desired heart rate zone and make the most of their workout.

With a great max speed, uphill running potential through incline range functionality and all the features added, this machine is one of the top machines on this list. Check it out a little more and weigh it up.

Best Horizon Treadmill For Width (56 cm):

Horizon Paragon X Folding Treadmill

Key Features

  • Partial self-assembly required
  • It does not come with built-in speakers.
  • Console position is fixed.
  • Dimensions are height is 147 cm, width is 97cm and in diameter, it is 206 cm.
  • There are no downloadable contents on this treadmill.
  • You can monitor your heart rate via chest strap but it is not included in the treadmill.
  • You can also monitor your heart rate via hand sensors through handgrip pulse measurement.
  • Incline is 0 to 15 per cent.
  • This treadmill is made out of steel.
  • Partial self-assembly required
  • It does not come with built-in speakers.
  • Console position is fixed.
  • Dimensions are height is 147 cm, width is 97cm and in diameter, it is 206 cm.
  • There are no downloadable contents on this treadmill.
  • You can monitor your heart rate via chest strap but it is not included in the treadmill.
  • You can also monitor your heart rate via hand sensors through handgrip pulse measurement.
  • Incline is 0 to 15 percent.
  • This treadmill is made out of steel
  • Might be hard to move it around if you are alone.
  • Does not come with a built-in speaker.


If you’re a tall runner then you’ll face certain challenges that others won’t. Running outdoors usually presents little problems here, but with indoor workouts… well you have to take things in their stride. Specifically, you need a spacious running deck that, if absent would result in difficult hill training, challenging workouts for the wrong reasons, and make your purchasing decision redundant.

Whether you’re tall or not, the Horizon Paragon X will accommodate your running needs. This treadmill is also worth investing in if you’re looking for trail running. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro at trail running this treadmill could well be the best choice for you!

The responsive air cushioning lets you enjoy your workout and makes sure that you don’t get injured while working out, a crucial feature of a home treadmill for users who need the same features as top-end comfort-driven commercial treadmills.

The air cushioning beneath the deck inflates along with pre-programmed changes in speed and incline based on demanding exercise classes and also 10 real trail running experiences.

Best NordicTrack Treadmill For Width (55 cm):

Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

Key Features

  • Partial assembly required
  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable console position
  • Height 165 x width 100 x depth 200 cm
  • Dimensions when folded height 189 x width 100 x depth 100 cm
  • Foldable? Yes
  • Heart rate monitor via hand grips
  • Heart rate monitor via hand sensors
  • Incline 15 per cent
  • Bright 22-inch screen
  • Integrated heart rate monitor
  • iFit trainers
  • Excellent classes and instructors
  • Wide variety of strength and outdoor workouts.
  • One of the more expensive treadmills
  • May be difficult for some to assemble


This Nordictrack stands out for sure, again for those who may be a tad taller than the average runner. We all need space and reliability when it comes to training. Our new treadmill needs to be able to let us conduct interval training while also acting as a sort of incline trainer at the same time. If we’re going up or down and at pace, as tall runners, we need to know our running deck isn’t going to snap, or that belt isn’t going to wear, let alone be big enough in the first place.

The iFit addition to this treadmill will incline and decline according to the trainer you have chosen ensuring you get a thorough workout in from the comfort of your own home!

And, unlike most treadmills on the market, you can choose either comfort or road settings.

As you’ve seen, the Nordictrack Commercial 2950 treadmill is loaded with great specs for performance and entertainment.

Best Life Fitness Treadmill For Width (56 cm):

Life Fitness Club Series+ Treadmill

Key Features

  • Brand: Life Fitness
  • Model: Life Fitness Club Series Plus
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum Speed: 12 mph
  • Minimum Speed: 0.5 mph
  • Incline: 0-15%
  • Incline Increment: 0.5%
  • Dimensions: 82in x 36in x 56in (lxwxh)
  • Running Surface: 22in x 60in
  • Equipment Weight: 197kg
  • Connected Running Experience
  • Home and Light Commercial Use
  • LCD and Workout Data
  • Targets Different Muscle Groups
  • Great Stride length
  • Difficult to Configure


Unlike some Sole fitness machines, this Life Fitness Club Series is designed with exerciser insight. Workout programs, workout data, generally speaking a tech connected treadmill – this machine is one of the best treadmills on the market. But tech aside, its components, and more specifically belt, are brilliant.

Life Fitness machines are well built 100% of the time. And for tall runners, or those worried about space in general, then the running belt is more than good enough to meet your needs.

With a unique physical look to modern advanced features, this is a complete package for home and light commercial use. If you are looking for a quality fitness solution for regular use, Life Fitness Club Series Plus is the treadmill for you.


You don’t need a Sole fitness app to make your routine perfect, but you need the right starting point to make sure you don’t ‘fall off’ the wagon. Whether it’s a desk treadmill or a heavy-duty commercial machine, the width of a running belt is incredibly important – never overlook it. And while most treadmills are decent enough in this regard, if you have specific needs, then search for specific components on all gym treadmills you find, and don’t just be tempted the first budget treadmill you see.

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Does compact treadmill mean compact belt?

Usually they are correlated – you’re rarely going to see a wide belt on a compact design so bear that in mind.

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