ICAROS GAMES – Dragon Game – takes you into a breathtaking virtual world

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Using virtual reality and broader device compatibility to ride on a Dragon’s back, fight aerial pirates, and exercise at the same time!

The world has been waiting for something. They might not know it yet, but it’s something big. The gamification of fitness standards in new and innovative ways is the future realised, and ICAROS is pioneering this global evolution.

From breathtaking virtual worlds with equally breathtaking alpine scenery, or the sensational ability to explore underwater worlds, virtual reality has finally been molded into cutting-edge fitness equipment. ICAROS has released a range of forward-thinking gear sets. Releases like the more affordable Cloud 360 right up to the body enhancing Pro Commercial, are all fueling the future of the fitness industry.

So what’s fuelling the machines themselves?

Other than inherent haptic engineering, balance-based input controls, and brilliantly immersive kinetic machines, it’s the games that are designed to be used with them that really bring this incentive to life, well, virtual life anyway.

As one of many brand new releases, today’s review’s Dragon Game is certainly bringing the heat. In Dragon Game by ICAROS you have to ride on a Dragon’s back, fight aerial pirates, and eliminate other opponents to protect your nest – of course, while exercising at the same time. Simple. But everything has hidden complexity, and not all value is noticed in one glance.

So, let’s cast our eyes and fly through this review to truly understand how this game is going to boost your fitness lifestyle.

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  • Photo-realistic art assets
  • Expansive nav-mesh (large play area)
  • Low Ping responsiveness
  • Multi-Device Compatability
  • 3D lighting
  • Headtracking
ICAROS GAMES - Dragon Game - main image


  • Sprawling map
  • Incredibly detailed and accurate scenery
  • Replayability
  • Dynamic exploration
  • In-Game modes
  • Difficulty variation
ICAROS GAMES - Dragon Game - screenshot - 3 flying dragons

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Pros and Cons

  • Dynamic challenge system
  • More variation in objectives than in other games
  • Brilliantly immersive theme
  • Fast in-game movement response times
  • Innovative calorie burning and core strength building approach
  • Theme may appeal more exclusively to younger users
  • Graphics may disappoint some

Overall Verdict:

Drifting into the more varied and alluring games of the ICAROS library, the aptly named Dragon Game flies into interest here. From the smooth movement response to the fun and somewhat whacky theme, this is undeniably an alternative and engaging way to burn calories and boost your fitness lifestyle.

If you’re after family fun, entertaining VR experiences, and replayable challenges, then it’s probably tied to mount up and improve a range of health areas. From core stability and strength to holistic flexibility, this game isn’t just a game, it’s a fitness experience and a memorable one at that.

Overall? I highly rate the creativity in nagging users on this one. These kinds of experiences really justify the hardware too, so if you’re reading this with a specific bit of ICAROS gear in mind, then know that an ICAROS game includes just as much potential. While I believe a lot of these experiences are merely scratching the surface of what will come, it’s always good to get in now so you’re more familiar with ICAROS machines and what they can provide.

What I Liked About This VR Software

Forget a fascinating underwater world for a second, the potential for digital engagement with games like this is undeniable. The variation of challenges, like having to fight aerial pirates and strafe castle defences, really puts in a world of challenge. This level of interaction and overall demand, especially the simultaneous task of protecting your dragon nest, engages much more than just your physical assets but initiates a certain level of cognitive requirements too. In fact, the mental aspect of this type of challenge is really important for fitness. A lot of us need our mental game to be heightened or sustained just as much as our physical, so combining the both in tandem is of obvious appeal for all-round health benefits.

Gaming modes provide a range of benefits, and while I think there could be more added to this game, the inherent mode, i.e. the base game style, is more than enough to keep me entertained time and time again. The mission may be the same, the enemies similar, but it’s the feel of the game, the way I can control it, and the overall fitness benefits that glue me to it. Perfect body control, core strength building – I’ve never really approached my fitness goals with this method, but I’m glad that I did.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is the sharability. It’s fun for me, my family and my friends’ families. It’s a talking point, one that’s interesting from a fitness science perspective but also from a novelty fun perspective. Don’t get me wrong, this experience is far from novelty overall, but when my friend’s kids come round it’s an obvious way to keep them happy, especially given the accessibility and ease of use side of things. You don’t need extensive experience, in fact, it’s probably more fun getting used to it and staying fit at the same time.

Things That Could Have Been Better

Unlike some of the other games, like The Dolomites, I found this to be a little one-sided. What I mean by that I, with some of the other experiences, there’s an aspect of learning too. But with a very game-like construction, Dragon Game remains a little too tightly in the realm of quick-fire, arcade constructions. This isn’t a bad thing, but for me, I wanted to have a little more out of the experience, some facts about dragon fiction? Some background info on the region – anything to quickly boost the value of this experience would be welcomed. I want to ensure that what I’ve bought is going to keep me entertained for longer than a day. While I love this game, and a lot of you will too, to keep me motivated in alternative ways requires alternative thinking, thinking that’s a little too absent here, in my opinion.

So the game’s a little limited in what you can expect, but it plays and feels really good. What I’d love from this is more assets, more objectives, and a little more improvement on the graphical side, imagine how much more engaging an experience like this would be if you could see every kind of detail on the dragon, or the castle or the enemies you’re about to (ironically) destroy – it would bring this experience to a solid 10/10 in an instance. While it’s a limitation on the behalf of technology, it’s important to consider in your buying decision. Mind inferior graphics? Not for you. Here for the substance of engagement and a fun way to work out? Download this game when you get a chance – VR experiences aren’t just about a spectacular vertical free fall or a fascinating under water world – games are here to challenge the body and the mind.


What does ‘photo realistic environments’ mean?

In order to explore photo realisitc environments in VR the developer gets a host of images that have come from scanning and capturing the landscape if it’s a recreation. If not, then photorealism is a term to describe textural fidelity and lighting FX in digital imagery, suggesting that the final results are ‘Photo realistic’

I heard ICAROS gear requires perfect body control, is that true?

Not at all. Part of the reason one might buy an ICAROS machine is to build body control and core stability. Sometimes games can have two gaming modes that offer an easier challenge for those worried about a lack of initial body power or stability, so definitely use these machines if you’re wanting to build core strength.

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