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Realise the power of the ICAROS app in connecting you to a world of interactive exercise programs

If you don’t know already, ICAROS gear is widely considered some of the most forward-thinking in the industry. What industry is this? The fitness industry. While you may see the word game strewn over the internet, don’t be fooled into thinking that the fitness aspects of ICAROS equipment aren’t serious. From core muscles growing, core stability improving, overall flexibility advancements and a host of cardiovascular health benefits, ICAROS knows the secrets to fitness and fun.

Through the gamification of exercise, you can discover a whole new path to unveiling your next fitness lifestyle. But what’s the bridge between you and that lifestyle?

The ICAROS app.

The ICAROS app acts as the hub of ICAROS technology and software. It works as a portal through which your fitness enhancements, games and experiences are housed. From a wide range of compatible devices to updating your library with fresh and improved games, the ICAROS app is the quintessential partner to ICAROS hardware. The ICAROS app offers experiences like pilates-inspired balance exercises to build smart muscles, virtual reality experiences like touring locations, and a broad range of entertaining programs, all to help the health advancements of your entire body.

So, without getting into the nitty-gritty of what the app contains, how it functions and the future of its development here, let’s break down just why your potential or current ICAROS set-up isn’t complete without the app itself.

Let’s begin, and update your future today.

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Optimisation with the ICAROS Cloud and ICAROS Home and Pro devices

The app is designed perfectly to be used in unison with the Cloud, Home and Pro devices. This level of connectivity helps to keep you hooked up to your device, no matter your purchase. And if you want to upgrade in the future, or downgrade through preference, then you don’t need to worry about the app not working with your new ICAROS device.

What’s more, if you purchase multiple ICAROS machines then you can stay linked no matter your choice of the day. This is especially good for those wanting ICAROS to provide fun for their entire family.

Frequent adding of exergames

The virtual reality world is constantly changing, and ICAROS is releasing new games and exercise experiences (exergames) to accommodate that. But even without VR headsets, you can enjoy many of the games through your devices, meaning you’ll be receiving updated games no matter your choice of linking device.

Games will be updated too. This results in a great life span for even one of the exergames available. If you’re familiar with one of these experiences but just wished for something to improve then you have high hopes of seeing that through the ICAROS app.

ICAROS leaderboards and online community

There’s nothing better than beating your friends online. With a connected leaderboard, allowing you to track wins and points against other ICAROS pilots, you can stay competitively connected to other forward-thinking, gamified exercisers. Don’t underestimate this as a funnel for motivation; fighting hard to beat those who’ve beaten you? A classic way to stay energised, dedicated, and ready to work out again in an instant.

User feedback options

Analyze create allows ICAROS to take on your feedback to improve its services for you. Specifically, you’ll be asked things like, ”how fun was your workout?” and ”how intense was your workout?” This level of feedback option really shows an authentic desire to listen to users, develop its services and products and return with considerable improvements. Adding to the overall sense of life span here, ICAROS clearly ensure experiences you’ll enjoy over the course of your device ownership. But it’s not just about updating things here and there, or focussing solely on the fitness side of improvements – ICAROS prides itself on fun workouts, virtual worlds, virtual reality gaming and experiences where you can compete with up to eight persons. This is simply brilliant for entertainment, and if you keep giving ICAROS more to work with via feedback, then they’ll be upping their game, your game and the fitness game for years to come.

Trainer led demos

If you’re after some more in-depth examples of how you can really improve your game, then you have great access to a host of videos. These trainers walk you through various positions, movements and expert activities, bringing to life all that can be harnessed with various ICAROS models. From balance exercises to game-play styles, these trainers are experts in their field, so if you make use of their instruction, you could be an expert too.

Compatible Products From The Icaros Range Of VR Exercise Equipment

  • Constantly updating experiences and games
  • Cutting-edge UX and UI for overall modern feel
  • Connected feedback system for an exceptional personalised feel
  • Full library of tools and games, with tutorials and demos available too
  • Great ease of use for mid-workout convenience
  • User feedback could be more thoroughly designed
  • Library could be a little more diversified

Overall Verdict:

In conclusion, the app is exactly what I want as a way to stay connected to the community and my own hardware. It works very well with all ICAROS devices, and the power it brings in bringing that hardware to life is incredible. ICAROS has clearly designed a fully fledged library of tools to help boost your game, keep you smiling and strengthen your core every time you play.

One of the best things about the app is that helps close the technology gap between ICAROS machines. In other words, because the app can give you so much in the way of enhancements, tools, and of course, brilliantly designed games, I often forget that my more affordable ICAROS machine, like the Cloud 360, isn’t the Pro or Home release – you don’t remember the details when you’re having so much fun.

So, where does the app fall down?

Well, it doesn’t fall down per see, but there are a few areas that could just be a tad better. Firstly, the user feedback’s handy but not fleshed out enough for me. Simply asking two questions, ‘how fun was your workout?’ and ‘how challenging was your workout’ hits the fundamentals but doesn’t inform enough in the way of creative development. The app in this sense, is a missed opportunity for a more accurate understanding of what could really advance ICAROS users’ fitness lifestyles, instead of understanding the basics of games.

I also think that, while ICAROS world championships are good, they could have included even more ways to feel connected to the community. Maybe a social media (basic) design and function could be good, or perhaps a more fully fledged profile section to help you feel like you’ve made your mark on the ICAROS world. Either way, a little more detail on the social media side of stuff would have really helped me feel like I was part of a forward-thinking preemptive group of trainers, and my motivation would have undoubtedly increased too.

Other than these slight negatives I really found the app to be easy to use, educating, fun and completing. What do I mean by completing? I mean that it acts as the bridge to all my ICAROS stuff, my ability to learn in new ways, and the opportunity to fully realise how fun the gamification of fitness is. From simply getting up a personal account to becoming fully adept in the art of the ICAROS App, it’s a definite recommendation from me. Get the app now if you’re wanting to enhance your fitness lifestyle today, and if you’re thinking about buying into ICAROS then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not just the hardware that’s great, it’s the software too.

So there you go, use ICAROS games ICAROS app and get in shape with effective and playful workouts on your ICAROS device.


Is a VR headset good if it’s in the affordable range?

Absolutely, VR headsets can be great in the lower price range, but as ever, the more expensive a product, usually, the better it is. Factors like comfortability, head tracking accuracy, graphical fidelity – these are all factors at play when it comes to the quality of a VR headset, so be sure to read reviews and make the smart decision when it comes to buying.

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