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Introduction to the JTX Cyclo Studio Commercial Indoor Training Bike

JTX fitness offers a range of quality equipment that suits every budget and fitness level. They specialize in producing equipment with compact designs, superior build quality, and reliable specifications, and as such, are good investments to promote and live a better and more healthy lifestyle.

With fully commercial specifications their home gym equipment is perfect for intensive workouts. In this article, we have an exceptionally durable indoor training bike that will enhance your cycling experience like no other. The JTX Cyclo Studio indoor training bike is a piece of perfect home gym equipment that lets you challenge your limitations. The combination of its appealing features will help you in achieving your fitness goals faster.

It’s made of sleek black moulding and stainless steel which prevents it from the impact of perspiration and will help you in toning your muscle effectively and help build the strength you need. With multi-position ergonomic handlebars, you can easily adjust yourself to get the perfect posture. Amazing, isn’t it? Well keep on reading as we break down this technology for you in this comprehensive JTX Cyclo Studio Review.

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  • Item dimension L x W x H: 132 x 51 x 128
  • Item weight: 70 Kilograms
  • Resistance Mechanism: Friction
  • Power Source: Self Powered
  • Maximum User Weight: 135kg
  • High-intensity cardio workout
  • Multi-position handlebars
  • Extra large steel frame
  • A dual pedal system with spd cleats
  • Quadri set adjustment system
  • Built-in heart rate receiver
  • Sealed bearing system
  • 25kg perimeter-weighted flywheel
  • Advanced training computer
  • Gym quality exercise bike
  • Transport wheels
  • Dual bottle holder
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Emergency stop feature
  • Heavy duty commercial crank
  • Solid tablet holder
  • Heart rate monitor


Superior Build Quality

This aspect is something that determines the lifespan of any fitness equipment, and JTX has paid special attention to it.  It comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that gives this indoor bike superior build quality and ensures stability.

The frame is extremely durable and allows cycling at high-intensity intervals. The dexterity of the JTX Cyclo studio bike is unmatchable as it gives the power of moving quickly and smoothly. This lets the users have a seamless cycling experience with more control over their movements

The JTX Cyclo studio bike also has a 25kg perimeter weighted flywheel that provides an extremely smooth and quiet ride. It also gives infinite resistance allowing you to do challenging workouts without losing the pace. You can also switch between low levels of resistance to intervals, hills, and sprints. This means that this indoor cycling bike can be a good source of high cardio training.

It comes with a dual pedal system with SPD cleats, flat pedals, and toe clips for complete training flexibility.  An added safety feature that will give maximum protection with a firm grip. The extra large 2”x5” frame is rock solid and perfect for extreme workouts with ease.

Quadri-Set Adjustment System

The JTX Cyclo studio features ergonomic multi-position handlebars, pedals, and a seat that allows a firm grip for hands and feet. This feature is exciting as it allows the bike to move smoothly. It comes with the Quadri set adjustment system that gives perfect posture and a completely balanced ride. 

This feature is helpful for users with different physics demands to get the most comfortable position. Both handlebar and seat adjust vertically and horizontally allowing the bike to move easily. It helps in creating the perfect alignment and posture via bespoke configuration, helping the user to improve their overall fitness effectively.

Moreover, this indoor bike is ideal for keeping the user engaged throughout the workout. It is also beneficial in reducing exercise fatigue as its intuitive system allows you to accurately refine your stance. With this, you can find the most suitable position easily without stressing over it while enjoying a comfortable workout. 

The cushioned seat is portably secured using the quick-release bolts that make movement effortless. With JTX fitness you’re assured to have the most comfortable ride without losing momentum. An emergency button is also there to prevent you from severe injuries and dual water bottle holders to ensure hydration.

Max Traction Flywheel

The flywheel is an important aspect when it comes to building momentum and moving the pedals seamlessly. However, a heavy flywheel is preferable when it comes to spin bikes or exercise bikes. JTX fitness comes with an exceptional Max traction flywheel that ensures a smooth and balanced ride on an indoor training bike. The 25 kg perimeter weighted max traction flywheel ensures maximum balance and stability.

It helps the users to create and refine a smooth 360-degree pedal stroke. This aspect is closer to the stimulation of road training for intensive workouts. The heavy weight of the flywheel is good for consistent momentum and smooth cycling.

As the bike has friction resistance, it is perfect for hill sprints as it continuously builds strength in your legs. This will also help in improving muscle endurance and prime the connective tissues effectively.

Moreover, where friction resistance is considered as noisy as compared to magnetic resistance, this is not the situation in this case. The mechanism of JTX fitness indoor bikes is versatile enough so that it guarantees smooth and quiet cycling. Thanks to its heavy flywheel and heavy-duty frame, they combine to make this machine exceptionally powerful.

It also has an infinity resistance system that provides the ultimate training flexibility. This feature is helpful in switching between low levels of resistance to intervals or sprints easily. With this responsive resistance, the user is more likely to build better muscle strength faster.

Advanced Cycling Computer

The JTX Cyclo studio bike comes with an Advanced cycling computer that monitors your progress like no other. The computer tracks cadence, distance, time, calories burned, heart rate, etc. It also allows monitoring the total workout distance from the last computer reset. 

The intuitive system is advanced, unlike previous models and gives maximum efficiency. However, it also has a wireless heart rate monitor for a more accurate reading, keeping it optimal. The onboard monitor with built-in heart rate receiver ensures monitoring, analyzing, and responds to your key cycling data while riding.

Moreover, JTX fitness gives the best heart rate training as it is compatible with the Polar H10 Chest strap. The built-in handlebars and seat give the best comfort by being ergonomically multi-position, and with two large water bottle holders, you’re ensured to have a thirst-quenching drink that is always within easy reach. 


3-year in-home repair warranty

Lifetime frame warranty

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Extremely smooth ride
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Complete stability during intense workouts
  • Integrated hand pulse sensors
  • Ideal for intensive studio bike training
  • JTX dual pedal system
  • Compatible with a number of training apps
  • Fully commercial specification
  • Ultimate control with standard flat pedal
  • Wireless polar receiver
  • Simple activation emergency button for added safety
  • Heavy duty commercial crank
  • Infinite resistance level
  • Extra large flywheel
  • Adjustable seat, handlebars, and pedals ( Vertically and horizontally)
  • Maximum user weight capacity
  • Features a solid tablet holder
  • Works as a qualified personal trainer
  • Highly customizable riding position
  • No backlit on the display, which makes it a little hard to read

Overall Verdict:

If you’re in need of good quality indoor cycling bikes that will enhance your cycling experience then opt for JTX Fitness! The JTX Cyclo studio bike is a great commercial bike designed especially for home use. Its superior build quality and credible specifications are unmatchable. 

It includes a JTX spd clip-in pedals that enable maximum efficiency – a brilliant feature to have as it falls into place via cleats with the SPD pedals (this helps the user to get more effective cycling and pedaling rotation.) Where normal caged foot pedalling is more unstable and dangerous, SPD clip-in pedals give maximum foot support. This will allow the hamstring to be more activated while providing extra power to the motion of pedalling.

JTX fitness is the name of user convenience with maximum comfort, and it successfully delivers it. The humanization design of the bike is compact, sturdy, stable, and ergonomic. An ideal pick for cardio training, HIIT, sprints, and many other workouts that work on muscle endurance. Its ergonomically adjustable handlebars, pedals, and seat are a plus for users with different physicalities to get the right position. It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally so that the user can have a comfortable workout in a suitable position.

Its built-in system allows you to refine your posture to have the most comfortable experience. In short, it’s more like a spin bike that simulates real road riding and gives a better exercise workout. The infinity resistance system controls both the intuitive and infinite allowing you to adjust your ride accordingly to your progress. A simple activation emergency stop is also there to prevent accidents even when clipped in.

The combination of the friction resistance mechanism with the leather pad increases the durability of the bike. The heavy flywheel ensures a smooth and quiet ride bringing the feel of real road riding. A good quality indoor training bike that is an ideal pick for cycling enthusiasts. Utilize the dual pedals with your favourite cycling shoes or sneakers and enjoy comfortable cycling.

Lastly, the heavy-duty commercial crank and the sealed bearing system are perfect for intensive workouts. Its extra large frame provides complete stability ensuring safe cycling without losing momentum.  JTX fitness features wireless heart rate measurement that gives more accurate readings and makes workouts more fun with apps.

In short, the JTX Cyclo studio gives great value for your money and meets high expectations like no other.

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What I Liked About This Exercise Bike

  • More Fun With Apps

For a completely personalized experience, the JTX Cyclo studio indoor bike is at your service like a personal trainer! When it comes to connectivity, the Cyclo studio is a game changer. With the Peloton digital app, you’ll be transported to LA studios without losing the comfort of your home. This exciting feature is not only innovative but will enhance your cycling experience.

With other apps, such as Bitgym or Aaptiv, you can travel to exotic locations of your choice. This is an exciting feature that provides the experience of relaxing scenery from your own home. You can also set goals for yourself and others to help you stay motivated. A fantastic initiative for those who get bored of the same workout routine.

  • Heart Rate Training 

What I love about JTX fitness is that it understands the crucial element of the heart rate zone. It comes with it’s own training monitor that allows you to keep your training in the ideal heart rate zone. Heart rate training effectively improves the ability to exercise efficiently and reach your goals faster.

Many indoor bikes make you sweat a lot which results in faulty heart rate measures. Cyclo studio bike measures your heart rate with built-in sensors on handlebars or with the help of a Bluetooth Polar receiver. 

They are well positioned on the handlebars, sending the data directly to the display. It gives you more accurate readings and helps in keeping your heart rate optimal. This directly transfers the data to the display so that you stay alert to the ongoing details and is very helpful as you don’t need an automated functionality that helps you train at a specific heart rate. 

You can also pair it with a Polar H10 chest strap to see detailed statistics and easily track progress at any given time. I love this feature as I can easily work out at my target heart rate zone, keeping my heart healthy.

  • Quadri Set Adjustments

The Quadri set adjustment system makes cycling more comfortable as the pedaling rotation becomes easier. Its handlebars, pedals, and seat are adjustable for both horizontal and vertical directions to help ride in the right position. It’s very draining when you have to struggle for the right position on the fitness equipment, but thanks to JTX fitness, this is not an issue. 

The handlebars are oversized, allowing for a variety of grip positions, assisting the user in finding the most comfortable position and riding with ease. The saddle’s material provides a high level of comfort and ensures a non-slip ride. For added comfort, you can get a gel saddle cover but trust me you won’t need that! This feature makes it easier in getting a perfect posture and alignment for the perfect setup.

  • JTX Dual Pedal System

Because biking is an excellent cardio workout, it is critical to look for a feature that ensures your safety. Thanks to the SPD clip-in pedal system, which is well-made and provides maximum protection. They are placed on one side for use with cycling shoes and on the other for use with toe clips. The clipping allows you to smoothly complete a powerful 360-degree pedal stroke.

This feature aids in effective training by simulating real-world road riding with great power and efficiency. The SPD pedals are durable enough to allow you to push yourself to your limits during the session. JTX fitness exercise bikes’ touch points are all extremely comfortable, providing exceptional ride comfort. If necessary, the JTX Dual Pedal System is available as an optional upgrade. You can have complete training flexibility even during extreme workouts.

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Things That Could Have Been Better

Although the functionality of this bike is innovative, some of the users find it difficult with no backlit monitor. Some users are also concerned about the flywheel being too heavy, which might make it bulky; however, the benefits of the heavy flywheel far outweigh this, in my opinion.


Are JTX exercise bikes any good?

When it comes to buying fitness equipment, JTX fitness is a trusted brand that meets your high expectations. It comes with outstanding performance, is extremely sturdy, and build quality at an affordable price. The JTX Cyclo 6 indoor bike is rock solid and the top-performing piece of home gym equipment. Its credible specifications are worth investing in that help in achieving your fitness goals faster. With its good warranty, you can have full peace of mind when buying a JTX exercise bike.

Is the Jtx Cyclo 3 quiet?

The Cyclo 3 is a good-quality commercial indoor training bike with trustworthy specifications. When it comes to quiet cycling, the JTX Cyclo 3 is a bit noisy, which can be irritating. However, if you want a bike that is exceptionally quiet, then you can opt for Cyclo 6 or Cyclo studio indoor cycling bike.

Which exercise bikes work with Zwift?

Most of the bikes are compatible with Zwift, but the best options for you are,

  • Body Bike
  • Concept 2
  • Horizon
  • Keiser
  • Life Fitness
  • Matrix
  • RealRyder

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