Sole S77 Non-Folding Treadmill

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Introduction to the Sole S77 Non-Folding Treadmill

Are you looking for a club-quality treadmill for your home? With so many good treadmills on the market, it is often difficult to choose the right one.

Well, your search may well be over; the Sole S77 treadmill is a non-folding treadmill that promises great features and a practical design. This treadmill is a great fit for serious runners as it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of frequent runners and with its innovative design and modern technology, it has become one of the best products created by Sole. Just like other treadmills by Sole, this treadmill is a unique fitness solution for all your fitness-related needs.

Sole Treadmills have always provided runners with the best gym-like experience. Home gym equipment should be chosen carefully as often, at home, people of different age groups have access to the product and may wish to use it. The Sole S77 Treadmill is specially designed for handling multiple users. It meets the requirements of all adults of different age groups and sizes and to enhance this, it has programs dedicated to covering all standards too, from beginners all the way through to the pro runners amongst us.

The S77 treadmill is a premium quality Sole Treadmill. The treadmill has many impressive features including static free motion, a large deck, generous running belt width, multiple workout programs, accessibility features, safety aspects, and heart and pulse rate monitors. As well as these, it has a dedicated message board, app connectivity, bright LCD screen, chest strap, and nylon belt to reduce friction and provide fluid-like motion.

The treadmill delivers great results and helps you shred body weight and maintain body tone. The S77 has become one of the customers’ favourites and for all the right reasons. It allows runners complete freedom of workout and keeps them connected to the world of fitness.

We’ve reviewed the treadmill for you and find it to be quite simply an excellent product, it’s just a case of whether it’s now the right fit for you…

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  • Brand: Sole Fitness
  • Model: S77 Non-Folding
  • Dimensions: 195.2cm x 93cm x 144-168cm (lxwxh) ( 77″ x 37″ x 57-66″) Height varies due to adjustable tablet holder
  • Running Surface Dimension: 56cm x 152.4cm (22″ x 60″)
  • Folding Treadmill: No
  • Motor: 4.0 HP Motor
  • Cushioning: Cushion Flex Whisper Deck
  • Maximum Speed: 12mph
  • Minimum Speed: 0.5mph
  • Incline Range: 0-15%
  • Built-in Programs: 8
  • Custom Programs: 2
  • User Profiles: 2
  • Equipment Weight: 134kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 23.5 Stone (150kg)
  • Integrated Sound System: Yes
  • Tablet Holder: Yes
  • Audio Jack: Yes
  • Charging Slot: Yes
  • Cooling Fan: Yes


Practical and Sturdy Built:

The S77 treadmill has a sealed bearing design that improves the quality of the treadmill. The treadmill is a high, broad gym setup that goes perfectly with all interior designs and with the sturdy and heavy-duty appearance, exhibits high and professional club-like qualities. The treadmill is a great combination of innovation and design. Not only does the S77 have enhanced features but also satisfies your aesthetic cravings.

It has a steal ‘bulletproof’ frame, a high-end plastic console and the deck is made of rubber and PVC beneath nylon. The rollers and high torque motor are the driving forces of the treadmill.

Smooth Static Free Deck and High Torque Motor:

The Sole S77 Treadmill has a smooth static-free surface contributed by the high-grade rollers and nylon backing. The running deck is made of a middle PVC layer sandwiched between two rubber layers with a nylon surface. The rubber reduces friction and provides stability to the large deck.

The S77 treadmill is equipped with a powerful motor of 4.0 HP. The continuous horsepower dc motor provides a fluid motion movement of the deck that allows uninterrupted gym-like workouts at home. Moreover, the cushioning system has been improved with the flex deck system absorbing the shocks caused by the rollers during workouts. The cushioning along with nylon, rubber, and PVC all contribute to the smooth running surface.

Heart Rate Monitoring:

During workouts, heart rate can increase to dangerous levels, and as such, Sole Fitness has always kept the customer’s health a priority. With this in mind, the Sole Fitness S77 offers heart rate monitoring. The heart rate monitors are well integrated into the system and can be used via a wireless chest strap. The included wireless chest strap records impulses and converts them into signals for the heart rate zone graph. Heart rate monitoring is important to keep your heart in an optimal target heart rate zone. Moreover, EKG pulse rate monitors are also installed on the handles of the treadmill. The manufacturers make sure that your heart health is not compromised during workouts. Also, while using the heart rate training mode if you are training out of the targeted range of heart rate, the treadmill automatically makes adjustments to the incline and speed to bring you back into a normal range.

Safety Features:

The safety of the runners is Sole’s number one priority. The customer’s health should not be compromised during workouts in any way possible and to facilitate this, the Sole S77 Treadmill comes with a number of safety aspects. For starters, the S77 Treadmill has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology integrated into the deck. The cushioning is a premium quality cushioning system known for shock absorption. The deck reduces the impact caused by rollers on the bone and joint health. Maximum joint strain and bone stress are reduced to allow runners of any age to work out without pain.

The safety key is also the part of S77 Treadmill. The key helps you stop instantly and reduce the treadmill speed to 0.5mph within a second. This feature is important if you suddenly lose control of running, slip or you are not feeling well. With this feature you don’t have to wait for the treadmill to slow down, all you need to do is pull the key and stop the treadmill.

The peak and valley graph is another exclusive feature introduced in the S77 Treadmill. The graph is available for almost all workout programs on the treadmill and allows you to work out at the correct rate.

Sole App:

The Sole app is your go-to guide for all training programs and data tracking. It’s designed to record and collect your workout data so that you can access your progress anywhere and anytime. It also lets you create multiple profiles and organizes the data accordingly. And if that’s not enough, you can also transfer and download your training data and progress.

The app allows you to connect to other popular fitness apps and download workouts. Now you can stay connected to the world of fitness and explore new training styles with this fitness app. The Kinomap Integration is a premium feature allowing you to choose your favourite route and exciting training programs. With Kinomap the speed per hour, incline, and distance are automatically adjusted according to the route. Other compatible apps include Apple Health, FitBit, mapmyfitness, Record, etc.

Multiple Programs:

Sole offers multiple programs. The S77 Treadmill is designed keeping in mind the needs of multiple users, thus the variety of programs available to the customer easily meet the needs of each runner. This treadmill has eight built-in programs that include manual, high intensity, fat burn, uphill, and cardio programs. (Each program has different levels). These workout programs help you reach your fitness goals faster and easier.

Moreover, with the help of custom programs and profiles, you can create different programs of your choice. Two profiles can be created on the integrated app and console. The profiles arrange and store data for each runner, remembering the preferred walk speed, incline, and intensity of the workout. Also, this data can be saved, downloaded, and shared with other apps.

And for those that just want to jump on the treadmill ready to go, the quick start button saves you time and effort. You do not need to enter program details or your requirements, the quick start will adjust to the preferred settings, and you can start working out without wasting a second.


Sole has always provided industrial leading warranties on its treadmills. The Sole S77 Treadmill covers a lifetime warranty on the deck, frame, and treadmill motor. The electrical components of the treadmill cover a 5-year warranty with 2 years in-home labour warranty. The warranty of the treadmill is exceptional as not many manufacturers provide such long warranty periods. Only the companies like Sole, who believe in their products and do not compromise the quality of their treadmill provide enough warranty periods for the customers. The warranty periods mentioned for this gym equipment, are for UK residents. The policy may vary from place to place and other countries may have different periods.

*Warranty may be subject to change without notice and may differ between retailers – please check carefully before making a purchase.

Pros and Cons

User-Friendly Interface:

The user interface of the Sole Fitness S77 is easy to read and user-friendly. If you are a beginner and learning to work out efficiently at your home, the S77 guides you to be the best. The console is easy to use and the programs are clearly displayed. Preset keys aid beginners to work out effectively from the very beginning without any help from outside. Moreover, the integrated message board guides you on the smallest of details.

Convenient Features:

The Sole S77 Treadmill provides extreme comfort and feasibility to the runners. It has a touch of personalization and accessibility. The lower body of the console is an accessory tray with dual cup holders and an integrated tablet holder. The tablet holder allows you to watch your favourite shows while working out or if you prefer, a spot of reading. You can use the cups for your fluids, keys, accessories, and smart devices.

The Sole S77 also has cooling fans that enhance your performance by reducing instant fatigue. The fans increase your workout time, increasing your performance and progress. The treadmill also has a headphone jack at a very convenient point making it possible to tune into your favourite music playlist during workouts. The sound system is not limited to an audio jack but allows Bluetooth connectivity and has loud, clear audio speakers installed inside the console. The volume control keys have a wide range of volume settings, and the USB port is integrated at a convenient place to charge or connect your smart devices.

Generous Running Surface:

The Sole Fitness S77 has one of the largest decks and a generous running area. The running belt is 22 by 60 inches which allows freedom of body movement. People enjoy walking, jogging, and running a whole lot more if their leg and arm moments are not limited or restricted by space.

Bright LCD Screen:

The vibrant TFT LCD display is set in the middle of the console and has a blue backlit background with white letters and graphics. The LCD displays calories burned, distance covered, speed, incline, program, profile, volume, message board, and all the connectivity options. Also, the LCD screen displays the readings of heart and pulse rate along with peak and valley graphs.

Message Board:

Sole Treadmills are equipped with an integrated message board, and it is this message board that works as your free trainer throughout your workout. The board has scrolling messages to guide you at every step of your workout. It helps you install the treadmill and run your favourite workouts. The board is designed to create an easy interface for users with beginners, in particular, benefiting from the board to allow them to enjoy their fitness routines from the very start.

All Sole treadmills offer the board for customers’ utmost convenience and feasibility. Small messages keep appearing on the board while you are working out to guide you through the process. The board functions to facilitate the runner and make their workout a pleasant experience.

Multiple Incline and Speed Settings:

The Sole S77 treadmill comes with multiple speed and incline settings. The heavy-duty stable inclines help you tone your body and muscles. The inclines target your calf, thigh, and shin muscles and maintain a lean body mass. Also, it improves your endurance and stamina. The inclines range from 0-15%.

The heart-pounding speed of the S77 Treadmill is due to its powerful motor. The speed ranges from 0.5mph – 12mph and you can adjust to your preferred speed and inclines using the preset incline and speed buttons. You can also change the speed and incline settings manually from the console if you prefer.

Non-Folding Treadmill:

The Sole S77 Treadmill has a marvellous frame and wide deck, but this might be a problem for people who do not have enough workout space to install the treadmill. Since this model of the treadmill is non-folding, it requires a dedicated space for storage and installation. If you are living in a small flat or apartment, you might find it difficult to manage to have a large treadmill setup at your home.

Slightly Over the Budget:

This is both a pro and a con which will make sense as I explain further. Though this Sole treadmill is much more economical than other treadmills on the market, some people might find the S77 quite expensive (the con). However, with all the exclusive features, the treadmill is offered at a very reasonable price (that’s the pro). When buying a heavy-duty treadmill, you have to have it in your mind that it is a one-time investment. With the industrial quality warranty and with all the spec that’s included, in my opinion, this Sole treadmill is surely worth investing in. The treadmill might be expensive, but after using it for just the first time, I’m convinced you’ll be sure it’s worth every penny and that you’ve made the right choice.

Overall Verdict:

The Sole S77 Treadmill is a complete fitness package and what makes it better than other treadmills on the market is its sturdy look and its heavy-duty machinery. The treadmill is built with high-end electrical and mechanical parts and the style and comfort of the treadmill do not compromise its function and quality but simply enhance the overall performance. The treadmill is your all-in-one home gym equipment as it can support different user profiles and multiple programs and allows you to connect to the outer world of fitness. The inclines, speed, and programs keep your body tone and your weight in the target zone. So, if you are wondering about what gym equipment will best suit your fitness style, the S77 Non-Folding Treadmill is quite possibly your go-to option. It delivers great results and as such has topped the charts – the result? …customers are loving this improved version and you will too.


Does the Sole S77 provide a lifetime electronics warranty?

The Sole S77 provides a year warranty on electronics. The lifetime warranty is for the motor, deck, and steel frame.

Is the installation service of the Sole treadmills free?

The installation charges may or may not be taken depending on the area you are living in. In the UK, installation service is provided by the company and they may not charge you. For other countries, the terms and conditions may vary.

How can I buy an S77 treadmill?

Simply follow the ‘check price’ links on the site and follow the buying instructions accordingly.

Can I pay for the Sole S77 in monthly instalments?

For the monthly payment option and finance, you need to fill out an online application form. The form will ask you to submit identity and financial documents. Once the application is approved, you can pay in monthly instalments for the treadmill.

Does the S77 treadmill automatically adjust to different speeds and inclines?

With Kinomap integration, the Sole S77 treadmill function adjusts automatically to the routes’ speed, incline, and distance.

Does the Sole S77 Treadmill fold?

The S77 is a non-folding treadmill by Sole. For folding treadmills, you might want to look into other folding treadmills offered by Sole.

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