Best Exercise Bike for Heavy Person UK

Best exercise bike for heavy person UK

Making sure everyone’s accommodated through reliable exercise bikes with a great weight capacity and sturdy build

Some of the best spin bikes on the market just don’t have a great maximum weight limit. It’s as simple as that. But everybody needs to be able to use workout equipment. You don’t need to be taking advantage of more advanced workout metrics or high-intensity interval training, you just need a bike that’s right for you, and that’s right for your build.

The reason you’re even here in the first place is because you know what you want. And because your needs are so common yet so specific, this list is going to be an easy read, no doubt. But we don’t want to just stop at ‘comfortable workout’ or ‘heavy duty exercise bike’ – everybody has a personal preference, and we’re going to find out what yours is today.

Thankfully, all of these bikes fit perfectly in your home. You don’t need a sunny health fitness membership, you don’t need to put a strain on your knees with outdoor running, all you need is the right exercise bike. Why is it important to get one that’s great beyond its maximum user weight capacity? Because some will value aesthetics, others may need a relaxed recumbent exercise bike experience, and certain trainers will want lots of tech to keep them motivated.

Either way, as always, I can provide you with what you’re looking for. Let me guide you through the right path into indoor cycling so you can come out with a budget exercise bike, upright bikes, or the best recumbent exercise bike for you and ultimately, feel a smile knowing you’re one step closer to losing weight and hitting your fitness goals.

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In A Rush?

  Best Spirit: Best Nohrd: Best Life Fitnes: Best Nordic Track: Best Sole:
Brand Spirit Nohrd Life Fitness NordicTrack Sole
Model CU800 Upright Exercise Bike Club Series Upright Bike Commercial S27i LCR
Photo F3
Resistance 40 levels n/a 25 Levels 24 Levels (Silent Magnetic Resistance) 40 levels (Magnetic resistance)
Max. Weight 204 kg 200 kg 181 kg 160 kg 150 kg
Assembled Dimensions 107L x 53.3W x 134.6H cm 215H x 40W x 20Depth cm 105L x 62W x 138H cm 145L x 71W x 165H cm 142L x 74.5W x 151.5H cm
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Best Spirit Exercise Bike For Heavier Cyclists (204 kg / 32.1 stone):

Spirit CU800 Upright Exercise Bike

Key features

  • Self-generating
  • Wide dual spring seat
  • Oversized foot pedals with fast latching system
  • 40 Levels of resistance
  • Water bottle holder
  • Contact heart rate monitoring
  • Optional telemetric heart rate monitoring.
  • Dimensions L x 42” W x 21” H x 53” (107 cm x 53.3 cm x 134.6 cm)
  • Frame heavy-Gauge, High-Steel, durable powder coat paint finish.
  • 13.6kg Flywheel
  • Product Weight 52kg
  • Max User Weight  32.1Stone (204 kg)
  • Strong frame build and classic aesthetics
  • Great console heart rate monitoring
  • Self-generating power
  • No application form online
  • Great deals around for UK residents
  • Chest strap sold separately
  • Large blue led matrix might be off-putting for some


We’re all here for the same reasons – we want to see the words sturdy, reliable and robust. Well, you just read them in the Spirit CU800 Upright Exercise Bike’s overview for a reason. The incredibly accommodating 204Kg user weight max should come as a relief to many. This is achieved through the material choice, component design and internal engineering feats. Choices like the heavy-duty, heavy-gauge, and high-strength steel is a great choice for build materials on a bike. It lasts, it’s affordable, and most of all – it makes you feel comfortable if you want to give it a real go.

Which brings me onto my next point…

It’s not just about sustaining a certain weight capacity, it’s as much about giving you enough room to progress in the ways you want to. For example, let’s say you wake up, you’ve eaten well, and you’re filled with energy. Today, you want to really prove to yourself what you’ve got within. So you bike hard. And harder, until the whole bike is shaking… but are you confident that the bike can hold itself?

In the case of Spirit CU800, you should be more than comfortable here. The bike’s frame and footprint are both designed with unquestionable stability in mind. And to help even further, you can look to other bike features.

With 40 levels of resistance, the CU800 upright bike is sure to give you a challenge. And that’s what I love about Spirit Fitness – they always offer a challenge with their machines, and that’s what always draws me to them. The console also has 10 programs with projected maximum efficiency. It also has a heart rate% profile (fancy), a turbo cooling fan, and a 20-character message centre for that extra personalised feel.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Spirit CU800 Upright Exercise Bike here.

Best Nohrd Exercise Bike For Heavier Cyclists (200 kg / 31.7 stone):

Nohrd Upright Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • Available in various woods
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Perfectly weighted flywheel
  • Precise planetary gearing system
  • Solid wooden and steel frame
  • Fold over handlebars to accommodate a wooden table for workstation option
  • Optional seat with backrest
  • No console – uses handheld devices only
  • Rubber wheels for manoeuvrability
  • Suitable for body height range 160cm – 200cm
  • Maximum user weight 31.5 stone (200kg)
  • Floor space 80cm x 60cm
  • Great attention to comfort levels
  • Max user weight accommodates many different physiques
  • Minimalist construction (great for hose wanting only workout focus)
  • Good space-saving dimensions
  • Super flywheel weight for mid-ride feel
  • Unique design may only be for some
  • No console may be off-putting for those wanting tech and guidance


This unique bike offers a unique feel and unique looks, and an unquestionably common workout experience. It’s a pretty minimalist bike, sure, but that’s all you need in the fitness world – to lose weight, stay healthy, improve cardiovascular health and be reminded of why you bought the machine in the first place.

However, the above can only happen provided all of the fundamentals are ticked…

The Nohrd Upright Exercise Bike is one of the sleekest, most space-saving non-foldable bike types I’ve ever seen. Its floor space dimensions (80cm x 60cm) are the perfect balance between sensible (for stability) and economic (for saving space). With a great maximum weight capacity, you won’t be feeling uncomfortable whether your ride is slow or fast, from start to end. But that’s not all…

Half of the reason our health can slip in times of stress is because we have no time. And as the day ticks along, that clock winds quicker and quicker, and before we know it… we’ve run out of time. If you work from home like me, then I need to say one of the best things about this machine – the table accessories integration is awesome. It means that I can simply fold the handles back, attach the table and kill two birds with one stone… or is it… two stone in 1 month? I can’t remember.

All in all, the very distinct Nohrd upright bike is a great asset to have for those wanting a simple and to-the-point ride. It’s not a hub of technology, but it doesn’t need to be. Want to lose weight on a stable machine? Then you’ve just found your answer.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Nohrd Upright Exercise Bike here.

Best Life Fitness Exercise Bike For Heavier Cyclists (181 kg / 28.7 stone):

Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike

Key Features

  • Resistance controls integrated into the handlebars
  • 0-25 Resistance levels
  • Maximum resistance 900+ watts
  • Self-levelling wide pedals
  • Easily adjustable pedal straps
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • Lifepulse Digital hand grip pulse
  • Entertainment control pad when used with optional attachable TV
  • User weight 28.5 stone (181kg)
  • Size L x 105cm W x 62cm H x 138cm (41.5” x 24.5” x 54.5”)
  • Product weight 76.5kg
  • Great dexterity and adjustability for user choice and comfort
  • Quiet ride from the generator drive system
  • Superior seat adjustments and positioning for rider optimisation
  • Incredible durability due to corrosion, stain and chemical resistance coating
  • Notable aesthetic improvement from other Life Fitness models
  • Self-generator drive system only with Integrity X console
  • More focus on Tech, less on build


To contrast with our last entry, we’re thinking more about the wider benefits of indoor cycling here. Yes, it’s vital you find a bike that supports your needs, but there’s usually a word that’s coupled with needs… wants? I believe?

You’ll read on the Life Fitness website and on many a review write-up that this upright lifecycle exercise bike has ‘fine tuned’ components, ‘ergonomic design’ and that it’s ‘built to last’ – I can testify that every single one of those words is true. I couldn’t believe how robust it was, how from the first to the last workout, I was pleased with everything, and how at the end of the day, how fair the price was.

But the console is one thing I want to touch on before moving on.

With an incredibly well-integrated positioning, this onboard console lets me have workout data, workout performance history, workout programs, and a host of other features that I’d only expect from seriously top-end health clubs worldwide. And this is seriously important if I want to optimise my workout relative to time. Let me explain.

With console additions to smart exercise bikes, you can expect heavy-duty results. If we have the right data and pay attention to that data, then we can plan, assess and understand our current positions more. In other words, don’t just spin fast, spin smart… and try this machine as a great place to start.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Life Fitness Club Series Upright Bike here.

Best NordicTrack Exercise Bike For Heavier Cyclists (160 kg / 25.3 stone):

NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotating HD touchscreen
  • Premium 30w sound system
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Auto-Adjusting resistance and incline
  • Streamed worldwide on-demand workouts
  • iFit compatible
  • Two-sided SPD compatible pedals
  • Trainer-led workouts (guided routes)
  • Holistic collection of interactive workouts
  • Variety of workout metrics
  • Incredible immersive options
  • Outdoor riding experience capitalised on
  • Comfort and versatility through exercise options
  • Premium entertainment systems
  • Cycling shoes not included
  • Some riders may find too many workout options to be surplus


Now we’re touching on the best of the best. With the best exercise bikes on the market, you can get all those boxes ticked and more. Heavy-duty exercise bikes often focus on stability, comfort and durability. Depending on the price tag, that’s all they need to focus on. But with a spin bike like this, you’re riding premium equipment for premium results.

With things like a 360-degree rotating HD touchscreen, premium 30w sound system, crystal clear audio, Auto-Adjusting resistance and incline, and streamed worldwide on-demand workouts, you will literally struggle to be short of guidance. If you’re wondering, ‘I don’t just want to sit on and spin, I’ll get bored and maybe feel like I need help,’ then this is the bike for you.

In addition to the accommodating (160 kg/25.3 stone), you get off-bike workout options too. Yep, off-bike workout choices give even more value to this bike. The on-demand classes can guide you to perform cardio workouts/weighted workouts with great training and bike incorporation. This is a modern bike with a modern approach to fitness. And whether you’re heavy set or not, the only thing that’ll stop you from reaching your goals here… is you.

Definitely consider this beast.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the NordicTrack Commercial S27i Studio Cycle here.

Best Sole Exercise Bike For Heavier Cyclists (150 kg / 23.9 stone):

Sole LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike

Key Features

  • 1-40 Resistance levels
  • Foot pedals with 2-degree inward slope
  • 14kg Flywheel
  • Crank Length 165mm (6.5″)
  • Console 10.1″ TFT LCD Graphic Display
  • Cooling fan
  • Integrated Bluetooth Speakers
  • MP3/Apple connectivity
  • USB Charging
  • Tablet/Smartphone Holder
  • Multi-Position Hand Grips
  • Superior resistance level options for varied workouts and eventual progression potential
  • Beastly aesthetics for a more serious workout look
  • 14 kg flywheel for a realistic feel and weighty experience
  • Enhanced engineering for safety and user-friendliness
  • App integration for tech-enhanced workouts, giving you guidance and progression (Oh, and entertainment options)
  • Same basic console Sole are criticised for
  • More serious look may only be for some


With a 23.5 stone (150kg) max user weight, me or anyone I know would never have to worry here. In this sense, it’s safe. And the more serious the trainer, the more safety considerations should be present.

So it’s a great job they are.

The Sole LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike clearly takes a lot into consideration. From the cooling fan to the multi-position handgrips, this machine will see you comfy, safe and well optimised for any style of riding. Upright exercise bikes don’t always feature this level of user-based inclusions. In essence, this bike is a far cry from the classic pedals, handlebar and seat machine.

Lastly, I love the resistance levels and flywheel weight (14 kg). They both make for a big bike feel and give me the option to let out some steam if I want. Recumbent bikes can often miss the mark of realism, and while there are bikes out there that do a far better job in that field, this machine is pretty close, especially for a recumbent bike. I want to feel like I’m riding heavy even if I’m comfortable or relaxed, and because of the reclined position, I can stretch out my routines and focus on endurance as well as HIIT training.

The options, the resistance, the safety – this bike is simply an all-rounder made for those with heavier frames. Consider this bike in your buying decision now.

Want to know more? Read our full review of the Sole LCR Recumbent Exercise Bike here.


To conclude, another great list for great physiques. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey right now; you’re reading this and making a positive impact with every word. Whether it’s a recumbent bike with 40 levels of magnetic resistance or a smart exercise bike with a high weight limit, you can be certain that there’s a bike out there or you.

As always, all you need to do is make the right decisions. Don’t think about anyone else, don’t think about their fitness levels or their equipment – think about what’s right for you, and always hold onto the essential feeling of progression. Read back over these bikes if you’re unsure, but what’s guaranteed is every single one of them will help you.

Make the smart decision today.


Are recumbent exercise bikes upright exercise bikes?

No, recumbent bikes are classed as a separate type of bike. They are reclined and encourage a more relaxed style of biking They can be great for posture and muscle safety, but they’re amazing for home exercise bikes non the less. You can get 2-in-1 bikes, too, so be on the lookout for those (they’re not always as expensive as they sound either…)

Is heavy-duty exercise only possible on a heavy-duty exercise bike?

Most exercise bikes can provide any kind of workout intensity. Some bikes, like heavy-duty ones, are much better for working out harder – you don’t have to worry about stability or component strain, you can just pedal and get fitter as you like. Stationary bikes with a great frame and some determination is all you need.

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