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Introduction to the JLL RE200 Recumbent Exercise Bike for home

Searching for the perfect exercise bike can be tricky due to how many options are available. There are also tons of features to consider which can make the buying process even more challenging.

Well, I hope to make your job easier by providing you with all of the main details surrounding the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home.

I like how this recumbent bike from JLL Fitness comes with a smooth magnetic resistance system. This enabled me to cycle smoothly and quietly which is a great benefit when exercising from home which you don’t always get with an upright bike. In addition to this, the comfort features that are included with the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home meant that I was able to exercise for long periods without discomfort. The built-in monitor also provides you with plenty of information about your workouts which is incredibly useful for helping you to set fitness goals.

So, let’s take a look at more of what the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home has to offer.

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  • Resistance – Magnetic resistance system for smooth and quiet restriction
  • Flywheel – 5 KG flywheel 
  • Belt – Direct belt-driven system
  • Monitor – LCD monitor that shows the time, distance, speed, calories burned, wattage, and heart rate 
  • Crank – Strong 3-piece crank system
  • Adjustable Seat – Horizontal and height seat adjustments are available
  • Handlebars – two sets of handlebars included for varied positioning 
  • Pedals – Adjustable toe straps 
  • Transport – Built-in wheels 
  • Max weight limit – 100 KG
  • Dimensions – 130 cm x 59.5 cm x 109 cm 
  • Item weight – 34 KG


Bi-Directional Flywheel

The flywheel that’s included with the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home weighs 5 KG. This means that it isn’t a super heavy flywheel which may disappoint people who are looking for a more intense workout.

However, I found that this flywheel provided me with enough stability for slower-paced steady-state cardio workouts. In addition to this, I was impressed with how the flywheel functions with a bi-directional movement.

As a result, you can pedal both backward and forwards. This is a great feature that can add some variety to your workouts as you can change it up and cycle backward instead of forwards.

Users have also been pleased to find that the flywheel operates smoothly and quietly. These are fantastic features when it comes to working out from home as it means that you can keep the noise down and experience a smooth workout. 

Direct Belt Driven System

The rubber belt that has been fitted into the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home is incredibly durable. This is excellent for ensuring that the bike can withstand plenty of workouts. I also liked how the belt-driven system works smoothly and quietly.

Users have been liking how the belt-driven system works well with the magnetic resistance system as it means that you can workout smoothly and quietly from home. Another one of the great benefits that the belt offers is that it requires less maintenance compared to chain-driven bikes.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about maintaining the belt system with this recumbent bike. Instead, you can focus more on your workouts. 

Magnetic Resistance 

8 magnetic resistance levels are available with the JLL RE200 recumbent bike. This is superb for providing you with plenty of resistance options so that you can choose the one that’s best for your workout needs. 

The magnetic resistance system that has been fitted to the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for home also works smoothly and quietly. I was pleased to find that the resistance, belt, and flywheel all work so well together. It ensures that you’re able to workout quietly from home and have a smooth cycling experience. 


The display that has been integrated into the JLL RE200 recumbent bike provides you with plenty of workout stats. This includes your speed, time, calories, distance, and pulse rate. As a result, you can be sure to accurately track your workout stats in real-time. 

This is a superb feature that you can use to monitor your current fitness levels and set goals to aim for each time you workout. For example, people who are looking to improve their fitness would make use of the pulse rate, distance, and time. Whereas people who are interested in losing weight may focus more on the calories burned statistics. 

The monitor is also large which ensures that it’s easy to read whilst you’re working out. Users have also mentioned that operating the display using the buttons is simple. 


Pulse rate sensors have been built into the handlebars that are available with the JLL RE200 recumbent bike. These sensors are responsive and incredibly easy to use. You can simply hold onto the sensors whilst cycling and be given a heart rate reading on the monitor.

Being able to see your heart rate in real-time is excellent for allowing you to aim for an elevated heart rate that you want to maintain during your workouts. I was also impressed with how there are two sets of handlebars.

One set is located at the front and the other set is located next to the seats. This is fantastic for allowing you to hold the handlebars in different ways to create various riding positions. It can add some variety to your workouts. 

Not to mention, foam materials have been used for the padding around the handlebars. This A-grade foam material is super soft which ensures that you can comfortably hold onto the handlebars whilst exercising. Moreover, the foam materials are durable, so you can expect them to last you for a while. They’re even resistant to sweat to allow you to always have a solid grip whilst working out. 


JLL has included padded materials to the seat with the RE200 recumbent bike which means that you can remain comfortable whilst working out. I found that the padding materials used on the seat kept me comfortable during my long steady-state cardio workouts.

In addition to this, they’ve included a backrest for support. This is ideal for people who experience back pain and require additional support to prevent pain whilst still being able to workout. 

The seat can also be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This is great for ensuring that you can create the most natural riding position and cycle comfortably. 


I was glad to find that the JLL RE200 recumbent bike features built-in wheels. This made it super easy for me to move the bike around my home. When I wasn’t using it, I could keep it stored in a room where it was out of the way and not taking up space. It was then easy for me to pull the bike out and only have it take up space whilst I was working out. 

Tablet Holder

The tablet holder that has been integrated into the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike came in handy, especially during my longer workouts. Being able to stay entertained whilst working out for long periods is a big factor for me to consider.

I liked how I could securely place my tablet holder on the bike in front of me and watch my favourite movies and TV shows. 



JLL Fitness LTD offers a 12-month warranty and 30-day-money-back guarantee on their fitness equipment from the delivery date. This is ideal for those who aren’t completely sure whether the RE200 recumbent exercise bike is the right choice for your needs. You can try the bike out for a period and see if you like it enough to keep it. If not, you can return it and receive a full refund. 

You should be aware that the JLL Fitness warranty for the RE200 recumbent exercise bike doesn’t include the wear and tear of parts that are expected to happen over time. So, it’s important to maintain the bike to ensure that it remains that it lasts longer. Correctly assembling the bike is also important because if it hasn’t been put together correctly, you may not be covered by the warranty. 

Some of the other factors of the JLL Fitness LTD warranty include the following:

  • 2 years parts and labor warranty
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 5 years motor warranty

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Smooth magnetic resistance system
  • Strong rubber belt
  • Bi-directional flywheel
  • Readout monitor displays speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse rate
  • Heart rate sensors built into the handlebars
  • Two sets of handlebars
  • Soft foam materials
  • Horizontal & vertical seat adjustments
  • Built-in wheels for easy transport
  • Supportive backrest
  • Adjustable toe straps
  • The tablet holder design blocks the monitor readouts
  • Not ideal for more intense workouts

Overall Verdict:

Overall, I was impressed with how the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike has tons of features that are ideal for people looking to workout from home. However, serious athletes or people who are looking for more intense workouts would be better suited to finding exercise bikes that are designed with an elite performance model to withstand those kinds of workouts.

With that said, I liked how this bike has been designed for comfort. The handlebars, seat, and backrest have all been made with padded foam materials. This is fantastic for ensuring that you can be properly supported and comfortable whilst working out. I found this to be beneficial for my longer steady-state cardio workouts.

I feel confident in recommending the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike for people who are looking to improve their fitness and workout from home with a more gentle approach.

What I Liked About This Exercise Bike

I liked how the bi-directional flywheel, rubber belt, and magnetic resistance system all work incredibly well with each other. This resulted in me being able to cycle quietly and smoothly, which are superb benefits when it comes to exercising from home. Furthermore, the built-in wheels made it incredibly easy for me to move the bike around my home to save space.

The readout monitor includes lots of information about my workouts which I was able to use to set goals to aim for. Being able to see my workout stats in real-time was great for ensuring that I knew where I currently was and how much further I needed to go to hit my targets.

Having two sets of handlebars available was also a great feature that enabled me to change up my riding position. It added some variety to my workouts which other users have also been appreciating.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Whilst I liked being able to place my tablet in front of me whilst working out to stay entertained, the positioning of the tablet holder could have been better. I found that the tablet blocks the readout monitor which made it a bit of a hassle trying to keep track of my workout whilst using my tablet.


Can you stand up and pedal with the JLL RE200 recumbent exercise bike?

This bike has been designed for you to sit down and pedal, therefore it may not be a good idea to attempt to stand and pedal.

Does the JLL RE200 recumbent bike have a folding design?

No, the RE200 exercise bike doesn’t fold up. Instead, there are built-in wheels on the bottom that can be used to move the bike around.

Additional Points

Working out from home with exercise bikes can save you time and money from going to the gym. Some people are concerned with how fitness equipment can take up too much space from home, but something like the RE200 exercise bike can be easily moved out of the way. 

Cycling from home with recumbent bikes can also still provide you with the same benefits that come with cycling a regular bike. Studies have found that cycling is an effective way to lose fat by burning lots of calories. 

In addition to this, people who have bad knees may prefer cycling with exercise bikes as their main form of cardio. This is because cycling is a low-impact form of exercise. Running can cause more stress on the knee joints and lead to issues over time. Therefore, people who have knee pain may benefit from using recumbent bikes for cycling.

Cycling can also be a fantastic tool to fight mental health issues. This is because cycling can release a chemical in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for your mood and helps you to feel good. As a result, people who suffer from anxiety and depression can alleviate their symptoms with an increase in dopamine through cycling. 

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