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Introduction to the ICAROS Cloud 360 – Virtual Reality Fitness Equipment

When we think of fitness equipment, we may think of row upon row of copy and pasted indoor cycles, or perhaps we think of a basic treadmill with a basic console and a few basic features. But that’s not what the world of gym equipment has to be like. Think about the complexity of the body for a second. From every tiny detail, even on your skin, to the intricacy of human anatomy that exists beneath, there are a lot of areas to target, a lot of workout regimes to adopt, and a hell of a lot of fitness equipment to use.

You’re here because you want to invest in your fitness future. Simple. You know that equipping your fitness lifestyle with the right gear will keep your fitness levels superior to that of the old you, or maybe you’re just starting out, and you want to engage yourself in interesting ways. Either way, to invest in your fitness future, I don’t see any reason why investing in futuristic equipment isn’t the perfect route to take.

And the brand new ICAROS Cloud 360 should get you moving within three minutes of reading here (we don’t all need the flashing lights and risky bets of Las Vegas to get excited)

So what is it?

Well, providing you with a seemingly unlimited use range, virtual reality equipment can offer fitness solutions that you wouldn’t even dream of. With this bit of kit, the ICAROS Cloud 360, you get access to an inflatable platform that acts as the gateway to physical movement in the virtual world. In other words, you can extend your body movement, weight, and workout style into the virtual world through this cutting-edge technology integration. And what’s even better is that through the ICAROS cloud app you don’t even need the headset to take advantage of all that this pioneering bit of gear offers.

From balance exercises, yoga, HIIT training, and pilates to exergames and extra rubber resistant bands, the ICAROS Cloud 360 brings versatility and option in new and exciting ways, but there’s far more than meets the eye here.

Let’s break down what’s really included here and discover how your fitness world could be plunged into an entirely new universe.

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  • Inflatable
  • White base with Black non-slip surface
  • User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″)
  • Recommended age of user 12 years
  • User weight 17.5 stone (110kg)
  • Size-100cm
  • Space requirements 150cm
  • Product weight 10kg


  • Inflatable
  • White base with Black non-slip surface
  • User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″)
  • Recommended age of user 12 years
  • User weight 17.5 stone (110kg)
  • Size-100cm
  • Space requirements 150cm
  • Product weight 10kg


There is no console with the ICAROS Cloud 360.


  • Programmes come in the guise of ICAROS games pre-loaded direct to the headset or through a cable link to a PC. Or download the ICAROS App for tablet & Smartphone
  • VR Games available Pico G2 Headset Only:
  • ICAROS App and ICAROS App Pro
  • A whole range of games and experiences are available via the App. Tablet/Smartphone holder included 

Pros and Cons

  • Brilliant alternative source of fitness motivation
  • Gamification of exercise lifestyles
  • Connected ICAROS community
  • ”The smallest gym in the world for your home”
  • Upper tier versatility and dexterity
  • No console/digital interface
  • Only VR headset compatible is the Pico VR

Overall Verdict:

With so many fitness options, on-demand workouts, and a constantly updating fitness app, it’s hard to know where to start. The sheer variety I discovered on this cutting-edge machine was enough to keep me entertained, motivated and stunned every session.

Before getting onto the technology integration I want to talk about the physical world first. With a brilliantly easy preparation (inflatable), an equally easy dismount and store, and a robust and easy-to-clean build this machine isn’t just smart on the tech side. I found the whole experience very simple, from set up to safely getting on this entry’s pre and post-workout processes feel fluid and risk-free. In fact, it’s so light and portable that I can easily move it from room to room if somebody else wants a go.

This brings me to my next point…

I personally have other people that I know would want to use this, and with the ICAROS Cloud community, the ICAROS app, and the variety of games and regimes that come with both, I don’t just get to interact with the product, I get to interact with my friends and family too. Users have reported that their motivation towards working out was way higher than compared to normal equipment – a level of competition, accountability and connectedness is always going to boost things.

So what else am I connected to?

The ICAROS App which offers a broad range of entertaining and highly effective exercises to build smart muscles, a strong core, and brilliant overall stability. These exercises and games have been specifically designed by professional trainers and sports scientists. This level of integrity shows a great deal of authenticity when it comes to the output and expected results of using this machine. You’re literally guaranteed to get highly effective, measurable, and fun workouts. Just think of the potential. I did, and I never would have expected a fitness regime to be so engaging.

What I Liked About This VR Exercise Equipment

While I loved the extra rubber bands, I want to focus on the stuff that counts a little more, or at least makes the ICAROS Cloud 360 what it is. The main thing I loved about the ICAROS Cloud 360 is the inherent gamification of the fitness world all round. Specifically, I loved how the Pico VR headset transported my fitness world into an entirely different realm and kept a smile on my face while it did so. With games like Skiing, Hunting, and Surfing, I was really surprised how the authenticity portrayed in Virtual Reality helped to target muscle groups and initiate endurance hurdles in a way that I hadn’t experienced previously. And with the ICAROS app you get access to a lot more games and fitness experiences, and this level of variation feels largely unprecedented with the more obvious fitness equipment you find on the market.

Speaking of comparing standard fitness equipment, I can’t ignore how little space this machine takes up, and in purchasing something so space efficient, I’m literally getting more out of less. And with easy transport, easy sharing, and a well-designed aesthetic, I can’t see anywhere that this entry would be inappropriate or laboursome to place (maybe not the bathroom though…) And if you want to share this experience with your family then you have access to over 70 workouts on demand at any given time. Who said being a competitive family was a bad thing…

If you want to expand on device compatibility to enhance your workout or engage with resources and community interaction then you can pair with your smartphone, tablet, TV or Pico G2 headset. You can also connect apple products too. I’d expect this level of modernity in something so cutting edge, but it’s when you compare those to other machines that you really understand how well considered the tech aspects are. And to house your device and to make the ICAROS Cloud 360 even more convenient, you can make use of a tablet and device holder too, to create exciting yet safe workout environments.

Great stuff.

So with an almost uncountable and ever-growing number of workout types, a brilliantly designed balance platform targeting areas that other equipment struggles with, and the potential for a glimpse into the future of virtual worlds… what does the ICAROS Cloud 360 do wrong?

Things That Could Have Been Better

One of the major downsides of this machine, despite its overall great device integration, is the exclusive VR headset product. The Pico VR headset is brilliantly made, comfortable and adjustable, and looks good too. But because it’s the only VR headset you can use with it, it feels a little limited. And to truly get the most out of this machine, you’ll want to get the headset. The future of gym equipment is with VR, but if you only have one option, it feels like a step backward in some ways.

I also don’t like the lack of aesthetic variety. Like most things in the modern world, especially products centred around technology or digital design, you expect a level of variety in the visual department. But with only one colour variant, I do think ICAORS has missed the mark here, and ultimately it limits interior blending potential, meaning that bringing the ICAROS home may be an issue for some.


Is virtual reality equipment at the top of its game?

As it stands, virtual reality is a quickly growing world. But it does have improvements to be made. Namely, graphical fidelity is needing advancement. But with a quickly growing industry, the VR system you can buy now has the potential for great graphics and crisp HD visuals. Virtual reality is great now and will be even better in years to come.

Is the ICAROS cloud 360 VR fitness equipment type suitable for gyms?

Virtual reality can be a little tricky in a shared space. There’s no reason a VR system with a dedicated and safe space couldn’t be composed in a gym or health club. And with full body workout potential, this ICAROS creation could be perfect for public gyms.

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